A Memoir by Maria Hall – Ex-Palmarian nun

Maria HallREPARATION: A Spiritual Journey

A Memoir by Maria Hall – Ex-nun

Title: ‘Reparation’
A spiritual journey into one of the world’s most secretive and controversial religious orders.

Maria Hall was born into an Irish Catholic family in Auckland, New Zealand. After leaving school she completed a Bachelor of Music at Auckland University and a Diploma of Teaching at Auckland College of Education, before studying Theology and Scripture at Chanel Institute (Auckland) and Yarra Theological College (Melbourne, Australia). Her decision to enter the convent took her around the world. She now lives on Auckland’s North Shore with her partner, Nicholas.
Maria’s memoir ‘REPARATION, a spiritual journey’ is available as an eBook and paperback through Amazon. Her author page on Amazon can be accessed at www.amazon.com/author/maria_hall

Maria in her favourite chair
As a free-spirited university student, Maria’s life stretched before her like a wonderful adventure. It was New Zealand in the mid-seventies and Maria wanted to make music, serve the Lord and spread her wings far beyond the safe familiarity of her homeland.
Then, the unthinkable happened: a callous act resulting in an impossible choice that shaped the rest of her life. Heartbroken and in need of a miracle, Maria sought absolution as a Carmelite nun in the dark, silent cloisters of the Palmarian Catholic Church, one of the world’s most secretive and controversial religious orders.
This is the true story of one woman’s journey from the sweeping coastlines of New Zealand to the barren plains of Southern Spain, from youthful hope to deep despair, and from sin to reparation.


• Dr Magnus Lundberg, Assoc. Prof. Dept. of Theology, Uppsala University, Sweden says, ‘It is very interesting to read how life can turn out with or without our active choices … I was deeply moved by Maria’s memoir.’

• Cate Hogan, Author, and Editor of 500+ books says, ‘I knew little about the Palmarian Catholic Church prior to reading this work, and found the insight into this secret world fascinating. But what kept me engaged was the raw honesty of the writer. The picture she paints of her small, religious family in 1970s New Zealand is both entertaining and intriguing. Some things happened ‘to her’, other choices she made herself—only to be left to deal with lifelong consequences. This is indeed a story of reparation, and I finished it feeling that I had a deeper understanding of the human heart, which is what I look for in a good memoir.’

• Thomas Ryan award winning author of The Field of Blackbirds and The Mark of Halam says, ‘Engrossing, enthralling and always entertaining…this superbly crafted story of Maria Hall’s true life journey is memoir writing at its best!’

Contact Details:
Website: www.mariahallwriter.com
Email: maria.hall@vodafone.co.nz

Postal Address: PO Box 34-332, Birkenhead, Auckland 0746, New Zealand

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