Dialogue Ireland suggests debate with Terry Quinn on Wednesday 4th November on the subject of cultism.

We published a series of reports on the activities of Hassan Boyle and then on the developments around a men’s movement and the promotion of a new variant of the Prosperity Gospel.
As these were greeted with silence we have decided to challenge Terry or whoever else would like to take part in this event to a public debate.

Why November 4th? Because on that day Mike Garde, the Director of DI is meeting the Archbishop of Armagh, Eamon Martin in Dundalk to discuss the House of Prayer. Most would know the person who lends his support to this scam is the parish priest of Knockbridge, Fr Gerard McGinnity.
Rather than private mails and back channels, let us debate these issues in public.
Johnny Cash

Yes let us follow the example of Johnny Cash and meet in the public arena?

Here is the latest from the 93Revolution Conferences.
Terry Quinn 1


Andy Nugent

93revolution added 2 new photos.

2 October at 00:08 ·

Great word tonight to the men of Dundalk by Andy Nugent – Speaking on ” Men of Consistency “

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