Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri resigns from Muslim Brotherhood HQ


Shaykh Umar Al Quadri

DI first became aware of Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri in around 2006 when he joined the Council of Imans. This council was established to minimise the influence of Shaheed Satardien who had worked in the Mosques at Clonskeagh and the South Circular Road. He had also established a Council, “The Supreme Muslim Council of Ireland.”

This Supreme Muslim Council of Ireland was in reality a very weak grouping but as Shaheed could articulate the issues clearly the Imam council was reactive and in practice was in reality a cover for the Clonskeagh mosque. It has no real agenda and it feeds the lie that Clonskeagh speaks on behalf of all Muslims in Ireland.

FG at Mosque

He as an Arabic speaker was party to the activities and plans of those running these mosques. He began to to speak out and was the main critic of what he saw was not just a Muslim Brotherhood front but a clear platform to extend an Islamist agenda of Sharia law in Ireland.

This was to be achieved not by jihadist attacks but due to their numbers being quite small they wished to influence the GOI and then from this gain concessions from Irish society. They managed to sell themselves as the spokespersons for Islam even though the only Muslims they represented were a narrow coterie of mainly Arab Muslims with a strong Libyan tendency. In Ireland the Libyan Muslims though the most established were the most radical as they came from a society where all dissent was wiped out. Though we had briefed both Minister’s McDowell and Lenihan there was no obvious action taken by the State.

In West Dublin there was a bit of rivalry between Satardien and Al-Qadri for the moderate role. However, in 2007 there was a major conference in Brussels to discuss the issue of Islamism and the need to include it in the whole field of cultism. In fact at that time in Europe and there is still tendency to treat Islamism as a security issue. This then leaves the intellectual analysis to the people whose job it is to actually investigate the issues. This leads to a loss of focus and no proper means to understand the processes which impact those in their midst. I will write up an analysis of the Belgium situation in due course. Needless to say Belgium cult experts cancelled my participation in a cult consultation and instead I took the opportunity to visit the Commission and the Justice Section where my views were readily welcomed and in October of 2007 a delegation was invited to participate in a conference on the radicalisation of youth. Satardien it was hoped would be a leader in this work throughout Europe. He obviously though was no longer a source for what was going on in the Arabic speaking mosques due to his public stance. However, we were building a greater European platform and we already knew the what we were dealing with in the mosques. However, early in 2008 we discovered that Satardien was compromised in regard to his involvement with the Moonies and Scientology. This involved his attempt to obtain a doctorate here in Ireland. He was already calling himself Dr which was related to his work as Naturopath. He has not been seen for years but a recent look at his CV suggests another doctorate has emerged? Recent reports suggest he has returned to South Africa. Al-Qadri was naturally drawn to Satardien but he began to note a tendency to exaggerate, to make claims which were totally unwarranted. He had become the darling of the Irish media and at first his narrative made clear sense. However, gradually the bubble burst and though his analysis of what was happening was totally accurate he gradually became involved with promoting himself and lost all connection with reality.

From the Wikileaks material from 2006 it is clear that Al-Qadri was opposed to developments in Clonskeagh.


RTÉ – This Week

Retirement of Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri
24 January 2016
Shaykh Umar Al- Qadri joined us in studio to discuss his resignation from the Irish council of Imams and his concerns about extremism.

Here his unequivocal position here:

It is interesting to note how closely Al-Quadri was questioned but I am not aware of a single interview where Ali Selim is questioned in a similar way. He is treated in the same way say a religious leader is interviewed with deference.

We will be trying to catch up with Al-Qadri to understand what positions he holds now. In looking at his resignation correspondence what is very concerning is that Ismael Kotwal formerly of the Black Pitts, Mosque and has broken with the Bari family and moved to Cork Street but seems to be involved with the Imam Council.

However, in the 2006 Prime time documentary he expresses support for Osama Bin Laden. His involvement confirms our position that the Irish State needs to clarify its relationship with Clonskeagh. We will have to see if Al-Qadri’s peace position is absolute or only part of his own campaign here in Ireland. Does he have similar views about Syria, Israel and the Islamist takeover of Turkey?


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