Former disciple of Tony Quinn wakes from a dream as the penny drops he was in a cult.

Part One:

Monte-carlo view

We are for obvious reasons keeping the identity of the person who provided us with this account anonymous. This report gives us a clear understanding of the breach of human rights and the nature of the pyramid scam that many innocent members of Irish society have endured under the label of enlightenment. It is increasingly clear in that Quinn every year claims he is bringing some major insight which turns out to be the same old tapes of recycled new age froth. A pattern is emerging that suggests that those who have been victims will need to pursue a refund as they have been the victims of a scam. Many have received no receipts for courses costing over €15K and it is likely no tax has been paid in any jurisdiction for these totally off the wall courses and for the kind of money that is totally disproportionate to any gain received.


My first exposure to Tony Quinn was in 2001 when I attended a 6 week course hosted by Georgina Dolan in Dundalk.  I was introduced to this by a man called Paddy McCourt from Newry. Towards the end of the course a heavy sales pitch came from both Georgina Dolan and Paddy McCourt to attend Tony Quinn’s next seminar in Los Angeles. I would receive frequent phone calls from both of them trying to persuade me with promises of the “good life” and that Tony Quinn would help me achieve a mental state of permanent happiness and spiritual enlightenment. I was buttered up by them, being told that I had a special quality which would make me “fly” with this material. The price for this seminar at the time was roughly £12000 sterling and I was assured that I need not worry about the money because afterwards money would flow to me effortlessly. Georgina told me to approach the credit union and tell them the money was for a car. Failing that I could use credit cards.  I was only 25 years old then and was obviously very naive but they both knew I wasn’t happy with my life at the time and I was searching for a way to feel happier, so after much pressure, I finally decided to go on this seminar, borrowing the money on three separate credit cards.  Before I went, Georgina Dolan told me to make sure I sat at the very front, up close to Tony because his great presence would elevate my spiritual vibration by sitting so close to him.

On the surface the seminar appeared to focus on positive thinking, spiritual enlightenment, mind programming and health. Tony Quinn was a charismatic man even though he would say some strange things at times. For example he told us that because of his spiritual vibration he could see through walls and see God in a tree. He said he could see his words travelling as light and entering the tops of our heads. He said he could also readily see spirits and told us that his girlfriend at the time Tara, never knew if she was in a relationship with Tony Quinn or Superman.  Tony often compared himself to Jesus and Buddha with the stories he told about his life; from his time spent up a mountain alone to achieve enlightenment (much like Jesus in the desert), to his battle with the Catholic church trying to bring him down in Dublin (similar to Jesus battling with the Jewish church leaders).  He continuously tried to build a mysterious quality about himself in the minds of the seminar attendees.  I personally was fascinated by the promises he made about the state he called “union with Life” which was sold to us as a personal awareness of God. He told us to achieve this state would take about 20 seconds of being present in the now.  Now, I have met many within the Educo fold who claim to be in such a state, but talk is cheap, and I have yet to meet anyone within the Educo fold who can honestly demonstrate through their behaviour that they have achieved such a lofty state. I am reminded of the words of Jesus … “by their deeds you shall know them.”

However, after all the spiritual talk, things took a different route which was contradictory to the Godly talk.  We were told that if we were unhappy or dissatisfied with our lives then it simply meant that we were boring … the cells in our brains were bored because we weren’t giving them a big enough goal to work with.  He spoke of the millionaire lifestyle, how easy it was to make a million … that we too could be driving sports cars, sailing expensive yachts, eating at the best restaurants, staying in the best hotels and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. All we had to do to achieve this lifestyle was to borrow other peoples money and then focus our minds on the outcome that we wanted (which had to be a big materialistic outcome).  We were told that we had to eliminate from our lives anyone who didn’t think in this “big goal” materialistic manner, because they were negative or anti-life and they would drag us down. So we were encouraged to write out our “big goal” with all of this in mind … and of course we had  to include in our “big goal” a multitude of others whom we had personally saved by sending them on his seminars.  So here was a contradictory message being given. What appeared to be a spiritual message and also a message of materialistic greed … where your life was never good enough until you lived a lavish materialistic lifestyle.  This seminar trained me to become like the donkey chasing the carrot … everything in my life was now a goal for bigger and better.  Looking back, it was around this time that I stopped enjoying and appreciating the simple things in life (because they weren’t good enough).

When I returned home from the seminar, there was Georgina Dolan and Paddy McCourt to greet me to their weekly support group in Dundalk.  I had started teaching my own Yoga classes and was drawing big numbers of people.  When Georgina and Paddy heard about this I received much attention and was made to feel very special compared to the other members of the group.  They tried to coerce me into introducing all my Yoga students to Tony Quinn.  Since you got paid £2000 for each person you referred to the seminars, I was told I was sitting on a potential gold mine by Paddy McCourt.  Of course Paddy and Georgina would also get paid if I sent My Yoga students out on Quinn’s seminars, since at that time the payments worked back twice … I would get paid and whoever sent me (Paddy & Georgina) would also get paid.  So once again the endless phone calls were made to me to bring my Yoga students along, which I didn’t do, but unfortunately I did bring along 4 members of my family who also ended up attending  the seminars (something which I now regret). Eventually there was a falling out with Georgina Dolan when it became clear to her that I was no longer interested in sending anymore people on these seminars. By that time a man called John Boyle had joined our group. He was a multi-millionaire and Georgina focused all her attention upon him instead … for reasons too obvious to mention.


Fast forward 11 years to 2013 and I was once again going through a difficult time in my life and having nowhere else to turn, I decided to go back out on a second Tony Quinn seminar to Monte Carlo this time, in the hope that this time I can make my life work better. I was told the seminars were all different now, but they weren’t at all.  I noticed the declining numbers on the seminar. Only 7 on this seminar paid for it out of their own pockets, the remainder were people sent by Quinn’s oil company, X-Jet people and people from Tony Quinn’s health shops.


Nicola T

Nicola Tallant from the Sunday World, tries to get some answers from Quinn.

They all got their way paid for by these companies.  Once again we were encouraged to chase the “good life”.  There were people taking photos of the billionaire yachts in the harbour and the Rolls Royce/Bentleys around Monte Carlo and these things were going to be included in their big goals.  We were encouraged to read our big goals to each other in practice sessions where we could programme our minds with this stuff.  Something I noticed, mainly from ALL of the people who worked in the Tony Quinn health shops, was that their big goal visualisations included being on a stage next to Tony Quinn as he thanked them for their part in helping to spread the Educo message around the world.  They didn’t seem to want anything for themselves, but only to live for Tony Quinn … I felt sorry for them.

The Magic in you

The Foolies as they are called see Quinn as a cross between Jesus and Merlin the Magician but unlike Judas he keeps the cash.

This time when I returned from Monte Carlo I was back at the “support group” in Dundalk with Paddy McCourt and a lady named Noreen Farrell from Dublin leading it this time.  Right from the first meeting I noticed that us returnees were treated like celebrities.  The focus this time was on encouraging others in the group (who had already been on seminars,) that they needed to attend another of these “new” seminars.  I was pestered every single week for a year  by  Noreen Farrell to attend Quinn’s Mind Masters seminar, which cost €35000.  She also pestered others in the group to do a repeat seminar.  One older lady called me aside once and asked me if I thought she should go back out again on another seminar. She said that she had a choice that week of either filling her oil tank or paying her rent because she couldn’t afford  both but that Noreen was constantly telling her not to worry about the money, the answer was to do another seminar … the money would just come. I told her to pay her rent or buy oil and ignore Noreen. So she told Noreen that she was speaking with me and decided not to bother going on another seminar.  When Noreen heard this she turned to me asking “just what have you been saying to her?”  She then put heavy pressure on this lady to do this seminar anyway.  Paddy McCourt was also seen to be encouraging another elderly lady to repeat the seminar (and she did repeat it despite having financial problems).  One man told him to back off and leave him alone or he would not be returning to the meetings.

It became clear to me that Noreen Farrell viewed Quinn as a second Messiah.  She would often say to the group that Tony was the only man on the planet who was fit for the job he was doing. She would put down other teachers out there who taught similar material. On one occasion she looking up to the ceiling (as if in prayer,) and said “Tony was born into the world for a high and lofty purpose, to save us.”  She then told us that her “big goal” was to save everyone on the planet through Educo.  She would often look around the group and pretend to see our spiritual auras. On one occasion she sat beside me privately and began foretelling my future (none of which happened of course).  I told her that I wanted to study counselling, nutrition and personal training so I could run my own classes in well being in the future.  She discouraged me from studying these subjects and later it became clear why … she did not want me or anyone else teaching anything as a competition to Tony Quinn.

Some advice this woman gave the group was as follows.  She had bought a Lexus jeep and was telling everyone in the group that if they used their mind right they too could have a new Lexus Jeep.  However, I noticed as I left the meeting that the Lexus jeep was over 10 years old (something which she forgot to say.)  She also said that in order to live the good life we had to expand our mindsets.  If we couldn’t afford a proper holiday then we should book a flight to New York or Paris, get off at the airport and have a return flight immediately scheduled.  Then we could tell our friends that we were in New York or Paris (excluding that it was just the airport). This would expand our minds.  One woman in the group was visualising a particular type of man she wanted for a relationship. She said she met this man but his eyes weren’t the colour she visualised. Noreen told her “well if his eyes aren’t the right colour then he’s not the right man” … and the lady broke it off with the guy.

I decided to sever my ties completely with this whole organisation after a series of events which told me I was involved with a cult.  Firstly, Noreen Farrell’s repeated attempts at trying to get me to go on the €35000 seminar, then one night Paddy McCourt went crazy on the group due to a poor turn out at one of their introductory nights.  Because we didn’t bring along lots of new potential victims, he told us that he was mingling with the wrong kind of people and that we were not the people for him because we refused to help him save the world. He told us that he might sever his ties with us and not come back to our meeting if we didn’t do our part to bring along new people for the seminars.  Noreen Farrell then said, “yes and I will support you Paddy; if any of you want to keep coming to the meetings, you’ll have to start bringing new people along”.   We were being manipulated through a guilt trip by these two.  Shortly after this my brother (who had already attended a seminar) joined the group.  He was already teaching his own classes so Noreen Farrell held a private meeting with him to persuade him that he needed another seminar, that by teaching others himself he was doing a great disservice  to the world and misleading people.  He needed to send people to Quinn instead.  On that same night the group was encouraged by Noreen Farrell (on the advice of Quinn,) to score how well they were doing with Quinn’s material, by using a traffic light system of scoring.  Green meant good, orange was you need improvement and red was you were doing badly with the material.  For the first time I sat back looking at this group of grown adult’s talking like this and thought to myself “what utter madness this is”.  I resolved to leave and after the meeting my brother told me how Noreen Farrell attempted to manipulate him in their private meeting … so we both left that night.  I later texted Noreen to say why I was leaving and she texted me back with a whole lot of madness about Quinn being the closest man on Earth to God and the only man on the planet who should be teaching this kind of material … and to think, this woman works as a psychotherapist!  I’ve had no further contact with Quinn’s cult after this.

Looking back at some of the madness which took place at the meetings Tony Quinn personally holds in Dublin, usually twice a year, now makes me feel like I’ve awakened from a 15 year sleep. When Quinn walks on stage the crowd starts waving up at him, cheering, whistling and clapping (which feels like an hour of clapping). It feels like Elvis has walked on stage.


He was even announced as Jedi Master Quinn on one occasion, since he claims to work with the Jedi’s “force.” I have witnessed him taking a large circle of people onto the stage and hypnotising them into shaking and jerking like they were having a fit everytime he laid his hands on them.  The shaking and jerking was said to be a sign of his spiritual energy uniting with theirs.  For a long time after this at Educo meetings, many people started jerking everytime they did a relaxation practice.  They thought this was a sign of spiritual evolution, so when Quinn announced from the stage one day that the shaking was a sign of the spiritual energy hitting of all the crap in you (his words), and the more you jerk, the more crap you have in you to be cleaned out (once again, his words) … it was strange, all the jerking stopped. Nobody has jerked during a relaxation practice since he said this … his very words must have cured them of their “crap”.

Another time at the Dublin meetings Quinn took a man called Dave O’Connor onto the stage. And when Quinn looked at Dave, he fell to the floor flopping about like a fish out of water.  Then he rose to sit down and be interviewed by Quinn as to what he was now experiencing after Quinn zapped him with his spiritual energy.  Dave looked like he was on LSD. He told us that he could see everyone’s auras and also discarnate spirits in the room, he even had a name for them, he called them the “white brotherhood”.  He told us that we were on a very low spiritual level and the only way out was through the Educo philosophy.

The manipulative tactics didn’t stop there. On one occasion Quinn told us that he received inspiration from God (all his ideas were divinely inspired by the way.) God gave him the idea on this particular day that all of us could become agents to sell his health food products. So this was our lucky day. We would be given an opportunity to sign up at the end of the meeting.  God even gave him a name for this little venture. It was called “Health Source Investments”.  Since the venture was ordained by God he told us that he would know by the end of the day what spiritual level we were all on, depending upon whether we signed up or not … I didn’t sign up.  Probably because I was anti-life or negative (2 of Quinn’s favourite labels for those who don’t toe the line or aren’t part of the Educo fold).  The venture flopped anyway so God must’ve been drunk on the day he gave him this piece of inspiration.

On another occasion at these Dublin meetings he had some advice for women who were hoping to find a relationship with the man of their dreams.  His advice was actually quite simple. He told them that no man’s attention is ever grasped by a woman who wears what looks like a curtain.  So for years afterwards at these meetings many women were seen to be strolling around wearing very little clothing … obviously to emulate Tony’s girlfriend Tara and now Eve.

I stopped going to his Dublin meetings when Josh Stewart from X-Jet became the latest shining light that we all had to model ourselves on.  He seemed to never be off the stage and we were all supposed to listen to his every word and act on it. I decided not to act on it when he said that if an employee of X-Jet refused to go on the Educo seminar as part of their “training”, then they would be fired because he only wanted people with the right mindset working for him.

So now I’m free of this cult after 15 years of involvement and yet I still find myself sometimes concerned that if something bad happens in my life it was because of my “negative” thoughts drawing it to me. I occasionally still catch myself labeling others as “negative” because they’ve said something out of line with Quinn’s way of life.  I find it hard to relax and stop chasing after the “big goal” like a greyhound on the racetrack, exhausting myself chasing after the mechanical rabbit. Since I devoted so much of my time, thought and energy over this past 15 years into trying to live the Educo lifestyle and cultivate the Educo mindset I now wonder, what do I do now?  I literally do feel like I’ve been asleep in this mindset all this time and now I have awakened only to realise that I have emerged from a mad dream.


You will find the most information on Quinn here as we hold the largest archive material on him worldwide.

7 Responses

  1. This is so disturbing to read and I thank you for giving.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How many lists of names have they accumulated over the years? Did they really think no one would gossip when told about the sneaky way Martin Forde accumulated names and unduly influenced people to work in the cult? I understand you are under influence Martin Forde but that was a sly underhanded act to take just to get the ones you targeted. Where are they stashed? Those lists should be burnt along with the photos Quinn relied on to do his sorcery!


  3. I heard there was theft from the shops too, from a few of them. I was wondering where O’Connor ended up. I remember him and his friends pulling up at Quinns Dublin meeting in a gawdy looking Limo (all for attention seekings sake of course). The whole of Quinns entourage aren’t to be trusted. They’re all programmed by him to be totally narcissistic, just like Quinn himself. I’m so glad I’ve broke free of them all. I’d probably be sick if I had to listen to any of there narcissistic lies anymore.

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  4. I have just reread this post.

    I remember the day Dave O’Connor was jerking around on the stage & saying all those crazy things.

    He is now selling seminars in London to Network marketers. He is very close to a women called Natalie who is the number 2 top seller in Forever Living in the UK. I thought about joining this company but when I saw his involvement I ran for the hills. They won’t believe anyone who tells them to stay away from that man. They think anyone who says anything is being negative & is not to be dealt with. He quotes Tony Quinn verbatim in his seminars about how to succeed in network marketing.

    This is a man who used to tell everyone to stay away from network marketing. I had a very bad experience at the hands of this guy so I wouldn’t be his biggest fan & for an Educoists out there who think I might have gone out with him, I certainly did not & would not. He is an exceedingly dishonest person & if I remember correctly there were accusations of theft from the shops.

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  5. Thanks for your comments. I agree with you. Educoists who in particular have been with Quinn for many years are indeed the most unenlightened people you will ever meet. They have a grab all user mindset. It’s been installed in them by Quinn. It doesn’t help matters when that is what he is all about himself. I now can’t bare being around those people anymore. They can’t do anything in life without quoting Quinn before doing it. Although they are victims of him too I suppose. Sorry to hear you were fleeced for that mind masters. Hope all works out for you too.


  6. Thank you for this piece on Educo. I understand exactly where you are coming from as I experienced exactly what you are describing.

    Unfortunately, I did go on the Mind Masters seminar which was one of the worst experiences of my life and the more I distance myself from this group the more I also realise that I was “asleep” for the time I was in this group. I can’t believe to this day that I allowed myself to be convinced to part with around £45000 for the mind masters as well as the £18,000 for the original seminar. Although I asked for a receipt both times I never saw one. What it has cost me in terms of finances, relationships, career is incalculable, however, I am now slowly building my life back and have been for the past few years.

    I agree with you I also did not see anyone or meet anyone in this group to be enlightened in fact if the truth be known the people I met within Educo would have to be some of the most unenlightened people I have ever met.

    I wish you well. I hope you find peace & a path that is right for you.


  7. Be warned and become aware of this scam of Tony Quinn


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