Con-Sole: Another Cult of Greed.

Paul Kelly

The classic signs of cultism and cultist tendencies. Using celebrities to give emotional cover, they then disguise their clear attempts to enrich themselves. The use of volunteers to get the public to give more money as they see the generosity of the counsellors. Paul Kelly has managed the tools of playing on the heart strings and the human decency of the public, and the families of the victims. Subtle cover for abuse and the total scam at the heart of this organisation dedicated to assist the suicidal. A contempt for the horrendous despair at the heart of those caught in the lights of this condition. The lack of empathy while pretending to be concerned about the issue of suicide. This is not a cult of personality, but rather a nepotistic family cult. It is mundane and material, the stuff of normal life misappropriated and channeled for personal use. Donations given in love and through sacrifice made into cheap gestures of material gain. David Hall put it well. It is like an octopus with many arms sucking the truth out of suicide – the cult of death.

PK with wife

Remember the legislation for the charities was produced during the Rainbow Coalition 20 years ago and was resurrected in 2009 without teeth. In the meantime people like the conman Mike Meegan from the “Charity” ICROSS which managed to con most of the media, Garrett Fitzgerald, and had a TV documentary made by RTE about him led to the cash rolling in, not to mention it again that ubiquitous Person of the Year Award for “DR” Meegan.


See this compelling evidence from the High Court:

Here you will find the evidence as preserved in our archive.

Most media outlets actually nearly let him get away with legal murder.

In other words this is not the first failure of the media, the government and those charged with getting to heart of the abuses that some charities can allow.

Leading academics knowingly refused to act. He received an honorary doctorate from Galway even after Tom Lyons showed Mike Meegan’s own medical qualifications were fake. Just before the Charities Regulatory Authority was established around 200 K was delivered to him in Kenya because nothing could be done to stop it.

He saw himself as the Francis Assisi to the Masai. Many men and children there saw him as Frankenstein. Now it is time to get the Dail to sit till the legislation is passed. It is time to get the whole Irish public involved in assisting in the arrest of this cruel family. We owe it to all charities, those who have died and those noble people who have supported Console and the counsellors who were used as bait to get the money rolling in. They must have funds drawn to pay their fees.

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  1. Yes


  2. Have u got an email address that I could write to you concerning Victory Outreach a corrupt church


  3. Thank you and you are doing a good job. We need to have a society in which people do not depend on charity for their needs or personal integrity. ‘Charity’ to me sounds insulting and demeaning. It is the fact that the RCC tried/tries to monopolise that sphere that I remark on it. The more recent abuses are being aired and will be corrected-I hope.

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  4. I note Robert you are so ideologically driven by your own agenda that instead of addressing this post you divert to important but irrelevant issues unrelated to this issue. It might interest you if you had a look around this blog that I spent 3 years trying to engage the Catholic bishops on the vulnerable adults affected by the House of PRAYER. They refused to engage. There are likely up to 20000 people affected. During the past week I had a meeting with the HSE Safeguarding Section dealing with vulnerable adults. So please focus on the failure of Irish society to deal with the Mike Meegan’s, and Console’s of this world. The Catholic Church has managed to con the media, the Political class, the Humanists, and Atheists that they run the schools. It is nearly impossible to give expression to the view that this is unconstitutional.


  5. There is one large organisation in Ireland which has charitable status. This big organisation builds old folks homes and hospitals so that their professional members can be close to the residents when they are vulnerable to being influenced in the disposal of their wealth. .


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