How equipped are we as a nation to combat the threat from Islamic terrorism?


Broadcast on: January 19th, 2016

PARTICIPANTS: Ed Burke, Anthony Gleese and John Mooney.

Ed Burke was quite critical of the manner in which security is being addressed in Ireland. He spoke about “Ireland being under resourced and also under prepared.”

In fact he was of the opinion Ireland was the weakest link in Europe.

Dave McInerney representing the community and integration elements in the Gardai felt their methodology of liaising with the mosques was the best one. They found that the mosques reported extremists to them and they handed them over to the security branch.

DI had been briefed by Shaheed Satardien a South African Muslin in 2005 about the activities in the mosques.

Here is the archive from that period:

As he was Arabic speaking he was able to give us a fairly good understanding of the activities and goals of the mosques at that time.  This information was made available to Michael McDowell and to Brian Lenihan later. Though at that time the many of the mosques were funded by the Maktoum’s of Dubai it was clear that they were directly under the influence of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB.) In fact they were the HQ for the MB in Europe. Their methodology was similar to that of the Men of the IRB in 1916 which infiltrated democratic organisations to further their goals. In Ireland the goal of the MB is to not to have Muslims from various nations integrate but rather to create multicultural ghettos with separate schools and a Muslim way of life. Ali Selim the spokesperson for the Clonskeagh mosque clearly stated on a radio programme in 2006 the desire to set up a Sharia sub culture in Ireland. So they will publically attack those that want to use direct force to achieve their goals and will seek concessions as a reward to be treated as a distinct group. Now we must not confuse their aims with the general Muslim population which is unaware of these goals. In fact the majority of Muslims who attend Clonskeagh would be unaware of the majority of the content of the sermons an d prayers as they are not Arabic speaking. Since that time the Maktoums and every Emerite other than Qatar has moved against the MB seeing them as a threat to their states. In the meantime the MB took power in Egypt and it is likely that the Clonskeagh mosque and others were funded directly from Egypt.

Morsi’s Islamist agenda with its support for Hamas which is in the peculiar position of being the Palestinian branch of the MB, but at the same time in league with Iran to import the missiles it fires into Israel. It also supports the Syrian dictatorship along with Russia, Hezbollah in the Lebanon against the mainly Sunni Muslims who rose up against the dictatorship. In other words Islamists can even overcome the divisions of Shia and Sunni not to mention the unbelieving Baathist’s in Syria. We can see how the younger Hallawa was caught in the crossfire of the transition from being a member of the MB establishment to find himself in the terrorist category in defending Morsi when Sisi took over. Sisi is not like Mubarak just a strong man he happens to be a strong Muslim who is trying to remove the cancer of the MB from Egypt. We can see that that the Arab Spring has forced us to see the consequences of removing Dictators so we have to remember what it is like to live in these states for ordinary people.

So in Ireland the questions I would like to see answered are?

Do the Gardai and our Foreign Missions have Arabic and Urdu speakers in their ranks or available to them in regard to their work?

Why as I mentioned a few weeks ago do the media and the Government treat Clonskeagh as the Vatican of Irish Muslims? Why if we have the knowledge we have do the government continue the practice of the Fianna Fail Government of treating Clonskeagh as the official representatives of Islam?

FG at Mosque

Note the Minister for Justice is standing next to the treasurer of the MB for Europe Dr. Nooh Al-Kaddo a senior member of the mosque.

Also why is the security of the state filtered through these representatives?

I already published this article nearly 6 years ago and repeated it again when Ali Selim categorically claimed there were no radicalised persons in Ireland.

This article was written by a native of Saudi Arabia.

The person I have been observing for some time and one gets the feeling he might hold the key to achieving clarity in the whole area of Islamism here in Ireland is Sam Najjair.


He is a good friend of Bazil Ashmawy , commonly known as Baz Ashmawy who had two programmes on RTE 2 before Christmas around his relationship to Islam.

In this programme he is insistent that there is “No justification for any Irish person to get involved in Syria.” He should know he has extensive experience of fighting in both Libya and Syria. He is clearly distinguishing between campaign of against a dictator and one which involves the transformation of the mind to the point that the person is totally under undue influence and thought reform. Listen to him speak and say Ali Selim. He is clear and is not bound by an ideological thought form. He sees Daesh as an enemy of the Libyan and Syrian people and by extension the Irish people. So he is not motivated by Islamism but by humanitarianism and his Muslim faith.

Issues that this programme raises are:

  1. Do we require a Defence Policy? No real Defence policy exists and recent discussion on the subject is really muted. We also require a security committee involving the Department of the Taoiseach, Justice and Defence and experts in cult studies, psychology and security as too often the processes involved in the radicalisation of persons are misunderstood. Most media commentary involves security experts and even the leading commentator on this area of the world Robert Fisk agrees we are dealing with a cult.





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