Christina can’t sell mansion by Jim Gallagher, Sunday World, November 1, 2015

It is clear that regardless of the evidence produced about Christina that shows she is materially benefiting from her private religious business. the proliferation of houses etc. the Catholic Church claims it does not recognise her existence and by some magical means she ceases to exist for them. Consequently they are not going to do anything about his abuse. They along with some media commentators claim they can do nothing and we should report it to the Gardai. Report what to the Gardai? Should we report the Archbishop of Tuam to the Gardai for not warning his members about this scam? Of course not, it is an internal issue of governance which the Catholic Church itself must address. It is only by using the mechanisms of discipline that they can address this. Most of you know that Fr Brian Darcy expressed an opinion about celibacy and was subject to Church discipline. Others like Fr Flannery and Iggy Donovan also were subject to this discipline even though they were not even diocesan priests. In other words we are dealing with a conspiracy here. There is no logical or clear reason why this issue has not been addressed.

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