Dr Gerard McGinnity and the loss of the critical mind

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About two years ago I discovered that Gerard McGinnity had done a PhD in Classics at Dublin University (TCD.) It was on Ambrose of Milan. It is my considered opinion that due to undue influence he has lost his critical ability to reflect. I decided to enter his mind as as a young priest and see how it ticked and whether my view that he had come undue influence was correct?.

Gereard McGinnity thesis on Ambrose of Milan

I decided to engage with his thesis as because he refuses to meet to discuss his involvement with the House of Prayer.

Finally I have now obtained permission to study his thesis in the Berkeley Library at Trinity College, Dublin.

TCD library


TCD Berkeley library


Note it has only been studied 4 times since 1982.

We will have to wait to see where Fr McGinnity will reside on his retirement and see if after studying his thesis he will engage about it? We in DI tried along with some of those affected by their family’s involvement in the House of Prayer to engage with the Catholic Bishops, but after much prevarication they have refused to engage on the issue of the House of Prayer.
See the final correspondence in regard to this issue which ended in March.

fr gm knockbridge


AB Martin

So when the Bishops refused to engage we are now trying a different route namely an academic study of his mindset before the trauma he experienced as a whistleblower in regard to Michael Ledwith.

Gereard McGinnity thesis on Ambrose of Milan10

Gerard McGinnity then found refuge as a big fish in a small pond with Christina Gallagher of the House of Prayer. She is addicted to wealth and can’t sell her ill gotten house in Malahide, but ironically has a new house in City West located between the Kinahans involved currently in a deadly feud with the Hutch family.


Author: McGinnity, Gerard.
Title Ambrose of Milan philosopher, poet, preacher and politician : a study of the originality of Ambrose of Milan / Gerard McGinnity.

Gereard McGinnity thesis on Ambrose of Milan3

Note the contempories of Ambrose of Milan that are contained in this thesis.

Part One Biography: http://www.gerardmcginnity.info/index.html#Author

My study of his thesis makes me aware he has a great intellect and that if he had not been abused by the Catholic hierarchy would likely have been a bishop at this stage.He has a clear understanding of Greek and Latin, and is at home with both French and German sources. I hope to study the thesis over the next few weeks. So it was while he was senior dean that he completed his thesis in 1982 and it was only 2 years later that his whistleblower role left him vulnerable. He was sent to Rome and then to St Patrick’s College in Armagh. So he was a sitting duck when he was love bombed by Christina.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1


Perhaps when he had enough of the studies Gerard would watch a bit of cricket to clear his head of Ambrosia.

TCD cricket

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  1. It might explain a lot about his own mindset. But where next after the Archbishop retired a troublesome priest rather than confront the issues of the house of prayer abuse?


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