Terry tells Joe that her brother died last night in Palmar inside the compound.

RTÉ – Liveline

Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day.
Palmarian Church Update



Here are last weeks programmes:



Joe played part of the documentary from New Zealand about a former Palmarian nun Maria Hall.


Joe also brought on Patrick Kinsella who used to be a producer at TV3. They produced a very moving documentary entitled, “Ireland’s secret Cults,” which was aired in 2011.

18 July 2016
Last week Terry phoned Liveline worried that her brother was about to rejoin the Palmarian Church in Spain. Today she got some tragic news.

Her brother Tobias went to Spain to rejoin having been kicked out over 20 years last Tuesday and died last night. Listen to the full story here. Terry very clearly explains what happened.

Imagen del interior del Palmar de Troya


Those seeking help should call the National Safeguarding Office at 061 461165 and they will give you the contact details of a social worker in your area who can assist you.

The Spanish  Embassy* in Dublin confirmed that they are aware of the Palmarians and were very clear that if an Irish citizen had died in whatever context the local Irish representative must be informed. The nearest is Ignatio in Seville. His number is 0034954690689

The number for the Spanish Embassy is as following:


012691640 Ask for the Legal section. It is important that families so long separated from their loved ones begin to put in place contacts as we are hearing that as older members die houses are being sold and elderly people put in in houses together without proper supports and funds are being repatriated to Spain.

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