Hassan Boyle joins Anti Water Protest from his house behind a gate

Front and house HBFrom our Christian leaders home series. This is to show that there is a causal connection between tithing and rich pastors. The house is found on Mount Avenue, in the Castletown area of Dundalk and is known by the locals ‘as back of the wall. It is worth about € 500,000 or thereabouts.

We know this is his house as there are notices on the gate re water charges, nonpayment with Hassan’s name on them.

Be RichNatan -ELNo for sale sign up..The meaning of the corner sign, Nathan el? comes from “Nathanel” from hebrew נתנאל, means “Gift of God”, this is a different name but same meaning to “Nathaniel” (נתנאל) except this name is without the “i”.

GateNow it looks like we will not be having a debate on November 4th? No one is up for it. Looks like it is going to be a Passover operation?

Looking at the gate above try to see if you can guess where the gate below is to be found and who owns the house?


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