Dick Hogan of Ireland’s Eye is the main defender of Christina Gallagher in Ireland

Ireland's Eye November 2

Ireland’s Eye is an old fashioned monthly. You can’t contact them by phone, email or electronic means. The only way to engage is by snail mail run by Dick Hogan.

Dick Hogan (2)

This is not surprising as it represents the way in which those involved with the House of Prayer operate. They are warned not to read the newspapers or to go near TV as all they will get is attacks on them. They are isolated and can’t see the evidence that is accumulating which shows Christina assisted by Fr McGinnity are running a complete scam. Vulnerable adults are separated from their families and from their funds. They have a need to go there nearly every week as they believe that going there protects them from the terrible things which are going to happen in this world. This why it is a complete waste of time for Diocesan web sites to put up warning on their web sites if that is not followed up by a pastoral strategy which engages these folks. Let me give a couple of examples. If you have a person in your parish who is going regularly to Achill they should be approached and it should be explained to them that they are putting themselves at considerable spiritual risk. Generally these attempts are met by denial and blocking. However, it is important to keep an open dialogue going as some might be reached over time. Also the southern bus journeys every week stop in Knock for communion. This is to give the pilgrims to Achill the idea that they are stopping en route to a Catholic site at a genuine Catholic site. It is important to have  brochures and some framed advertising saying that people going to Achill are in danger as the the House of Prayer has nothing to do with Catholicism. It is a private operation run with the assistance of a priest who is under influence. If going to Achill please do not take communion.

We are going to reply to Ireland’s Eye’ latest report on dialogue Ireland. They give the House of Prayer’s propaganda a free monthly outing the magazine.

Her is is the latest edition:

Ireland's Eye November 1

This a section from a post we wrote in 2011:

Ireland’s Eye is not a publication the Director of DI reads but have seen it occasionally. It has an amazing archive of material on folklore, history and Irish identity which should be preserved for future generations. Alas this will not happen as Dick Hogan the owner has elected to remain a Luddite and does not even have a telephone line to discuss his publication. They do not store their archive digitally and one can only assume this material will be lost. Dick Hogan appears on the web site of the House of Prayer  http://www.christinagallagher.org/en/    to give an endorsement with his wife Margaret of the H of P. The web site is really not intended for the House of Prayer members who are generally warned off using the internet or are of an older generation who are threatened by this medium. It is part of their increasingly frantic efforts at propaganda.


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