Examples of letters sent to Archbishop Eamon Martin concerning the House of Prayer

Here we present two testimonies by people affected by the House of Prayer who are appealing to the Archbishop of Armagh to act in regard to the House of Prayer.

Eamon Martin

Both have been edited for confidentiality purposes. One is by Mick Power, the other from an anonymous person who has had serious problems due to the House of Prayer.


Covering note sent the next day to Archbishop Martin.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Michael Power
Date: Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 11:31 AM
Subject: HOP Achill
To: admin@aracoeli.com

Dear Archbishop Martin,

I hope you will read this letter carefully and absorb its contents as this may well reflect the last hope that we as “Victims” have of seeking a final resolution to this horrific scenario which is called the HofP. I would prefer it be called the House of Fear as so many of us have lost contact with our loved ones and where parents have lost contact with their children and vice versa. This whole scenario must surely speak for itself !!

Can I just say that I have never met this extraordinary man Mike Garde in the flesh but he has been a huge source of solace to all of us who are victims in this horrific travesty that which is the “House of Prayer” on Achill Island. He has kept us together when we threw our hands in despair and wept at the response of the Catholic Church to our pleas for intervention and the hope of becoming united with our loved ones once again.

On a sterner note there is no love or charity preached in this place only filth and self aggrandisement and which has no place in the Gospel of Jesus Christ..

Jesus and his blessed mother are portrayed as these menacing figures who are constantly threatening us pilgrims and our families with hell fire and damnation if we do not heed the words of Christina Gallagher and what is much worse is backed up and supported by her right hand man who is Fr.McGinnity.

Heresy? Blasphemy?

I think that there can be no doubt in this scenario?

I leave this in your hands Archbishop and can only hope that the tragedy of what has happened in so many peoples lives can soon be brought back to reconciliation and once more able to live the true Gospel which is of course the Good News that is of Jesus Christ.

With that I wish you all of Gods Blessings….

Mick Power

Paula and MickMick and his wife Paula were deeply involved with the House of Prayer. Now after Paula’s serious brush with cancer they are trying help those affected.

Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 12:46 AM
Dear Archbishop Martin,

My name is Mick Power and I come from Dungarvan Co. Waterford. I am 44 yrs of age and married to my beloved wife Paula for the past twenty years. I come from a deeply rooted Catholic background. My Uncle Michael who is recently deceased is Fr. Michael Hurley SJ who is best known as the Father of “Ecumenism” here in Ireland. My aunt Mary known in the religious life as Mother Imelda was the Abbess of St Marys Abbey, Glencaim, Co.Waterford for over thirty years also now sadly deceased.

My last remaining uncle is Fr. James Hurley SJ who is now 89yrs. of age and spent the most of his life as a missionary priest in Hong Kong and is now in retirement in Milltown Dublin. My mother who was the youngest of the family passed away just one year ago. The reason I include this detail is to assure you that I am not in any way Anti Catholic and what I am about to relay to you is a journey of recovery from the evil spell that which is the House of Prayer in Achill run by Christina Gallagher and her right hand man Fr.Gerard McGinnity.

Can I just say before I give you my first hand account of my experience with the HOP that last Tuesday I took a day off work (which was not easy for me after the bank holiday weekend) when l was invited to meet the Bishop of Cloyne and spent almost two hours with him relaying my experience first hand as a victim and representing others who are also victims of this evil travesty called the HOP. Also as I am told that you are to meet with Mike Garde shortly that I can only say that this extraordinary man has battled our cause for so many years and as an expert on cultist behaviour for many of us we can recognise the whole phenomenon of undue influence which has destroyed so many families where parents do not communicate with their children and indeed in many cases their grandchildren and vice versa where children in despair loose contact with their parents.
There is a phrase in the bible which says “By their fruits shall we know them”. Well dear Archbishop can I just say that the fruits in this case are like a rotten barrel where so many peoples lives have been destroyed and all in the name of this evil woman’ and her accomplice Fr. McGinnity.
I will recount very briefly my initial experience of the HOP which began in 1997.That year my wife Paula and I had to endure the loss of our only child Tommy who was five years of age and who died from a rare form of meningitis. We were very distraught as you can imagine and somebody recommended that we go to the
HOP in Achill Island. There we listened to the sonorous and almost hypnotic voice of Fr. Mc.Ginnity who had just gone through a weird convulsion during the Mass* and started to tell us about the messages given by The Blessed Virgin to Christina Gallagher which was all quite terrifying with messages about chastisements where fire would fall from the sky and the most of humanity would perish and that the only place to be saved would be the HOP in Achill.
He also spoke about the “mark of the beast,” where every person on the planet would be required to take a microchip in their hand and that only in the HOP in Achill would people be granted total remission of sin and be guaranteed a free exit to heaven at the time of death. He then proceeded to tell us about a picture which was commissioned by Our Lady through CG and which grants protection from the terrible times ahead at the cost of €250 per picture. This picture which I always disliked which shows a picture of Our Lady with blood pouring down her face has been sold right across the world at huge profit. This is blasphemy and heresy. I recall a lady who could not afford the €25 for the picture and instead asked to buy a small postcard version for just five euro but was told that only the picture for €250 euro would give her the promise of eternal life in heaven and protect her from the terrible chastisements promised by CG through the words of Our Lady.

I will now recall from my meeting with Bishop Crean last Tuesday and what we discussed. I first of all dealt with the theology being preached by Fr. Mc Ginnity and as I could go on all day I have picked a few gems from the mouth of McGinnity.
(1) World War 3 is imminent and only those who have supported the HOP will be saved. (2) God is so angry with the world that he is about to destroy this planet called earth but again the place of refuge will be the HoP. (3) That is the House of Prayer mentioned in the Gospel????

(4) Jesus speaks to Christina in relation to her latest conquest i.e. a new house of prayer in Texas where he states that if people do not cough up the money to pay for its completion which amounted to eight hundred thousand dollars he would destroy the whole state of Texas. Needless to say the money was paid and Texas is still standing. Bishop this IS total heresy and blasphemy. Please comment?
(5) I was present one day when Christina Gallagher addressed the crowds and told us that Our Lady pestered her to write a book naming all those people who had ever spoken against her and it was to be published in such a way that those named in this book would know how much they had offended not just Our Lady herself but Almighty God also.

What heresy is this where our lady is portrayed as this vindictive woman out to seek revenge and more so that Fr.McGinnity promoted this message as though it came from Our Lady.

I also wish to recall a day when I was at the HofP back in around 2004 when Fr.McGinnity encouraged a group of us to march with placards and with the caption McGinnity for Bishop and that this was to take place outside your palace in Armagh. It did take place even though I was not present as I had lost all faith in the wicked ways of Christina Gallagher and her HofP.at this stage.
I know Bishop that I have only skimmed the bare surface of what Mc.Ginnity is doing and what he is preaching. When I spoke to Bishop Crean last week I told him this man has to be stopped in his tracks and needs to be detoxed or helped to break from the influence of Christina Gallagher as it is perfectly obvious that he is totally under the control of this evil woman and spews out her filth with no obvious conscience or it is obvious that he is totally deluded and therefore requires help.
I will now address the other issues which according to a recent book issued by Kevin Symonds and which has the imprimatur of the Catholic Church and in which he states the obvious and indeed the qualities required to authenticate a “visionary” in good standing with the Catholic church.

Refractions of light pic

As I have already presented the gross theology that is associated with place and indeed could go on and on but I have little time on my hands. So therefore I will deal with the other issues that define a true visionary within the Catholic Church.

Rejection of the authority of the bishop

Refusal to submit to her bishop is a game changer and is sufficient grounds to indicate dshe is not

Financial Gain.

This is perfectly obvious in lieu of her multi million portfolio which she has acquired through the donations made to the House of prayer. Her properties have been well documented and at present from my knowledge she is now living in a huge property in Dublin City West. Her other properties are above all belief with every luxury possible.

Immoral Behaviour.

This woman has been separated from her husband since 1995 and has conducted an illicit affair with a guy called Chawky White who is an English chap and with this I do not wish to delve any further into cheap gossip but I can assure you that the facts here are correct and not exactly the behaviour of a visionary. If there is one thing certain here and that is of corruption where CG and Fr.McGinnity have preyed on the
most vulnerable people of our society that is of our innocent elderly folk who cling on to their faith as they once knew it.
Fr. McGinnity conducted many seminars in this country over the years where he procured huge sums of money supposedly at the request of Our Blessed Lady and which ultimately ended up lining the pockets of Christina Gallagher. I will conclude now but I beg of you Archbishop Martin to bring to an end this whole evil travesty which is this phenomenon called the House Of Prayer in Achill. All our families have been affected and in so many ways have been destroyed and at a conservative estimate recently up to thirty thousand people are suffering due to the vitriol which is being spewed out from the voice of Fr.McGinnity and of course as from the mouth of Christina Gallagher relaying these vicious messages from Our Lady. The conclusion of my meeting with Bishop Crean was simple and straightforward. The view I put to him was that the only solution to this problem was for you to stop Fr.McGinnity travelling to Achill every weekend and look after his own parish and even he went so far as to say that if he became disobedient to your wish and command that therefore his “Faculties” be removed and he be silenced from preaching fodder
which can only be resolved by his excommunication. However that is an extreme measure but I do believe that he is under the direct influence of Christina Gallagher and needs professional help to break this connection. Can I say to you now Archbishop Martin that on behalf of the people of Ireland I am pleading with you to find a resolution to this problem? There can be no good fruits in this scenario when families, parents, children and even grandchildren have been ripped apart, destroyed and all in the name of our precious faith and religion.

With That I extend my very good wishes.

Mick Power

*Mass celebrated there till 1998


Dear Archbishop Martin,
I summarised my personal situation to you several times in the past, my mother was and is so heavily involved and under undue influence of Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity and the House of Prayer that she can no longer live a ‘normal’ life, she lives in fear of catastrophe and prays constantly, as a family; we have lost her, no communication, no affection, no nothing, all gone. This is because she believes so strongly and implicitly in the House of Prayer and the rest of the family and friends see it for the Major Scam that it is.
My mother listened for years to Christina’s apocalyptic messages of fear supposedly from ‘Our Lady’, My mother now thinks she is living through the ‘chastisement’ that Christina talks about. She is literally living in agony. I think she has already had a nervous breakdown because of this. My sibling died from a sudden illness this year, aged mid-thirties. This has caused my mother great suffering, she thinks this was a punishment for her, she believes she is a victim to accept the pain of those who do not believe in the alleged messages from ‘Our Lady’ derived from Christina Gallagher. Her psychological state is extremely vulnerable, it is difficult to think objectively when you are grieving. She is extremely isolated and terrified because she does not spend time with people who do not believe in the messages derived from Christina Gallagher and the belief system of the HofP which is encouraged by the HofP. These circumstances make it very difficult for her to exercise her free will. To say that our family is have reached the end of our tether, simply does not do it justice. I nearly had a nervous breakdown over it, it is extremely difficult watching a person you love go through this knowing that it is a scam. At my siblings funeral, there were mass cards from the House of Prayer (with pictures of the altar at the House of Prayer) signed by Fr McGinnity. I have had arguments with my mother where she is saying that Fr McGinnity is such a good priest he could not be wrong about Christina/HofP. It is Fr McGinnity’s involvement in the HofP that convinces my mother that this scam is genuine.
I went to speak to Fr McGinnity in August. I asked him many questions about his involvement in the House of Prayer. I asked, why as it is not recognised by the Catholic Church, does he support this private entity? To me, he is clearly under the influence, explaining that it was made private organisation in the hope that more people could worship there, he claimed that I simply did not understand Christina’s messages or the ‘holiness’ about the House of Prayer, the salvation it offers. He mocked me when I could not recite the words of Archbishop Neary about no evidence of supernatural phenomena. He said that the fear my mother experiences could be a result of reading her bible. I let him continue on with his answers but they were at odds with the facts about what Archbishop Neary meant in his statement and what is known to be true about Christina and her properties accumulated from donations from her followers. It was impossible to have a meaningful conversation with him about it, he had the fixed view that he was in the right and I was wrong.
My question remains, what are you going to do about Fr. McGinnity’s involvement in the House of Prayer?
I am furious about the stance the Archdiocese of Tuam is taking to this situation. The House of Prayer is operating like it is a Catholic organisation in their Diocese, i.e. the people attending, do believe it is Catholic, yet this Diocese is not taking due care and responsibility in making it widely known in all their parish churches that this is a scam. Why? Furthermore, Fr. McGinnity is regularly preaching at the House of Prayer which is in their Diocese when he has been asked not to. Why? I watched in hope as this issue was due to be discussed by the Bishops Conference in Maynooth in October, I learned that the Synod in Rome took priority and Archbishop Neary reiterated his statement of non-recognition from 2008. It seemed like the problem of the House of Prayer was not taken seriously when in fact it challenges the belief system of the Catholic Church and the unity of the Catholic  Church in Ireland. The latest response by Fr Fintan Monahan representing Archbishop Neary which is published on the Dialogue Ireland website to calls to engage in dialogue about the House of Prayer is simply disgraceful. It makes a mockery of my pain and the pain of so many other families who have lost loved ones to the House of Prayer scam.
After years of writing to Cardinal Brady, Archbishop Neary and you, to bring this problem to your attention, I am completely depressed at the response of the Catholic Church to this scam. I have lost hope that there will be justice for the victims. I cannot understand why the Catholic Church continues to take the position of non-recognition without further action against the House of Prayer and support of Fr. McGinnity’s two roles as priest of the Catholic Church in good standing and Enabler of Christina Gallagher/House of Prayer which has caused so much suffering to so many people.
Please, Archbishop Martin, can you let me know if you are going to change this position of the Catholic Church in Ireland and what action you are going to take?
Yours sincerely and in despair,

7 Responses

  1. I very much take the view that the glass is half full, and not the other way around.
    Let me put it this way, the glass of credibility, authenticity, trust, accountability, responsibility, communication, recognition and submission for the hop/Christina Gallagher is now well and truely smashed, brushed up, and on the way to the recycling plant, as far the Catholic Church is concerned. They just haven’t come out and said it, again, of late, publicly.
    And has been said by them in the past, still stands, only far more more so now.
    But it is still interesting to know that AB EM is still getting emails from hop supports giving witness, telling him how wonderful Christina Gallagher is, etc.
    Do they ever tell him how many millions they have given her?
    When in fact, all that really needs to happen is for her to submit to her local bishop, and nothing more, it’s really that simple.
    Of course, none of that is ever going to happen, both the CC and she know, she is what she is… a complete fraud. The CC have known it from that day she humiliated and deceived the bishop all those years ago…
    But no doubt, she is still keeping the game going by making her supports think, through her directors, that this is the way to go. Lots of emails to keep them busy.

    Let me tell you now hop supporters, fact, if you keep sending your emails to EM, she will be declared a saint in no time.

    Question : How many millions does it actually take to keep a prophet safe?
    Answer : God only knows…


  2. I am glad that Mick Power had the opportunity to meet with the Bishop of Cloyne, perhaps he will be a priest of principles and stand up for the injustice that has been done against the many elderly people carried out by Christina Gallagher. I hope he remembers these details at the next Bishops conference. only time will tell. The other relative of the victim had meetings with Archbishop Martin, the head of the Catholic Church, but he is still sitting on his hands when it comes to his own priest Fr McGinnity. Mick outlines the rubbish he agrees with and preaches at the House of Prayer, the other person claims they cannot have a rational conversation with Fr McGinnity because he is in denial about the facts, this cannot square with a ‘priest in good standing’ with the Catholic Church?

    What Christina is doing is the most grotesque form of slavery: mental slavery, where the victims are under the illusion of freedom while trusting loving and devoting themselves to her, while she pilfers their minds and money. she has no shame.


  3. “The sin of silence when you should protest makes cowards out men”
    first line from a poem called Protest by Ella Wheller Wilcox


  4. Paul Lennon who was involved with Regain which tried to explore the abuses of the Legionaries of Christ left this comment on Linked in. I felt I should share it here.
    Paul Lennon commented on your update

    “And by the time they get to bishop they have castrated their sense of justice in the service of The Company where the end “avoiding scandal” = keeping the people dumbed down and subserviant justfies the means = staying silent and thereby screwing the victims”


  5. The nil response by Archbishop Martin to the pleas of the victims and families is just tragic and shocking! Here is supposedly a man of morals, he hears the stories of goings on at House of Prayer, the powerful eye witness accounts by Mick Power, the poor mother that is tipped over the edge through fear and panic inspired by HoP. He is given a lot of time to verify that they are true (other eye witness accounts, media reports, the book by Jim Gallagher Immaculate Deception, all of which are never challenged for their authenticity by Christina Gallagher reinforcing their truth). He is given time to think (he has known about this issue for years). In spite of all the evidence the Archbishop choses to do nothing. In doing nothing he is reinforcing the position of the House of Prayer. what kind of moral leader is this? -redundant, Does he have any morals? The church have to safeguard children, is this just a token gesture or does it actually mean something, because if so, why are they not safeguarding the elderly?
    30,000 or so people doesnt seem to matter to a man like him. There is a canon law route to which he can solve this issue, it has been thought out by Kevin Symons. but he doesn’t want to use it? What is the point of a leader that fails to do anything? people see through him, and have seen through his useless predecessor, Cardinal Brady
    If they chose to do nothing, the question is what are they hiding?


  6. The sooner C Gallagher is put behind bars and her scam HoP is closed down the better


  7. “If you are neutral in situations of injustice,you have chosen the side of the oppressor” Archbishop Desmond Tutu


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