The “Pope” of Palmar denies having stolen the “popemobile”, “It’s mine, and is in my name”



ABC Newspaper from Seville contacted Sergio María Ginés Jesus Hernandez, who has renounced his pontificate in the Church of Santa Faz and has started a new life with a Grenadine woman Nieves Triviño.
“It is a step that I freely and voluntarily have taken. I do not believe in that at all anymore.”


Gregorio XVIII, durante su pontificado en El Palmar

Gregorio XVIII, when he was Pope in El Palmar – ABC

With these words he explained that it was the “pope” of El Palmar de Troya ABC de Sevilla why his resignation to pontificate and his departure from the order after 32 years of religious life.

Sergio María Ginés Jesus Hernandez, ex-seminarian and a former soldier, is starting a new life in Monachil (Granada.) He has fallen in love and is very happy with a woman  Nieves Trivedi. She is known to people and very much liked by them, because she organises parties in the City Hall where she works in Grenada.

Nieves Triviño, novia del expapa
Nieves Trivedi girlfriend  of the Ex Pope.- ABC
Nieves, separated with two children, does not want to talk because as far as she is concerned, “the news is him,” and she has no problems in dealing with the fact that he is has given up such high office for her. Sergio María Ginés Hernandez wants to untie his departure from Palmar with what is happening in their personal relationship. He considers that “it is a matter of pink magazine.” He also explained that “I have not fled as some media have said, but I wrote a farewell letter by about my loss of faith and all my affairs have been witnessed by a legal counsel and notary public.”
The already “ex pope” of Palmarian Church is very clear about the situation that existed in the religious order: “I left everything in order and it was all witnessed by a  notary.” Though he did not want to talk about their personal relationship nor on internal working of order. Sergio María Ginés Hernández has come “to the  point where I can not and I must not continue. I can’t stay there as an administrator, as a businessman … I think I should not. ” Still, he did not want to “throw shit about anything and anybody, I went out freely and voluntarily and no one has coerced or forced me.”
“The BMW is mine”
He has huge respect for the congregation in which he has lived as a religious for 32 years, holding various positions. Thus, it has also made clear that “I left everything in proper order, tax compliant and in surplus. I did accounts properly. No one can accuse me of anything. ”
Asked about the comments in the forums and social networks about him having left with the “popemobile”, a BMW X7 high-end valued at €70,000, Sergio María Ginés Hernández said that “this car is mine and is in my name as the result of a personal donation, so I signed for it. ”
Thus, the “Ex Pope” is not interested in enter a debate about this. “There are groups of people who in 2000 left or were expelled from there and they are the ones bringing up this garbage. ”
“I want to start a new life”
Therefore, he wants to “turn the page, start a new life. I have left for good and a radical change of life is not done overnight, but I am happy because it was a very thoughtful decision. I am calm, having breakfast now and sunbathing, I have nothing to fear because I am a citizen. ”
Looking back, Hernandez explained how it has been his succession: “In the ecclesiastical laws, the former pope could appoint a successor who died or resigned that is, to accept or not the challenge to become Pope. As it seems, he has accepted it. ” He is  referring to Joseph Odemartt, the new pontiff of this Palmarian Church, who has adopted the name of Pedro III.


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  1. As an ex-Palmarian nun, surviving eight years in the Order from 1982-1990 (from New Zealand aka Madre Maria Paloma) I am delighted that Sergio has left the Palmarian Church. Of course, I can relate to someone losing their faith. It happened to me. I don’t need to ridicule or criticise him. i hope he’s being honest, end of story, and that he’ll find peace and happiness. He can’t be blamed for doing his job as Pope and then changing his mind and leaving. If all Palmarians lost their faith, the church would collapse and that would be an excellent result. As regards sexual misconduct, I never saw any among the nuns nor heard any rumours but only the priests know what went on in their abbeys. I have written a book about my experiences: Reparation, a spiritual journey – available through amazon. Please read it and share your stories with me. We have stories to tell! Thanks! From Maria Hall

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  2. They sold clontarf mid April and moved out to their new place in lusk called leaca ban. Google it


  3. Thank you again for kindly answering my post, let’s see if anyone else can supply more info.


  4. No idea about price. Also have no idea of location. Could others respond?


  5. Sorry to bother you again, if this is true do you have the address of the new place in Rush? Once again thank you for taking the time to reply.


  6. Thank you for your reply. Are you a 100% sure about this and what date more or less was it sold? And do you know hoe much it went for in the end?


  7. Yes it was and they have moved to Rush, Co Dublin.


  8. Hi, can someone please confirm if the Palmarian headquarters in Dublin was finally sold or not? because I heard rumours that the sale fell through and it doesn’t appear on the following site. Thank you.


  9. Sergio cant throw shit to the palmarians because the same shit is out of that church (HE)


  10. After all Nieves did a great favour to the mental health of the palmarians thanks to she they are free of that bipolar crazy man!


  11. After all Nieves did a grieta favour to the mental health of the palmarians thanks to she they are free of that bipolar crazy man!


  12. the people of Ireland and world are giving away jewellry and valuables to be melted down in Catholic Church and why are books of Knock Shrine not been audited with 20 million given to Knock for refurbished Basilica where did money come from and how was it spent ?forget about Palmarians they are small fry compared to current papal regime in Rome allowing this to happen in Ireland in full secrecy and parading across world in huge planes costing millions for every papal visit no need for visits we know what is going on in rome people are not stupid they see pride in people very very clear .


  13. Will it awaken the followers to there self serving leaders minds and money ?


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