Catholic Bishops reject the equal right to life of the victims of the House of Prayer.

with Dr cassidy

Dialogue Ireland is publishing our final statement after a protracted attempt to seek a meeting with the bishops for them to address the pastoral and ethical issues relating to the ongoing needs of the up to 20,000 people affected by House of Prayer in Achill. The bishops have created a fiction that because they do not recognise the House of Prayer they have no responsibility to offer pastoral support for the victim families. Also they seem to believe that if they put their heads in the sand the abuses of power and milking of elderly Catholics will go away. They direct us to the Gardai when we ask them to do something about the House of Prayer. They hide behind canon law and say they can do nothing. Also a priest who was grievously abused by the bishops when he was a whistle blower around issues connected to Monsignor Ledwith was silenced, marginilised and pushed to one side.

You can find an extensive archive here:


ML 1979


GM Dean 1985

Now when he was at his weakest point he came under the undue influence of Christina Gallagher and now he gives the stamp of approval to this totally unchristian enterprise.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

Christina has houses and riches and no financial means to have accumulated these.  She lives a life of luxury and accumulation. She is regarded as a Catholic in good standing according to Archbishop Neary and Archbishop Martin of Armagh is totally happy to let Gerard McGinnity leave his diocese and support this corruption.

Martin with mother

Many families have poured out their hearts to these bishops and they are treated worse than dirt and many have now rejected Catholicism as having no heart. Though they hate with a passion what Christina aided and abetted by McGinnity has done to them, they have no words other than complete contempt for those who claim to be Christ’s representatives on earth. However, this situation is only possible as for whatever reason the Irish media has now other than with some minor exceptions refused to address this issue. In fact recently a correspondent of one of our main newspapers told me in no uncertain terms to basically get lost. These people are making a free choice to give their funds to the HofP. The Catholic collapse is nearly total but after accompanying these noble family members to meet bishops and Cardinal Brady to receive a complete rejection is just so hard to process. I feel that Ireland is going to have to take on this Catholic elite who believe they are not subject to anyone. I am wounded, knocked about and see the faces of our fellow human beings at the edge of Greece and here the faith that was renowned for taking up the poor, bringing education and health to the poor is now caught up in a battle to try to hold onto power even though they are holed under the water line. I would speak to anyone but now we must bring this leadership down by every means possible they have deserted Christ and have deserted their flock. They are not pursuing the common good and now have no social function in our democracy. They are not subject to a democratic mandate so the task of all people of faith and good will is to expose the works of darkness that still remain hidden.

AB Neary

Dear Gearóid,

Many thanks for your reply and if you do not mind I will reply to it and then give you my observations in regard to the cul de sac we have reached.

I will under my signature reference your mail which I have scanned and then reply to it.

1. Your request to address the Bishops’ Conference at its March 2016 general meeting was discussed by the Standing Committee at its recent meeting.

Yes after the debacle in December we can agree on this. However, it is clear that you still do not seem to have any idea of the purpose of my request to meet?

2. I refer you to my letter of 23rd October 2015.

You make this statement but what was it in your letter of October 23, that you wish to refer to? As the next sentence has no relevance to it, I will now put it in the text of your letter.

I write to let you know that the material which you sent was circulated to all members of the Irish Episcopal Conference.

At the September 2015 meeting of the Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Michael Neary of Tuam reported on the current situation regarding the ‘House of Prayer’ in Achill. It was noted that the Archbishop of Tuam has not granted permission for the celebration of the sacraments or reservation of the Blessed Sacrament at the “House of Prayer’ in Achill. All members of the Episcopal Conference have, therefore, been informed regarding the position of the Archdiocese of Tuam.

I already responded to this mail and for the life of me have difficulty in understanding how this is a reply to a request from me to have a meeting?

I have now for over 20 years been assisting the victims of the House of Prayer and have engaged with Cardinal Brady, Archbishop Neary and more recently Archbishop Martin. Why am I engaging with them? Because for years people who have been associated with the HofP have been seeking support from DI as one they can’t get anywhere with the HofP and now they find that the Catholic leadership refuses to hear their cries and just brutally rejects their requests for help. So why do I wish to talk to the bishops? Because members of the church are crying out for spiritual, pastoral and practical help from their leaders. Many are so tormented they are now definitely ex Catholics, or collapsed Catholics. Read what the Michael Neary says about the current situation and proceeds to give information which is nearly 20 years old. People are asking you to help and you do not even answer me but reply in such  in such an obtuse manner as to confuse things further.

  1. The bishops also point out that if you are. in possession of knowledge concerning actions of a criminal nature, this should be immediately reported to civil authorities so that it can be investigated appropriately. 

Again this comes after a reference to looking back to a letter which has no relevance to my request, and suggests I go to civil authorities when I am trying to get you you to respond to issues which are not in the power for the civil authorities to address. I believe that your continued prevarication indicates negligence which in your case will be pronounced upon in another forum. Clearly, you have taken a casuistic position of claiming you have no canonical jurisdiction over the House of Prayer or the fact that you  believe that Fr McGinnity is free to visit Achill when ever he likes. We believe up to 20,000 people are affected by this organisation and you will do nothing to assist those who contact us. Do you not understand undue influence using religion to manipulate people? Do you not understand loss of communication between families? Do you not understand elder abuse? I would have thought there is a lot of pastoral strategies that could be looked at?

  1. The Standing Committee did not decide to invite you to address the March 2016 general meeting. 

I am assuming what you said was the opposite of what you meant to say? Namely, they did make a decision and they said no?

This comment was left on our blog and the person is so distressed that they think we are the HofP: Get a sense of the pain you are refusing to help address.

It is not very grammatical but it goes to the heart of what we are trying to do and what the bishops are refusing to face.



This has also happen my mother.. She refuses to be a mother and grand parent and also has my dad brain wash. Christina Gallagher ruined my child Hood as i was constandly stuck in doors praying cause the world was going to end!! Now i dont have a mother over the heads off her she talks complete mental stuff and when i called Achill a CULT she told me i was going to die a painful DEATH. I want this woman to stop wrecking families!!

“House of Prayer turned our mum into a fanatic 2016/02/24

(This was the post she replied to.)


If its anything too do with anyone from the House off Prayer wanting to talk too me i dont want to hear.. Cause no matter what yous say and how you try to back Christina Gallagher up it will never make up for how much my child hood and adult hood got wrecked over you lot. Thought the world was ending?? Christina Gallagher said the world was ending quite a few times and here we all are still waiting. My mother is brain washed she thinks lives breaths Christina Gallagher and cant see what she put me and my siblings through. Why does Christina Gallagher not come out show us her wounds?? Pictures no good as you can get professionals to draw wounds.

And also i dont know what its like to have a mother or also a father now.. As he does everything hes told by her. I will never know what a normol family is cause yous ones stole that a long time ago. And for catholic priest how can we trust any off them when not all but most off them are comnitting deadly sins theirselfs. I do believe in God and God does not ask for money his followers dont need seruity Guards and flashy cars and big houses. I suppose shes on holiday somewhere and your doing her dirty work for her

I am now having to say this is likely the end of the road but we are always open to dialogue, but it seems after our marathon we can only point to a closed door. I will be publishing this as a post to inform the public that you clearly have no interest to assist the victims of this abuse and you have closed the door on the victims that have come to you.

— Regards MIKE GARDE MA DIRECTOR DIALOGUE IRELAND TRUST Phone: 353 -1- 8309384 or mobile 353 – 87 2396229 Skype: mikergarde 7/8 Lr Abbey St; Dublin 1 Web site Blog site Registered Charity Number: 20045111 IRELAND and IRISH representative on the General Assembly of the European Federation of Centres for Research and Information on Sects & Cults (FECRIS). *********************************************** Warning : The information contained in this message may be privileged and confidential and protected from disclosure. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by replying to this message and then delete it from your computer. ********************************************

From The Secretaries of The Irish Episcopal Conference

The Most Reverend Kieran O’Reilly S.M.A., D.D., Episcopal Secretary, Archbishop’s House, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Tel: 0504 – 21512 Fax: 0504 – 22680

Monsignor Gearéid Dullea D.D., Executive Secretary, Irish Bishops’ Conference Secretariat, Columba Centre, Maynooth, Co. Kildare.

Tel: 01-505 3020 Fax: 01-629 2360 E-mail:

24th February 2016

Mr Mike Garde,


Dialogue Ireland Trust,

7/8 Lower Abbey Street,

Dublin 1.

Dear Mr Garde,

Your request to address the Bishops’ Conference at its March 2016 general meeting

was discussed by the Standing Committee at its recent meeting.

I refer you to my letter of 23rd October 2015. The bishops also point out that if you are.

in possession of knowledge concerning actions of a criminal nature, this should be

immediately reported to civil authorities so that it can be investigated appropriately.

The Standing Committee did not decide to invite you to address the March 2016

general meeting.

With all good wishes, I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Monsignor Gearoid Dullea,

Executive Secretary



Episcopal Conference response 16

6 Responses

  1. Tom it is our intention to publish your two comments and add as a post as we believe it deserves greater exposure. Its use of clear logic is most welcome and it shows that the bishops are in deep moral quicksand. We can only surmise that they are protecting the Cardinal Brady and that the Papal Nuncio is also party to the cover up of this most sordid tale.


  2. The odd triple silence regarding the ongoing and mega-lucrative Gallagher Racket, from both [a] Bishops as well as from [b] *traditionalist/conservative* and [c] *liberal/reformist* voices, many so vocal – or even at times strident – and on so many topics, raises a question – WHY ? Could it possibly be that the image successfully cultivated by this Racket, also the key to fooling so many victims, and for so long, the image of being *intensely-devout, traditional, and completely obedient Catholics*, and of also serving such people, had led to [a] and [b] being deeply reluctant to deal with a falsely-perceived ally, while it is precisely that perception which also leads [c] to dismiss and ignore both the victims and culprits, as *not really one of us* – as *far too Pre-Conciliar* and not *modern* and *progressive* ? Could the Bishops, even sub-consciously, be spontaneously following the dictum – was it of US Pres LBJ ? – *They may indeed be right ****, but at least they are OUR **** * ? From: Tom Carew, Dublin City.


  3. The written text from Mgr Dullea on behalf of the Bishops, is very odd – the moral as well as legal responsibility of every Bishop, like that of either any employer, or any professional body, is not to completely wash their hands of it and simply pass the parcel to the Gardai when grave suspicions have been raised, but to supervise those under their mantle – a serious complaint against a medical doctor is not dismissed as purely a matter for a Garda Criminal Investigation but duly investigated and heard by the Medical Council, and if upheld, the culprit may even be struck off. And any reputable employer will thoroughly investigate a charge of Grave Mis-Conduct [ even if Off-Duty but liable to bring the firm into disrepute or danger ] against any employee – and if upheld, dismiss or otherwise discipline them. The Standard of Proof in any such procedures is also the *Balance of Probabilities* and not the extremely difficult Criminal Standard of *Proof Beyond any Reasonable Doubt*. The Bishops non-response is a repeat of their inaction in the face of Child-Rape by THEIR own Clergy. Have they learnt nothing at all ? Or do they really care ? The Gallagher Racket is not some random *faith-healer* or new-age charlatan, but its lucrative turnover depends entirely on its FALSE but well-marketed image as *authentically and indeed devoutly Catholic*. And crucial to that false public image is her public and ongoing association with a PP from a different Archdiocese. No doubt he himself is naive and misled but objectively he is aiding that well-exposed racket. And that [a] he is both permitted by his current and former Abp to do so, plus [b] the continuing refusal of the local Abp to do more than withdraw recognition, makes those Abps objectively complicit in the racket – by their ongoing Sins of Omission – and personally responsible for the many victims of this racket.


  4. Sean yes a code of omerta reigns. Also there is not one Catholic priest, from the left, centre or the right willing to stand up and be counted. The fourth estate has now got the mark of the beast on its forehead, it will not hear the cry of the affected.


  5. Hi Mike,
    it seems to be deja vu regarding once again the same House of Prayer. You don’t need a degree in theology or to be a Doctor of Divinity to witness and be aware of the untold damage this institution has done over the years. Truly, the pastors of the flock have, like Pilate, washed their hands off the matter and their stance seems to be that if we ignore it, the matter will go away. Problems don’t go away and they have to be addressed upfront. I truly believe that The Irish Bishops are firmly out of touch and it begs the question: What will it take to get their attention?

    Standing silent while the Achill HOP spews out its misguided and erroneous messages is tantamount to giving CG free access to every pulpit throughout this once holy land and saying: “Friends, Romans, countrymen and catholics who no longer feel fulfilled in the personal and parish experience, open your purses and wallets and purchase my wares and buy your way into heaven! Come to the water! Drink your fill!”

    The Irish Bishops will do well to remember one thing and it is this: In the quiet and silent moment when we cross the eternal threshold and stand before the judgement seat of God, we will all have to give an account of ourselves and our actions. When I think of the silence and inaction relating to the House Of Prayer, I would dread the thought of acknowledging that I too was a silent shepherd when the flock so desperately needed good counsel. Yes, woe to them that abandon the flock in their hour of need!


  6. Bishops lack any compassion for victims and their families ?


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