The Palmarian Church: Vulnerable Adults and how we assist them.

Today on Live Line we had another report from Terry about a vulnerable family member. We have seen a number of articles recently in Ireland about how the Palmarian Pope has left his ministry and has married a woman who was associated with them earlier.

Picture of the Pope

As Pope

For some reason these events have seemed to pass the media by here, though a Spanish documentary team visited Ireland in May of this year and has produced a documentary which will air in September.

Spanish TV

The fact that the serious issues raised on Live Line last December in regard to the death of of Bridie Crosby where vulnerable adults are left to die and family members can’t intervene is another national disgrace. We have since that time been in touch with family members trying to deal with this problem for over 20 years. We have been very pleased to meet Joshua Daly who himself grew up in the movement and has been able to brief us as to the most recent developments in the Church including the fact the largest group of members reside in Ireland. Otherwise with the age profile and the amount of calls we are getting it would seem we will see this type of situation mentioned earlier being  repeated as the need for cash increases and as the situation becomes dysfunctional as the elderly are abandoned. Then at the other end of the scale is the terrible abuse that children and young adults experience as they can’t meet their family members.

There were reports of a fire in the basement of the Cathedral in Palmar last week. All those charged with vulnerable adults must attend to this and first assemble the facts rather than react to events.

Imagen del interior del Palmar de Troya


Those seeking help should call the National Safeguarding Office at 061 461165 and they will give you the contact details of a social worker in your area who can assist you.

They have sold their house in Haddon Road Clontarf and moved to a new place near Lusk , Co Dublin.

Leaca Ban, Tooman Lusk

LEACA BAN, TOOMAN, Lusk, Co. Dublin

RTÉ – Liveline

Palmarian Cult 11 July 2016
Terry is a former member of the Palmarians, a religious cult. She’s concerned about other family members who are being drawn into the Church.

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