Lessons from the Spotlight movie for the House of Prayer.

The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.

The true significance of this story is that when you are inbedded in a community you fail to see what is happening and you relativise what is going on. This was not about Cardinal Law or the abusive priests but rather the systematic structural corruption of the Catholic Church. Here it is sexual abuse and I got a grave awareness of this issue in working with the victims of the Legionaries of Christ.

It gives me strength to deal with the systematic failure of the Catholic Church in this country in addressing the ongoing abuse of the honest Catholics who have handed over their souls and their money to the House of Prayer. Also in this regard the media except for some exceptions like Jim Gallagher they have allowed this story to go unattended. As we and victims try to find answers this movie gives us strength knowing that sustained work and also the total rejection by those who could assist us will at some stage end.

Is there a higher incidence of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church than in the general public?

No. In researching the Spotlight true story, we discovered that as of 2002, the incidence of pedophilia in the Catholic Church was around 6%, which is in line with the general population (this percentage is also stated in the movie). This means that despite what some have come to believe, there is no disproportionate separation between priests and civilians when it comes to this terrible crime. The efforts by some members of the church to cover up the abuse is what makes it perhaps significantly more tragic. –The O’Reilly Factor Phil Saviano Interview

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  1. Spotlight showed how the fourth estate when determined, can get real results and effect change. You are so right Mike. Lukas was not at the station and must have missed his train of thought. He needs to collect his thoughts and catch another train?


  2. Lukas are you drinking? You are incoherent.


  3. meanz him has that there aint anybody home look in is eyez


  4. This seems like a very interesting film. There are many similarities between the Irish Catholic Church hierarchy and the Boston Archdiocese in covering up sexual abuse and having a complete lack of regard for the lifelong suffering of victims. Hopefully I will be able to see this film.
    I don’t understand the above comment. What does it mean lUkas?

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  5. One who recieved you recently said….M.garde….??? its like this…the lights are flashing….the barriers are going up and down…BUT….”there aint any train coming”


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