Meeting of the Director of Dialogue Ireland with Archbishop Martin at the Dundalk Institute of Technology

Armagh Cathedral 2


I met with Archbishop Martin for just over an hour in a wide ranging conversation concerning the House of Prayer. We both came away with a very clear understanding of the others positions. I gave him a book on Church Discipline and also shared with him a copy of Ireland’s Eye where he could see the amount of buses going from throughout Ireland to Achill. I made the point that it was interesting that though people go from the Archdiocese of Armagh it is not listed as one of the pick up points. It is covered by the bus entitled the North South bus.

Ireland's Eye November 4

That is to protect Fr McGinnity from censure. I made the point that the Catholic Church has been swift to act on perceived heresy or actions deemed unorthodox. One thinks of Iggy O’Donovan, Brian Darcy and Fr Flannery. Yet in regard to the House of Prayer there is a code of Omerta which is ongoing for 23 years.

He certainly was very unclear as to his perspective on the Catholic Church’s position on visionaries and it was absolutely transparent that his position was not governed by any objective criteria. I pointed out the failure of Cardinal Brady to act at all and it only became clear last year in correspondence with him why this was the case.

Cardinal Brady saw no problem with the prayers of the House of Prayer and saw no problem with Fr McGinnity trespassing into another diocese in which he is not welcome. Just as in the area of children there will likely be issues related to Elder abuse which will fall into the area of negligence.

Archbishop Martin had received a volume of correspondence and I will be giving you in later posts the points being made to the Archbishop. One will be in the persons name the other name changed to protect their anonymity. This photograph might bring home to him a point that many made namely vulnerable elderly people who are estranged from their families. Obviously this represents a day of great joy. People affected by the HofP have no such days to celebrate.

Martin with mother


I pointed out to him and I know that many who had written to him from the HofP seeking for him to maintain the status quo. Unbelievably, he was inclined to treat their interventions as if they were a genuine movement. So now those affected are making the point that the pastoral failure of the Catholic Church is now making them despair and they have developed a massive anger for the shepherds of the flock. In summary the failure of the Catholic Church is now seen as WORSE than the original abuse from the HofP.

I pointed out that there had been a great dishonesty in regard to the Archdioceses. Those seeking answers from Tuam are referred to Armagh and vice versa.

There are two separate jurisdictional issues.

  1. The House of Prayer in Achill where Archbishop Neary is the only one with the authority to address the issues there. He has refused to act period.
  2. The issue of the breach of the unity of the Catholic Church by Fr Gerard McGinnity. How? Support for an unrecognised visionary. Knowingly aiding and abetting in simony by fundraising by Fr McGinnity. Evidence has been presented to Cardinal Brady and others with no action having been taken. Giving succour to other Houses of Prayer in the US and Mexico. Vacating his parish every Saturday to undermine the unity of the Catholic Church in this country. This is the only disciplinary issue which is relevant to Armagh. I supplied a copy of the book Immaculate Deception years ago to Cardinal Brady and to all bishops in September which outlines in detail what has happened and I was asked for new evidence. If something is wrong 6 years ago you do not need new evidence. From our conversation I formed the opinion he had not read the book. If it was not read then he could claim to not have to act. However, he has had so many private testimonies there can be no doubt he can’t claim ignorance of the facts and that he can’t act. Archbishop Martin was also totally confused in that instead of taking responsibility for these issues using internal disciplinary processes. He instead tried to divert from the Churches responsibility and proposed the use criminal law. In other words they want the police to investigate issues in which the secular authority have no jurisdiction. Is the House of Prayer Catholic? If it is then it should be recognised and if it is not Gerard McGinnity should be withdrawn and helped to recover from the loss of his free will and given assistance to break with Christina. 

The Archbishop seemed unsure as to the notion of undue influence. He seemed to think the the handing over of cash, the bus trips and the need to find salvation in Achill are all the expression of free will. I assume having grown up in Derry he must know how political groups take over their members minds? How do ISIL manage to get people to drop everything and join them? The House of Prayer has exactly the same effect on people, and the evidence is there. Two people went to see the Archbishop last May and described what had happened to them. Hearing they hear not and so these are destroyed by inaction.

So I came away from the meeting very clear where this is going and after consulting with the families of those affected we will put into operation the next strand of our campaign. We know exactly where the Archbishop stands.

I met someone else while in Dundalk deeply rooted in the local area and at the heart of the Archdiocese who when I told them where we were at spoke in very clear terms like this.

“There is a big trunk and they are trying to keep the lid on, but the more they try to keep the lid on they do not notice that the bottom of the trunk is breaking open and the guts is spilling out!”

AB Martin

2 Responses

  1. Mike your post is some of the most lucid and cogent arguments for the Bishops not to remain neutral because that is really siding with the oppressors of free will through undue influence on the vulnerable.


  2. What a disappointment. So it seems Archbishop Martin gives equal weight to the protests of the House of Prayer followers to freedom of religious expression (??) to the weight of evidence against Christina Gallagher and her illicit finances, numerous testimonies of victims and their families about the wrongdoing and undue influence going on at the House of prayer. The weight of evidence is against the House of Prayer, facts cannot be changed. Protests are not evidence and should not receive the same weight, after all this time, is he able to distinguish this? it sounds very unprofessional.

    Archbishop Martin also seems to confuse the issue of undue influence and expression of free will. A persons circumstances is key, if a drug addict wants to quit their habit, its easier to use their ‘free will’ if they have a family, a home, a job/controlling their own finances, but if they dont have securities and are held emotionally to ransom and purposely isolated from family and friends its nearly impossible to break free:

    Christina exploits this to perfection to milk the elderly followers of their minds and money and Archbishop Martin (like his predecessor) sounds like he is very out of touch with realities of life.


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