Death of elderly Palmarian raises issues in regard to undue influence over vulnerable elderly victims

An article by Ruaidhri Giblin in the Mail On Sunday November 22.11.15

In 2011 there was a documentary produced on the Palmarians which gives a flavour of the issues concerned. We have for over a decade received reports of parents refusing to see their children unless they subscribed to a particular dress code. Now that very elderly cohort of vulnerable adults have lost all contact with their children and siblings. Some have sold their properties and the family do not know where the cash has gone. Some have moved to Germany and yet others move in with another elderly person. They have lost all contact with the  outside world as this poignant article describes. This isolation is not not the normal process of ageing where a person retreats, but based on the mind control patterns internalised over decades.

A religious picture in the window of the house in Faythe, Co Wexford where the body of the elderly woman was found

Wexford death1

Wexford death


Palmarian House in Haddon Road, Clontarf which was up for sale.

Full text of the article:

A‘gentle soul’ in her 80’s lying dead in her town centre home ‘for months.’ Grim discovery by gardai in the Faythe area of Wexfoxd deemed not suspicious By Ruadhri Giblin, Irish Mail on Sunday

AN ELDERLY woman found dead at her home in Wexford on Friday lay undiscovered for a number of months, it is believed. The body of the woman named Bridget Crosbie and believed to be in her eighties, was found by the gardaí in her home in The Faythe an area in Wexford town centre shortly after 9:30 PM on Friday night. They were asked to check on the house by members of the woman’s family, RTE reported last night. Her body was transferred to the Waterford University Hospital where a postmortem is due to be carried out this week.
Gardai are not treating her death as suspicious and the result of her postmortem will
determine the course of the investigation into her death. Ms Crosbie, who was originally from the New Ross area. She had not been seen for a couple of months. The state of decomposition had led investigators to believe that her body may have lain undetected for some time, perhaps as long as a couple of months, according to sources. Wexford locals told the Irish Mail on Sunday last night that Ms Crosbie was a member of the Spanish sect that broke away from the Catholic Church in the late 70’s and had declared a series of its own ‘popes.’ A number of local sources said she was a member of the “Palmarian Catholic Church,” and lived a reclusive life. The schismatic sect has a strict dress code and observant Palmarians are to mix with people not adhering to their dress code and are not allowed the functions of other churches. People Before Profit Councillor Deirdre Wadding said Ms Crosbie was a ‘gentle soul’ who was a familiar face around Wexford Town. Wexford Mayor and local Independent Councillor Gus McCarthy said the news was ‘devastating’ and extended his sympathies to her family and friends from all the people in the town. Mr McCarthy said it may be a sign of the way is going but ‘you can’t blame society if a person wants to live a reclusive lifestyle. Mr McCarthy said it was the second time an incident such as this had happened in Wexford. In March 2012, the body of Alan Moore 62 originally from Britain was found on Lower John Street in the town. A passer by alerted the gardai when he noticed that the house was still draped in Christmas decorations. His body was found on the floor in his home in an advanced state of decomposition. Wexford Fianna Faíl Councillor Fergie Kehoe said he knew Ms Crosbie to see and they would often chat. He said, “Even though I spoke to her I never knew her name. She was a very nice woman, very religious in her own way. Cllr. Kehoe said she kept candles and other religious items in her window at all times and was a member of the Palmarian Catholic Church. “It is very, very sad for her and her family. It is very sad for anyone to die in these circumstances, Mr Kehoe said.” “She will be missed from the community. Everyone would have seen her walking from the shops.”

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