Undue influence the common feature between the House of Prayer, Paris attacks by Daesh and the IRA campaign of forty years ago

Disclaimer: Here we are trying to alert the public to the similar processes that occur to the Daesh commandos in Paris, or the IRA volunteers of 40 years ago or the undue influence exercised over vulnerable adults at a place like the House of Prayer. Also think about what happened in Jonestown when there was a mass killing of hundreds of children, women and men in that order. We are not comparing the groups but the processes going on.


"Here's a fetching 1998 photograph of Adams and McGuinness celebrating Hugh Doherty of the Balcombe Street gang, who helped kill at least 35 in mid-1970s London."

After the Balcombe Street Siege

Here is the Pat Kenny Newstalk interview with the Robert Fisk.

Robert Fisk




Start listening after the news.
Robert goes into the Algerian background which has no relevance to the events of last week. Also he realises after a few minutes that we are not dealing with people connected to Algeria. What we are dealing with are young people who have lost their minds to a very clear instance of undue influence. They are from Brussels but are of Moroccan descent. He claims the press have not made the Algerian connection clear, for the obvious reason there is none. The press has been giving the background that these people are not involved due to social deprivation and one of the leaders went to a very expensive school. His analysis is just wrong. He can’t really get a handle on it so he uses the c word and calls it a cult. He has been using the term cult for over a year now. Journalists have been using the c word a lot but have not clarified what they mean by it.



Bullet holes and smashed windows in restaurants and buildings on Rue De La Folie-Mèricourt, Paris

The Daesh Cult



However, he does not understand what a cult is or does.
The point being missed is the similarity in the processes which go into being involved with the IRA or Daesh. I would say say a more benign group like the House of Prayer in Mayo use exactly the same processes to take over the mind of the mainly elderly. I use exactly this analogy when I speak about cults in schools. The volunteer, O’Brien who went from Gorey and was delivering the bomb that went off on the bus in the Strand is not different in the process going on in Paris. The Balcombe Street gang who shot into restaurants. The Guildford and Birmingham bombers are under the same unique form of undue influence. https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/about/cultism/

Just like we see in Copenhagen, Paris and other locations our IRA guys were doing the same thing 40 years ago. There were differences of course. The IRA volunteer hoped for a long career, 70 virgins on earth and a United Ireland. He also hoped to do what he was doing over and over again. The Islamists as distinct from Muslims who would not consider such a strategy links his action to a theological and ultimate belief that his heroic action will end up in Paradise with 71 virgins. So not only is his military campaign limited to one engagement it also does not distinguish between military and civilian targets. By his nature he gives no warning. The IRA had a spectrum of responses. They distinguished between military and civilian targets. Others gave no warnings. Hyde Park, Lord Mountbatten, Warrenpoint, La Mon, Oxford Street Bus Station. Canary wharf, Osnabruck etc. Some warnings were given and on other days it was no different to the Islamists. When the 7/7 bomber failed in the tube he did his evil business on a bus, the Canary wharf bomber had no intention of blowing himself up in the bus at the Strand. The House of Prayer is of course not going to kill people but when under undue influence the processes are exactly the same. In the case of Daesh we have Islam as the facade, the House of Prayer we have a distorted Catholicism, and in the case of of the IRA it is crypto Catholic Nationalism masked as Republicanism.

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  1. I have never seen anybody being employed by the Catholic Church to stand at the entrance of their churches to filter out people and decide who can or can’t enter.
    That is the first obvious physical sign that the House of Prayer Ltd is not Catholic.
    And that is why Pat Coleman is standing there. Because you can be as Catholic as you want, but if he decides you’re not going in, he will tell you that you are on private property and he will call the guards if you don’t leave.
    That is why Christina Gallagher needs bully boys like him.
    Another interesting thing, and in my opinion, which is just as sinister, is that children are forced apart of their parents once they are inside, regardless of how upset the children get, or indeed the parents.
    Of course, we have known for years the lies and toxic poison preached there, what else would you expect?
    What else would you expect when the place is not Catholic.
    No wonder then people like Pat Coleman would be drawn to such a place, put in charge, and left to say, and do mad stuff to people as he pleases.



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