Palmarians on Liveline Day 2: Joe Duffy explores further and gets deeper insights from the public.


RTÉ – Liveline
Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day.


Palmarian Church

01 December 2015
The isolated lifestyle of the Palmarian Church members generated many calls to Liveline from family members who have been unable to make contact with siblings and other relatives. Hilda, Philly, Rachel, Teresa Mary Elizabeth and Michael told Joe about their interaction with the group.


Palmarian 2a

See our comprehensive coverage of the Palmarians here:


Today we moved away from the specific case of Bridget  Crosbie to the general situation of people giving further insights into the Palmarians. This was kicked off by Hilda who was able to describe the way the dress code is used to control the member. There is the heartache of the family member not being able to communicate with their loved one.

Hilda told us how one day she came across her brother by accident in Sandymount and tried to talk to him. He just turned his back and walked off.

It is very important to report this to relevant agencies and these two posts can assist family members in their efforts to assist.

It is not clear if the House in Clontarf has been sold and some described the close intimacies of growing up in the Church.



There is still a bit of a confusion as to what to call this group. Generally we use the term cult or sect to describe what is not clear to us and what appears to be bad religion. In Dialogue Ireland we would describe it first as a Church. It is making a bold claim that it is the Church founded by Christ. Secondly it regards the Roman Catholic Church as a sect hence it wants nothing to do with them and keeps its members away from them. Even though it is relatively small its shape is closer to a Church than a sect, but but it is clear that it has been struggling for over a decade to  maintain its hold on its members and so it is introducing these rules as a means of control.

We see the issue not so much about calling them a cult but recognising the cultist tendencies and the total loss of sovereignty of their members. We describe this as cultism:

During Liveline today a priest was mentioned who was a pioneer in regard to the whole issue of cults. His name was Louis Hughes and at that time he was in Drogheda. He is has retired to Newbridge. He was for a time the Chair of Dialogue Ireland and assisted many people over the period of thirty years with their experience of cultism.


For those who wish to gain a better understanding of this Church we would recommend reading the studies of Dr Magnus Lundberg from the Department of Theology in Uppsala, Sweden.

Haddon Rd Sign

View from the seaView from Haddon Road

Yellow Door

6 Responses

  1. Contact Mike Garde at and he has permission to release my email address to you.


  2. Do you have an email address I can contact you through?


  3. Please contact me “anonymous of Dec 2”, I would like to hear from you and if you know anything about my relatives.


  4. We would delighted to publish this and any appropriate pics you have. For some reason Liveline has not engaged with us. I will be publishing interesting info on Palmarian issues going back over 20 years.


  5. Firstly I really appreciate the work Dialogue Ireland has undertaken to report on the activities on not only the Palmarian Church but other such movements.

    I’m interested in sharing a testimony of my experience as a Palmarian particularly covering the years 2012 to early 2015. Very little has been wrote about the recent shifts that took place in this secretive movement that has bought grief to myself and countless others. Particularly younger age groups.

    If Dialogue Ireland is interested in reading my testimony please reply to this comment.


  6. Joe Duffy has sensitively allowed a range of distressed relatives of persons who became ensnared in the Palmarians to have their say. These people come from different social backgrounds and have had different educational opportunities. Their stories indicate that the Palmarian cult has trapped people of average and sometimes above-average reasoning ability. I would suggest that worried friends and relatives of Palmarian adherents group themselves into a national ad-hoc coalition in order to discuss and take actions that might rectify the situation. They might, as a group, make approaches to bishops and other religious leaders and teachers. Have they ever thought of seeking meetings with theology academics in the Pontifical University at Maynooth, to ask them to undertake a vigorous and continuing campaign to alert and advise the general public? It seems from remarks made in the Joe Duffy broadcast that anxious relatives have not received adequate pastoral comfort and advice from the hierarchical church. Only a few journalists have raised their voices against the dangers posed by cults of this kind.


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