Further reflections of a former Educoist.


When an ex Educoist such as myself awakens from the brainwashing spell cast by Tony Quinn and begins to write the truth concerning his Educo cult, we are viewed by other Educoists as being negative, disgruntled people who are merely seeking to blame Tony Quinn for the hardships we have faced through being unduly influenced by his so called “teachings.”  It is often said that it is our own fault that we fell under his spell of programming and hypnosis to live a materialistic lifestyle in accordance with his so called “good life” ideal.  Everyone likes to think that they wouldn’t be hypnotised in this manner, that people who are brainwashed by cults are idiots or weak minded, but you would be very wrong in thinking that.  Most of Quinn’s seminar participants were highly successful business people before meeting Tony Quinn.  Indeed a Presidential candidate for Kenya named Martha Karua attended a seminar in Monte Carlo in 2013 which I was present at. She was sent on it by Susan Morrice, an oil rich millionaire. So the people who attend these seminars are far from idiots but they are still very much human and can be manipulated just like all of us, despite their apparent outer successes in life.


Now, have you ever considered that you may already be hypnotised yourself with certain beliefs, superstitions, fears, phobias or personality problems which are not at all true, but to your mind they have an absolute unquestioned “reality” nonetheless and can perhaps affect the course of your life? This is the same affect Quinn’s programming has upon you. Even many Educoists who are very aware that Tony Quinn bears all the hallmarks of a cult leader still think it is negative to say a wrong word about him at all, and they will shun people like me who go the extra step to expose him, even though his teachings may have brought ruination to their own lives as well.  Due to the programming they receive on Quinn’s seminar, they actually believe that to say anything “bad” about him will bring bad luck into their lives. They also believe that their “negative” thoughts will cause God to punish them in some way.  In fact, this fear of thinking “negatively” is the most poisonous of all Quinn’s teachings.  It is the one thought pattern I found the most difficult to drop.  After all, what is negativity?  It is something which is personal.  One man’s negativity may be another man’s utopian ideal.  Is it negative to point out the truth?  The truth may be hard to bear or be a bitter pill to swallow, but to expose the truth is certainly not negative.  Now, I am not writing these articles for Dialogue Ireland because I am a negative disgruntled person.  I merely write these articles to warn the unsuspecting consumer that if you are thinking of attending Quinn’s seminar, or indeed, if you have already attended, then you have or will be buying nothing but empty promises and wishful thinking.   This is a fact when it is seen with a logical, rationale and clear mind, it is not negativity.  Of course Tony Quinn teaches that it is bad to be logical.  Of course he teaches this!  His teachings are completely illogical, so why wouldn’t he tell people to abandon logic?


Some of the Belize staff from the oil company.

I have always been one with a spiritual outlook on life and Tony Quinn has not extinguished that in me, I have no intention of throwing the baby out with the bath water merely because Quinn duped me for so many years.  However, I have also always been one who when I see wrong being perpetrated against innocent people, I will not sit back and allow it to happen.  As Edmund Burke once said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good wo/men to do nothing.”  I know fully how people will turn against you when you point out wrongs which have been perpetrated and when you stand against evil, and we are indeed dealing with evil in every sense of the word when it comes to the manipulative snake oil sales machine that Tony Quinn has running, as he feeds upon the resources and innocence of people who come to him in need of help and all he gives them in return is a mind programmed with wishful thinking and childish utopian fantasies. The fact that this man charges money to pray for people, tells you all you need to know about his true intentions. Quinn has masterfully implanted in people’s minds that he is a spiritual master, yet on close examination, it can be seen clearly by ex Educoists like me, that Quinn bears many of the personality traits of a sociopath.  Therefore the fact that Quinn is extremely manipulative, is overly paranoid, has a grandiose opinion of himself, lacks remorse and empathy and can expertly turn on a fountain of superficial charm when needed shows his mind set. Is it any wonder he can so expertly dupe innocent minded people who like to think the best of everyone?  I have absolutely no doubt that in Quinn’s mind he really does believe that he is a messiah to the world.  Sociopaths tend to believe such grandiose things about themselves.  In fact, many cult leaders also bear the hallmarks of the sociopath too.


Now, as an ex Educoist within his fold for over 15 years, and being a witness to the damage his mental programming inflicts upon someone’s natural personality and way of life, let me tell you some more truths about what Tony Quinn actually teaches.  Firstly, what exactly is Tony Quinn selling you when you attend his seminars?  He charges a high price, so one must conclude that he is selling something of much value.  He does indeed claim to be selling information which is “life transforming.” I can assure you that he is not!  But for those of you who have not attended his seminars I can assure you that all Tony Quinn is really selling is a formula for making wishes come true … he teaches you how to make a wish, and that’s all.  He calls it programming your mind and tells you that your thoughts will create your reality as a result of this programming, but really all he is doing is teaching you how to make a wish.  You will be told to write out a big goal, then you visualise this goal with much exaggerated emotion and then God grants your wish.  So this is Quinn’s idea of prayer, where you pray for something and hope God will grant your request, and the true success rate of this is probably the same as regular prayer … or the same as wishing on a rabbits foot or making a wish in the wishing well, despite exaggerated claims by Quinn and his hypnotised followers.  This kind of childish superstition can also be gained from watching that DVD of false and empty promises called “The Secret.”  What they say is no different than Quinn’s superstitious teachings.  However, you might as well buy an old lamp and rub it to see if the genie appears, or else start writing letters to Santa Claus again, because Quinn will only teach you a more sophisticated sounding version of this.

Yet if this really worked I’m left wondering why it isn’t even working for Tony Quinn.  His seminars are going down the tubes.  He relies on X-Jet, Belize oil, Educo Gym staff and his health food shops to fill the seats these days.  He has had to slash the price of his seminars to a quarter of their original price.  I have it on good authority from an insider that his health food shops are doing quite badly and so are his Educo gyms.  Quinn tells you to ignore recessions and the circumstances of your life and just do a programme (prayer) and all will be well.  Tell us Tony, if that is the case, then why is all not going well for you?  Why do you have to coerce people who have already done seminars to repeat the seminar, with your false claims that the seminars are new … which they are not!    It appears that people like to believe that empty promises of this nature can be true, that all you have to do is make a wish and you can have the life of your dreams. It’s a nice thought after all. Perhaps it makes you feel all fuzzy inside or hopeful or maybe it makes the world appear more magical … well, whatever floats your boat as they say, but basically this is the bulk of what Tony Quinn teaches … making wishes!  So rather than get sucked into his cult I would suggest you stick to whatever form of prayer you are currently engaged in since from my long experience, Quinn’s methods produce no better results than any other method.

Now, he also teaches you to take your good memories and visualise them even better than they were, once again with lot’s of emotion, and he tells you that this will improve your mindset, making you more confident etc as you go forward in life. He calls this memory management.  This could well make you more confident but there is a problem with this.  Programming your mind in this way can make you feel somewhat invincible or cocky about any action you take in life.  I noticed this cockiness in myself after attending his seminars.  Quinn thinks that being cocky is a good thing and encourages seminar participants to be boasters and braggers.  He tells you this will help boost a positive self image or mindset.  Something I’ve always noticed though is that truly talented and confident people never feel the need to boast.  They are not at all cocky about what they do.  They always allow their results to speak for themselves.  Weak minded jealous types with a poor self image would surely only need to boast and brag in this manner and try to outdo or lord it over others, would they not?  Most people tend not to like these braggers, simply because they are publicly and shamelessly displaying how weak and poor their self image is.  However, we always celebrate the truly great in any field because these types always display quiet confidence and surety, yet they are never cocky nor do they ever try to outdo others or lord it over others like cocky people do, and as Quinn himself does.  Perhaps you’ve met some of those cocky Educo people trying to sell you a seminar? They’re always boasting and bragging, and you, perhaps being a genuine person don’t realise that these people are programmed by Quinn to behave in this manner.  It never once crosses your mind that they could be telling you lies because they are programmed to tell people how great both they and their lives are.   Now, the biggest problem with this cocky programmed attitude is that you could well end up taking certain actions in life and not notice the brick wall ahead which you are about to crash into. I found this to be my own experience after attending his seminars.

I will give an illustration of the effect of this kind of programming. Have you ever watched The X Factor and noticed those over confident people who hadn’t a note in their head auditioning?  When Simon Cowell tells them they’re rubbish, they react badly because they believe that they are super great, the best thing Simon Cowell has ever seen, even though they’re rubbish.  Now this is the kind of mindset or belief system Tony Quinn will programme you with.  Then if you’re programmed intensely like this, you most definitely will take some risky actions or make some risky business decisions because you will wind up believing that you’re super great or invincible.  So if you do an Educo seminar, just make sure you keep a crash helmet handy once you adopt this cocky mindset, because crashing into a wall can be very painful indeed.  Remember the old saying “pride goes before a fall!”   A perfect example of how this over programmed, over confident mindset plays out in real life can be seen in the documentary “Marcus” on this link.


Here we have three people who returned from Quinn’s seminars investing a ton of money in a singer who couldn’t sing in the hope he would become a pop star.  They prayed for this to happen in the way Quinn taught them.  They programmed and improved their mindset so they would feel unstoppable just as Quinn had taught them, but they were indeed stopped … but not before they blew over a million pounds on a fantasy fueled wishful thinking excursion.

Now, Quinn also teaches that he can put you in contact with God.  And as is usually the case with Quinn, not only does he understand and know God better than everyone else, he also has a better connection to God and can connect you to God better than anyone else ever could too. No one attending his seminars seems to point out to him the obvious contradiction in his teachings however, between his grossly materialistic greedy grab all teachings and then this apparent spiritual teaching, where he speaks of God, Union with life, saving the world and how the world could become a utopian paradise through his teachings.  I was struck by this contradiction many times when he would state that the best way to help the homeless or down and out is to not help them at all.  He even referred to the unemployed as “wasters”.  He thinks charity weakens people and that to help people in this manner is weakening their mindset. Indeed, he even stated that if he were in power in government he would give no social security benefits or help to anyone.  He actually believes that somehow magically these people who are down on their luck would be able to self motivate and rise above their problems all on their own, without any help.  For a man who claims to understand the mind better than anyone on Earth, It doesn’t seem to strike Quinn that people who are down in this manner cannot see the woods for the trees.  Many homeless people have addiction or psychological problems and at the time of this writing, five homeless people have died of exposure to the cold on the streets of Belfast this winter.  But according to Quinn … we should just let them die … it would do them good to suffer this kind of pain, since he thinks it would inspire them to take action to make their lives better. Well it didn’t inspire these five people, did it Tony?   It seems that Tony Quinn doesn’t actually have a clue about how the mind works at all when he thinks that people in a fear weakened and depressed state can just magically self motivate themselves into taking positive action.  Now, does this sound like a Godly man to you?  Does this sound like a spiritual master full of wisdom and understanding?  I think not.   Once again, it sounds like a sociopath!

He also repeatedly advises people to get into debt to live the “life of their dreams”.  He programmes you to “borrow other peoples money” to artificially accelerate your business or lifestyle.  Since being in contact with Dialogue Ireland, I have come to learn of the true damage this teaching has wrought, not only in my own life but in the lives of many others, who are afraid to come forward publicly out of shame or embarrassment that they were programmed and duped by Quinn to live like this … people who are now on the verge of bankruptcy.  I don’t view Quinn as a spiritual master or anything close, but due to the real affects of his teachings I consider both him and his teachings to be highly negative and dangerous.  He is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing … a great example of the sociopathic mindset.  For those of you who have attended his seminars and perhaps are still programmed to think of Quinn as a spiritual master, I would ask you to do a simple Google search on “sociopath traits” and have a read of what you find.  Perhaps it will snap you out of your rose coloured view you have of this man.

Regarding his so called spiritual teachings in general and having been around his outfit for a long time and having personally experienced the peak energy highs he induces through hypnosis and also the self hypnosis he calls programming, I can assure you that these are not spiritual states.  The high wears off after 30 minutes or so since it’s just hypnotically induced.  He works you up into an over excited state and the natural consequence is that you believe you are experiencing something mystical, which you are not.  He also teaches that “being in the now” is the gateway to knowing and experiencing God.  Perhaps this is indeed the case since all spiritual and religious traditions point to this as being the spiritual way of life.  In fact, even if you’re not spiritual minded, this is actually quite a pleasant way to live ones life and is a kind of natural meditation.  Of all Quinn talks about this is perhaps the only thing of any real use, however if you read Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” you would get more information on this than Quinn gives.  Quinn has once again merely plagiarised this teaching from many others, but the fact that Tony Quinn fills your head with a greedy, grab all, materialistic and “me” centered future orientated outlook on life, will leave you unable to live each day in the now anyway.  How can you live in the now whilst believing that all your happiness will come in the future when you are materialistically “successful?”  Now, regarding these so called “spiritual” gurus in particular I would strongly urge you to watch the documentary at this link –

It’s called Kumare and is about an ordinary man who pretends to be a guru to see how many people he can dupe into believing he is a spiritual master.  It’s quite funny in parts but shows how easily we can all become duped by guys like Tony Quinn.

In closing, my advice is, if you’re thinking of attending Quinn’s seminar, then don’t. He will programme you to become grossly materialistic and to lose sight of what life is really all about. You will be used by his outfit to be a recruitment agent for coercing others into attending his seminars. You will be left feeling like your life is never good enough until you attain his unrealistic and childish ideas of what a “good life” is and what a spiritual life looks like.  He will programme you to be a judgemental hypocrite as you analyse everyone you meet to decide if they are “negative” or not.  You will be afraid to think at all, in case one of your doubts etc magically happens in your life and you will be left like a child believing in magical fairy stories, that by the very act of thinking you can make things happen outside of you.  Once again, if you’re prone to dropping pennies in wishing wells, I’d stick with that.

Just like the book about Quinn being the Merlin the Magician who found the oil in Belize we have this photo of his acolytes trying to penetrate to the very top of government. Here Quinn has the Merlquinn book. Susan Morrice genuinely believes it was Quinn who found the oil, and at a major summit earlier this year in New York stepped up to a real Irish entrepreneur and asked if Josh Stewart could collect him by  Xjet and bring him to the Belize so he could drink the Kool Aid. Luckily he smelt the coffee.



Enda Kenny with Susan Morrice



I can assure you, I have been in his outfit for 15 years and it is comprised of people who will lie not only to themselves but to you as well that they can magically make their wishes come true by merely thinking.  Even natural successful entrepreneurs will give credit for their own skills, natural drive and hard working diligence over to Quinn’s outlandish and childish philosophy.  I used to witness these people on stage in Dublin telling stories of how their business is booming since attending Quinn’s seminar, yet those in the audience who knew them already know that these people were already successful before meeting Quinn.  I see these people as victims of Quinn’s programming now, just as I was a victim of it.  I personally used to sit in meetings and in a programmed state, and I would say that I never experienced happiness or anything good in my life until I met Tony Quinn. The truth is I was far happier and more of a doer before I met the man.  I am now finally getting around to focusing naturally once again on my own skills, talents and goals in life in the enjoyable way I used to approach these things before I met Quinn.  Now that I have finally dropped his bigger and better than everyone else mindset, I can finally begin to know what it feels like to live a natural life once again.

10 Responses

  1. I read that book. It was somewhat helpful.

    Similar to Hussan, I had to go back to the beginning to recall the first day I met a member of the Educo cult; they were known as ‘quinnites’ at that time. I knew how important it was to accept that I had been manipulated and to see clearly how I had been led into thinking or, more to the point, reacting to the feel good factor, that it was beneficial to attend so called relaxation twice a week and attending seminars, regardless of the responsibilities I had to family. I then had to accept how traumatic experiences in the cult were so detrimental to my future. I get information from books that proves helpful, however, they are not sufficient to counteract Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    Unfortunately, It was more by error than design that my eyes were truly opened to how vulnerable people are in general and how a lack of understanding as to how they were/are manipulated could possibly lead to further manipulation by unscrupulous people who have trained in the Educo cult and have formed their own group/career based on undue influence. Very few actually disclose where they so called studied; it is a minefield for anyone looking for authentic psychotherapy where human rights are considered essential.

    The process is, at times, painful to deal with, however, I have come to accept that it is an essential part of my education, a part that I value highly. Sometimes we don’t have a choice in what life throws at us. We do have a choice in what we do with it!

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  2. Books like that do exist Angie. I recently read one called “Combating cult mind control” by Stephen Hassan. It helped me undo Quinns programming a lot.

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  3. Have taken note of the title.

    Here in Ireland they bang on about not having enough therapists. I studied psychotherapy and I have never forgotten what was said to me by the head of the college. He said “Let them wait till they are desperate”. He was talking about people who wanted cheap therapy from students. I left that college. Rogue therapists are in the business of fostering dependence. One could argue that independent therapy/psychology colleges have too much leeway, no state body to check on the tutors/psychotherapists they hire or the background of directors/psychologists who dictate the type of material that is taught and, believe me, the students ARE subjected to mind control in the Educo cult. How else would Quinn’s scam survive? I would love to see published a book of articles written by past students/followers who managed to escape cultic conditioning. There must be some way of getting the truth out there without disclosing identity.

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  4. I would like to add an excerpt to this article I have written from a book called “The Narcissist You Know”. You may find this excerpt interesting. It reads as follows …

    … The know it all narcissist may convince his audience that he possesses special knowledge that makes him superior. Religious or spiritual leaders may at first appear to be reliable guides rather than narcissists. As a therapist I’ve known several extremely self assured charismatic therapists who give the impression of having the inside track on truth. For those who are lost or confused and in search of professional help, such therapists exert magnetic appeal. Who doesn’t want to believe his or her therapist has the answers? The narcissist therapist sometimes achieves gurulike status. His clients and therapists in training whom he supervises may come to revere or idealise him; he feeds off their adoration, exploiting it to sustain his grandiose self image as enlightened healer. It’s not unusual for clients to believe they have the best therapist in the world, but the narcissist therapist subtly encourages this belief. His junior colleagues may see him as one of the few people who truly understand psychotherapy, devoting years of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars for private supervision. There are predatory therapists who deliberately prey upon those in their care, exploiting them sexually and financially. They pursue their own desires with a ruthless disregard for others feelings. Such people occupy the very far end of the narcissist continuum and are best described as SOCIOPATHS.


  5. He admitted to making up his philosophy as he went along and how disturbing it is to see his ‘followers’ hanging on his every word. Kamara told them on a number of occasions, even pointing to his facial hair and garb, that he was not who they thought he was and yet they continued to sit there believing that he had something they needed from him, that he was the perfect guru.

    His message was the opposite of Quinn’s and the core Educo group: to believe in their choice of the way forward with absolutely no interference from him. It is plain to see that most of them were already steeped in the guru style of worship. Hopefully they will now accept who they are instead of feeling a need to project an image, and not need to sit at the feet of or bow down to the illusion or self delusion they had bought into previously.

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  6. Hi. As writer of this article I would like to thank you all for your comments. To “anonymous” … I understand your response. I would’ve given the same response a few years ago. Your comment shows that you are seeking for help and yes, it’s hard to find the genuine and effective help you need in today’s world with so many predators around who are merely after your admiration and praise on the one hand and your money on the other. I would like to assure that I am neither vindictive or stupid as you have stated …. this is just the truth … nothing more. I know how much you want to believe in Quinn, after all, you don’t know where else to turn …. here’s a suggestion … turn to your best friend or closest family member. At least they really will care about you. Don’t grab at straws like Quinn, unless of course you are just after entertainment, which he will certainly provide, but you can get better entertainment like that cheaper elsewhere. He has nothing to offer you of any real value. Look closely and see this. Please don’t be fooled by the “success” stories. People do lie, they’re only human. Ask the successful ones what they were like before Quinns seminar … they were usually successful before … unless they were able to borrow money from their rich Aunt to open an X Jet of course.


  7. Someone are you being defensive? Notice your use of generalisation? Give us some of the success. Let us examine them. What kind of person advises people to use other people’s money? Like a skint Flint who bums drinks from friends while advocating going with the flow. Note you are so brainwashed any critical comment or rational idea is “negative.” Where can go for help. A family member you looked down to. A friend you sold dodgy shares and repetitive seminars to. Look into heart you are trapped.


  8. It would seem that criticism of their “guru” triggers the programme of defence. In fact, any criticism of what they believe triggers a defensive attitude and possibly even the need to antagonise and belittle you.

    You say “this fear of thinking “negatively” is the most poisonous of all Quinn’s teachings. It is the one thought pattern I found the most difficult to drop.”

    In the 1990’s, part of that programme was not to tell anyone what they are doing in case others negativity interferes. How can you have a relationship with someone who is Quinn obsessed and secretive about the so called plan of success brought about by their ‘god’ Quinn?

    I would say yours is a typical reaction of many who got caught up in programming. Quinn’s “fear of negativity” programme is poisonous. My body shook in fear when I first started talking to people about abusive ‘treatments’ I was subjected to in the Tony Quinn Centre.
    “The truth may be hard to bear or be a bitter pill to swallow, but to expose the truth is certainly not negative.”
    I totally agree. Anyone who has the courage to talk or write about abusive cultic experiences, who overcomes the induced negativity programme, deserves respect and support.
    “he teaches you how to make a wish, and that’s all. He calls it programming your mind and tells you that your thoughts will create your reality as a result of this programming, but really all he is doing is teaching you how to make a wish.”

    I was told by an educoist ‘therapist’ to write down what I wanted, the same thing, over and over again. Needless to say I didn’t get it and that was a huge lesson for me. Thank God I didn’t because I was under her influence at the time and it would merely have looked like a bad decision on my part had I followed it through. Strange to say, or maybe not so strange, I was always a bit shocked at how open they were to take on what I said. Now I understand that Quinn’s programming can leave THEM open to other peoples influence and Quinn is no exception. His decisions were influenced by others, ‘spiritual’ and criminal, much as he hates to admit it. He is just as much a product of his environment as you or I accept his psychopathic mind took him down a path of fear and greed, fear of having nothing to show for his life and a desperate need to ‘prove’ himself.

    “I have it on good authority from an insider that his health food shops are doing quite badly and so are his Educo gyms.”
    I’m glad to hear it. The less criminal influence and activity there is the better our society is to live in.

    “He also teaches that “being in the now” is the gateway to knowing and experiencing God. Perhaps this is indeed the case since all spiritual and religious traditions point to this as being the spiritual way of life. In fact, even if you’re not spiritual minded, this is actually quite a pleasant way to live ones life and is a kind of natural meditation. Of all Quinn talks about this is perhaps the only thing of any real use,”

    I would agree. There is nothing better than having a peaceful mind and getting on with life, however, the “now” they talk about has more to do with having nothing on your mind so they have easy access to influence and give orders. The “now” of the programme is heightened to such a degree it can take one out of the reality of the “being present in my life” now. I was extremely angry when I twigged to what was happening. I was not a baby and they were not going to get their hands on my candy.

    “Just like the book about Quinn being the Merlin the Magician who found the oil in Belize we have this photo of his acolytes trying to penetrate to the very top of government.”

    I cringed when I saw that picture. Have you heard the speech he made after he was voted as Taoiseach? You are spot on about the glaring incongruities of Quinn and his plagiarised hinduistic philosophy.

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  9. So many stupid vendictive comments…and nothing to represent the masive successes and fortunes found …everything has two sides…nothing comes free….or what did these negatine people expect??
    Life is a shithole. It is like you rowing a small boat upriver…and as you grow weaker, the river flows more strongly….and when you are finished, and the river (this represents life) flows evenly and brings down every thing you did not expect…and you cannot row any more,,, where can you go?….to whom can you go to beg for help.


  10. Another very powerful post. I can completely understand exactly what you are saying & have experienced & heard everything that you speak about.

    I found it so hard to reconcile myself to so many of his so-called teachings. In the end, my own life experience was making me question everything but that is not before I was deeply influenced & I spent many a day beating myself up because I really believed there was something wrong with myself because I didn’t seem to obtain the level of success TQ preaches.

    I also can not stand the movie The Secret. to me, it is a cynical money making machine by Rhoda Byrne who actually went on one of the Abraham cruises (Esther & Jerry Hicks) & then used the information without due credit. I am not into Esther Hicks either but I just want to point out the level of dishonesty people will go when it comes to making money.

    I have watched the film Kumare & it really shows just how easy it is to influence others. However, Vikram is not like Tony Quinn he wasn’t trying to extort money & convince others he was better than them. It appeared that he actually did help some of the people. Unfortunately, Tony Quinn is not like Vikram but I take the point you are making.

    Thank you for your posts I really hope others are reading them & it helps to prevent anyone from going to these seminars.

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