Is there something about how the Catholic Church evaluates visions, signs and wonders that Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity do not get?

Ireland's Eye November 3Note the claim about a brain dead person  here:

Ireland's Eye November 1Let us be clear when Archbishop Cassidy allowed the House of Prayer to be set up in 1993 he thought he had a visionary who was going to submit to his authority and that Fr McGinnity though from another Archdiocese was there to submit as well.

with Dr cassidyThe Archbishop very soon realised she was not intending to accept his authority and when his successor Michael Neary took over he checked her out and found nothing supernatural in her messages.Though typically diplomatic he suggested those involved were genuine, and though he knows as he has had testimony from whisteblowers which shows she is totally immoral and an addiction to wealth he has not moved from that position.

AB NearyArchbishop Neary has given her and her so called spiritual adviser the room to develop this private business and they are creaming people for massive sums. This has been in the public domain since Jim Gallagher wrote his book and it was published in 2009. Not one single claim which were covered by eye witness testimony has been challenged.

Immaculate deceptionWhat people like Dick Hogan, Fr McGinnity and even some bishops do not seem to get is that it does not matter if she has thousands of healings and visions the fact that three issues have not been addressed by her invalidate her claims.

pic11. She refuses to accept the authority of the Bishop. This is the knock out punch in regard to her being genuine or not.

2. She has accumulated material wealth without visible means to do so. Again there is so much evidence of this.

M12014-10-27Christina Airport1

3. Finally if there is evidence of immorality. That means that there are no grounds for the bishop to take her seriously.

However, there is not only the fact that she is totally unable to pass muster to be accepted as genuine there is the other side of the coin that a bishop that refuses to act with good authority and do something about these issues is like a Garda to whom crime is reported and refuses to act. A bishop in this situation should likely be subject to investigation by the pope.

Why do we say this? The Archdiocese received the advice of one of the leading Canon lawyers in the world Frank Morrisey from Ottawa which suggested that the way to deal with the House of Prayer is to “Not Recognise,” it. This a neat trick but how does not recognising it assist those that are going there thinking it is Catholic? Whether the bishop recognises the private entity is Catholic or not is beside the point. The fact that most people who go there believe it to be Catholic and no one takes the bishop seriously when he acts if it is not there. Also he has had eye witnesses appealing to him for years asking him to intervene and they are told to go onto the web site. That is like a person going into a Garda Station and reporting a crime and been told to go onto the Garda web site. In June we asked to be able to address the bishops about this as we had received excellent advice from Kevin Symonds as to how to address this sorry mess. I will be writing a post on my attempts to communicate with Tuam soon.

Needless to say as someone who has regular contact with the victim families I am not exaggerating in saying that they now find the lack of response of the Catholic Church to this issue even more upsetting than what the House of Prayer has done to them.

Pic Fr McGinnityGM Dean 1985If Archbishop Eamon Martin has nothing to report tomorrow but wants to hear my concerns I am afraid to tell the victims families. Many have been depressed following their encounters with Church leaders. I am going to meet the Archbishop who has now had over a year to digest the views I have sent him and those of the eye witnesses. Some can’t even write anymore they have so little hope.

Eamon MartinReally the only issue to address is what he intends to do about Fr McGinnity. Depending on what we hear tomorrow will guide us forward and will set the tone for how the the Catholic Church will be understood by the people of Ireland.

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