Palmarian Church: Day 2 Live Line with Rachel

Imagen del interior del Palmar de Troya

Palmarian Church

Rachel was baptised into the Palmarian Church and stayed for 18 years. She described life inside the church and her reasons for leaving.

Here we notice a problem with most reports being given to the programme. Most former members talk about Palmar as if they were resident there. What they mean is that they were in Ireland and were in what they call Palmar meaning the Palmarian Church. They regularly visited Spain as children and enjoyed meeting other children but when they became teenagers it got a bit heavy. They have in many cases not been involved for decades and as a result have no real idea what is going on and they also find that their relatives do not communicate with them or have them in their houses. Rachel takes a view which is becoming quite current that the new Pope is being a bit more liberal with the rules. This might be the case with Rachel’s family but the reports we are getting from families suggests that the rules are actually being strengthened and many elderly people are going to be moved over to Spain with the resultant sale of properties going to central funds. Also there still significant numbers of younger people and children in the movement. We in fact received a report from local residents in Lusk about this as they observed them. Remember that as we reported yesterday Ireland has largest group of Palmarians in the world. This testimony from Joshua Daly gives the best insight into the current situation.

Leaca Ban, Tooman Lusk

Rachel’s Live Line interview can be heard here:


Those seeking help should call the National Safeguarding Office at 061 461165 and they will give you the contact details of a social worker in your area who can assist you.



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