Tony Quinn Part 3, the final edition for now?

“Oh yes, I’m the great pretender, pretending I’m doing well.  My need is such I pretend too much, I’m lonely but no one can tell.  Oh yes I’m the great pretender, adrift in a world of my own.  I play the game but to my real shame, you’ve left me to dream all alone.  Too real is this feeling of make believe, too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal.  Ooh ooh, yes I’m the great pretender, just laughing and gay like a clown.  I seem to be what I’m not, you see, I’m wearing my heart like a crown.  Pretending that you’re still around.”


Jamie’s picture which was taken 15 years ago is good to keep in mind next September. Why? Because the Ryder Cup might come down to someone under undue influence or using their own mind to win for Europe. Watch this space.

This song “The Great Pretender” by Queen would make the perfect anthem for Tony Quinn and the Educo clan.  Looking back over many years, I’ve learned one thing listening to our great and glorious Tony … this guy definitely loves to brag about himself.  At seminars, Tony Quinn is never done bragging and boasting in an extremely grandiose manner. He teaches us Educoists that we should do the same, hence why you will hear Educoists constantly bragging and boasting about everything they do and everything they plan to do (even if it is all lies).  Oh we love to pretend alright; right down to our fake smiles and exaggerated, or indeed, fabricated success stories.  We are always excited about the mere fact that we are alive, and you better watch out now if you have boundary issues, because we love to hug everyone we meet, just to show people how out of our thoughts and uninhibited we are, and also how much we care about you …. and we will care even more about you if you agree to go on one of our great pretenders seminars.  We will show you much attention if you express an interest in attending Quinn’s seminar alright, and when you come home from the seminar we will treat you like a celebrity for a few weeks … then we’ll ignore you completely unless you can bring along some more victims for the seminars, or until you do a repeat seminar or a mind masters seminar.  If you try to leave the Educo fold, or if you question the greatness of our wonderful leader “Dr” Tony Quinn, we will shun you forever, because you will then be far too negative for us to be around.


Oh yes, Tony loves to pretend, boast and brag alright.  In terms of Yoga he says that none of those Indian Yogi’s know anything about real Yoga … only he does.  He claims to have been the man who brought Yoga to Ireland.  He also claims that only he knows how to train in gyms properly, that every gym trainer out there is doing it all wrong. He would brag that in his younger days he was the best gym trainer in Dublin and got better results than anyone else.  His Educo Gyms are the best gyms on the planet.  His health food supplements are also the best on the planet and every other companies health food supplements are “crap” (his words).  Also, NLP practitioners don’t know what they are doing, his mind tactics are superior (despite that he himself uses NLP repeatedly).  Although, in fairness he has admitted that he did get ( plagiarized ) his Unconscious Attention from observing a man called Dr. Jack Gibson.   Our great pretender even put down his own trained Ki-Massage practitioners once whilst speaking in Dublin, telling them that none of them are any good at it; only he can do it right.  He claims to be the best sales man you will ever meet too. He has and still could out sell anyone.  He has had more business success than anyone you will ever meet. He can also give the best relationship advice and I even heard him claim that he could raise children better than anyone in his audience, despite the fact that he doesn’t have any kids, and due to being an only child, he also has no nephews or nieces or any contact with kids whatsoever.

Brag and boast, brag and boast, brag and boast.  Well, I suppose he is also the most spiritually advanced being on the planet too, since it took our great pretender only 20 seconds to achieve spiritual enlightenment.  Since I was very interested in the subject of spiritual enlightenment and at the time I didn’t know whose teaching was correct regarding this topic, since everyone I read had a different tale to tell. I asked Quinn what he thought about many other gurus teachings regarding spiritual enlightenment being something that only happens after going through a gradual psychological peeling away process which could take almost 20 years.  His response, said through gritted teeth and a somewhat angry look in his eye was “well what I’m telling you is that being in the now, the TQ method doesn’t take 20 years … it takes 20 seconds”.  Then he went on to rubbish the other teachers. Only he knew the way to enlightenment.  He feeds this attitude of rubbishing other teachers and their teachings hypnotically into the minds of seminar attendees.  He tells you not to bother reading any of these self help, motivation or spiritual books by other people since they are all rubbish and none of them know what they are talking about anyway.  I’m not really sure if he also meant to not bother reading all of the books from which he plagiarized all his teachings though.

As he boasts about himself, his questionable “qualifications” and his equally questionable “achievements” and his claims of spiritual enlightenment, he also does a double whammy of putting down any other teacher out there who poses as competition to him.  At times it borders on extreme jealousy on his part of these other teachers.  He even once made reference that he outdone Jiddhu Krishnamurti (a world revered Indian teacher) by having a more pure spiritual teaching than him, and that our Tony could “connect” people with their own Spirit or God better than Krishnamurti could, stating that Krishnamurti could never do what he could do.  Kind of smacks of a child telling another child “I can jump higher than you”, doesn’t it?  Well, I suppose Tony does have regular communication with God and he claims that he never lifts a finger to do anything in life unless God has told him to do it.

All of this I now see is Quinn’s way of using hypnosis to gain extreme attention from others, in order to see him as being a great authority on just about everything.  I think any psychologist on the planet would agree that someone who needs to do this harbours a colossal inferiority complex.  Normal healthy minded people don’t go around bragging and boasting; they let their achievements speak for themselves and do not need to seek this kind of attention from others. Only one trying to conceal an inner sense of smallness would need to do this.  As a response to the bad press Quinn receives, he draws a picture of himself in the minds of Educoists as being a controversial so and so, who likes to shake things up with a message people are not “ready” to hear, and that’s the only reason why the press go after him the way they do.  He even likes to draw a parallel between the bad press he receives and the harsh treatment of Jesus by the  Jews.


Many Educoists repeat word for word everything he has fed them.  They too are found to state that nobody else knows anything but Tony Quinn.  They will tell you that he is the only man on the planet who can do the job he is doing. He has trained his Educoists to be great pretenders too … just not as great as him though.  Many Educoists like to pretend that they can see your spiritual aura.  They also like to pretend that they too are spiritually enlightened … especially after they have paid for one of his mind masters seminars.  After a mind masters you get to do a tour of the country, where you have to visit all of the support groups scattered everywhere.  Everyone in these groups will get a text message that you are just back from the mind masters and they need to make sure they are at the meeting to hear you speak … heh, well you did  do  a mind masters and paid €35000 for it, so you might as well lap up all this attention whilst you can.  And just in case you don’t know this, if you do a mind masters you receive a little more credibility from the underling Educoists who can’t afford a mind masters … especially when you want to pretend that you’re now spiritually better than them after paying all this money.

Now that the hypnotic spell Tony Quinn induced upon me for this last 15 years has lifted from my mind, I actually begin to look upon this man, not with the sense of admiration I was programmed to see, but with the contemptible eye one might have for a gangland criminal. The sad fact is that this man actually believes that he is doing good and saving the world, even though he deliberately and quite consciously manipulates the minds of others to serve his own selfish needs whilst putting on the image of being a “good spiritual guy”. Every now and again he reveals though that he is anything but a “good spiritual” guy.

On his seminar back in 2001 in Los Angeles, he told us that if they gave him a gun he would gladly put a bullet in those who are running amuck around the world.  He also told us on this seminar that if anyone ever tackled him physically he would hit them so hard that they would never get back up off the ground, ever!  One lady asked his advice about how to deal with her difficult boss, and the great and wise Jedi Master Quinn responded with some deep and practical advice for this lady, he said “well have you ever thought about hitting him a smack on the mouth?”  At his meetings in Dublin over the years he used to begin with the following insulting words to the people who gave up their day to seek the help he promised – “You  know,  I often wonder before I begin these meetings, who am I speaking to today; the deaf or the  dead”.  Then everyone actually laughs and applauds, not realising that he has insulted an entire audience. On a seminar in Nice, attended by my brother, he referred to overweight people as “fat pigs”.   He also told us whilst in L.A. that if Jim Fitzgerald (his forever loyal assistant) ever did anything bad on him, he would get rid of him out of his life permanently.  And he said this right in front of Jim at the time.  Although our Tony claims to be a big Jesus fan who is always quoting the Bible, he clearly doesn’t like Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness or peace, nor on love your neighbour as you love yourself.  All this really does sound like a spiritually advanced and enlightened man who is in regular contact with God and wishes to spread a message of positive thinking, union with God and love around the world, don’t you think?   I guess the tongue will always reveal though what the man is full of!

The Magic in you

As I see him more clearly now without the lens of mystery he successfully implants in Educoists minds, I see a man who is perhaps in need of intense therapy himself. Despite speaking of himself as being a spiritually enlightened man who intimately knows God, I see now a great manipulator and a great pretender who uses all the mind control tactics he has learned over  the years to deceive, manipulate and extort from innocent people who come to him for help. Since Quinn claims to believe in “magic”, what he does could be viewed quite rightly as the use of black magic.   I wonder to myself, what kind of a man needs to feed off and use innocent and vulnerable people in the way he has?  For it is clear to me now that his motives for what he does are not just for financial gain. He has an extreme need of people’s attention, admiration and praise.  Why is this?  I’m no psychologist but I suspect that he could perhaps be suffering from some deep seated emotional or psychological problems himself which he has never resolved.

I now regret the day I ever stepped on board that aeroplane 15 years ago bound for Los Angeles or that aeroplane in 2013 heading to Monte Carlo.  I regret recommending his seminars to my family and I regret the day I ever heard the name Tony Quinn. However, at least now his hypnotic spell has lifted from my mind and I can now finally experience once again what it feels like to live a normal, healthy and … please excuse my language … bullshit free life! I feel now like I can finally breathe again, rest again, live properly again and genuinely enjoy my life again; enjoy and appreciate my family and friends again and to really live free savouring each moment of simple life once again.

Now, this will be my final word on Tony Quinn.  Since our great pretender is never done quoting Jesus, I wonder has he ever read this passage attributed to Jesus in the Bible, and I would urge you (the reader) to take heed of this passage also, since guys like Tony Quinn seem to be prevalent all over the world these days, in different shapes and sizes  … “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits!

This series of lectures will be of assistance to ex Educoists or Religious Believers of the Mucky Messiah:




4 Responses

  1. Eve was brought to Quinn by a member of the cult at his request. She didn’t stand a chance!

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  2. I don’t know how he can say that he has nothing to do with children. Parents who had families while they were quinnites and now educoists influenced their children. As I know him to be unscrupulous I would say that he has influenced children. They don’t need to be around him to be affected. They can, too easily, grow up to have unrealistic expectations. Cognitively, they are at a disadvantage when they are included in meditation and parents influence their children at times when they are at rest, for instance, while they sleep. There is also the cult diet to consider. I noticed that many of the women were heavily built and then you get the other extreme where they are training and eating very little. This type of cultic attitude to food will effect children. We are the generation of alternative medicine who were influenced to use vitamins etc and this isn’t great either because there is no facility to actually check hormone levels, take blood pressure or do any tests that are available in a medical practice. The doctor may be the last resort to parents who are more inclined to go to ‘healers’ and gyms to get dietary advice and they choose what food is in the home.


  3. Hi Angie. He does indeed die his hair but no wig would look as bad as that frizzle he has perched on his head Lol. He kind of reminds me of an overgrown leprachaun or garden knome Lol …. minus the fishing rod. No way that poor girl Eve would be with him except for the money … and the fact that he has her hypnotised. To think she was only 19 when he hit on her at a seminar and him mid 60’s. How low can this “man” go?

    The core group are indeed equally corrupt. They are completely hypnotised by him. I doubt any of them know their authentic selves anymore. They’re like parasites and would do anything to extort money from you. Like yourself I’ve never met people as gutter low in all my life … I doubt I ever will again either.

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  4. ha ha! Wow! You were there long enough to really know Tony Quinn and you make no bones about it. So he is threatening people now in public! What an idiot! I know all about the fear tactics following incompetence on their part because I had firsthand experience of the ‘core’ groups nastiness when they cocked up and did not get the money they hypnotised me to make. How many times have they counted their chickens before they hatched?

    I know about the great sense of relief one feels to break away from Quinn and his coven of witches. Seriously, I have never met before such a malignant narcissist nor since I got out of the cult and please God I never will. Quinn is a criminal and his core group have always know that his goal was to make millions and he and they obviously were prepared to do anything to achieve his success. The core group also wanted to get rich and they were unscrupulous in their methods to fool people into borrowing, getting into debt. So much for his so called effortless success, believe me, he bullied, assaulted and, of course, hypnotised cult members to do his bidding and had long boring conversations with them supposedly asking for their thoughts on whatever subject and then ignored everything they said and went ahead and did what he wanted to do anyway. A smack across the face now and then brought them into “unconscious attention” quicker than anything else and it put them back in their place too; serving their ‘master’, ‘loving’ him unconditionally, losing all sense of reason and he encrouches on their boundaries to such an extent they lose the power to protect themselves. I am not surprised he sends out a message of violence. He has reason to fear anyone who gets out from under his control and he knows it! Why do you think he skulks around in Ireland? Dyes his hair and puts his wig on or is it a weave?

    He was an only child adored by his parents and told he was a genius for drawing a picture presented upside down, his claim to genius. I know it sounds ridiculous; and his bragging about white spirits floating around his seminar venue, figments of imagination that no-one else sees accept the one on stage hypnotised out of his mind and saying exactly what Quinn wants him to say. Quinn will suffer for what he does otherwise there is no justice. No-one with even a sliver of decency could watch this act and not feel disgusted and appalled with what he gets away with!

    I haven’t listened to his boasting and bragging for years but I can tell you this, Quinn hasn’t changed at all!


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