The reason for Christina Gallagher’s not going to the States is quite serious. She had an operation on her throat .

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

It has come to our attention that someone who I know and is affected by the HofP phoned the Texas HofP and was informed that Christina Gallagher was not in the United States but has in fact had major surgery for a very serious throat ailment in the last two to three weeks. This shows that the reason the HofP claims she could not go is completely without foundation, namely because of the pressure she had come under about the sources of her wealth. My source who was at one time very close to Christina made this point,

“This is very bad news as she has a history of been a very heavy cigarette smoker…”

Also having reflected on why the HofP spokesperson claimed I was the author of the Sunday World article was because if they attacked Jim Gallagher and the bishops were reading the book, “The Immaculate Deception,” they would have egg on their faces. We can also confirm that Fr McGinnity is over in the States giving succour to the HofP which has no church approval anywhere.

My source also made the point that Christina has a habit of using the sick card a lot, whereas in this case it looks like Christina is genuinely sick. We wish her a speedy recovery.

“For years she has used this excuse when she was feeling lazy and could not be bothered meeting the pilgrims. I do not know how many times over the years Fr        McGinnity told us that Christina was suffering the stigmata and was unable to attend the services in the HofP. I have it from the horses mouth from a lady who was an eye witness to this stigmata being self inflicted. She should know as she worked within the inner sanctum and knew everything about CG. She reported that Christina would more often than not be upstairs in her plush bedroom sipping a Baileys and either watching the activities on her CCTV cameras downstairs or watching her favourite soap.”

“I remember distinctly back in 1999 when she made the big announcement about closing the HofP and of course blaming Archbishop Neary for it. It was announced that Christina had had a major heart attack and was at death’s door and that it was the stress of the, “Enforced,” closure that had brought this about. At the time my wife and I were very concerned and I spoke to Christina’s daughter Mary to ask which hospital she was residing in as we would like to send her a bouquet of flowers and a get well card etc. I remember distinctly how she blushed and her face turned red. She would not give us the name of hospital as according to her her mother needed her privacy.”

“In reality as we all know now Christina was off on her holidays on the south coast of England where she had an illicit affair with a sleazy guy called Chawkie. This has all been confirmed to me by an eyewitness who accompanied CG on this trip and was so shocked by her experience that she went to Fr.McGinnity who she adored and told him her story. To her utter amazement he turned a blind eye and just said Christina is Christina. With that she left and never darkened the door of the HofP ever again.”

All of these stories are found in the book by Jim Gallagher, “The Immaculate Deception,” and have been in the public domain for over 6 years.
My source wrote further,

“No problem Mike. Fire away I am very comfortable that I can stand over my sources of Information and it is about time this dreadful woman is brought to heel. I have no fear of legal action because if I was to reveal all she would know she had not a leg to stand on.”

2 Responses

  1. She needs, to get away from it all, protection, cash only, several luxury mansions, a million euro house for her daughter, a marraige seperation, secuity camaras, luxury cars, security men, booz, prayers fags, more prayers, angery Directors, an extramarital affair, having all her needs met, the best solicitors money can buy, no formal income, her own lake, and a gym(?).
    (I think what this woman actually needs is to talk to her nearest bishop)


  2. The Christina Gallagher/House of Prayer Ltd Directors can attribute her illnesses, whether those illnesses are real or imagined, to whomever they wish. If they were serious about their claim, and they are certainly not, it would be serious a legal matter.
    If I’m not mistaken, in the past they attributed the physical state her body was in, to Satan himself, or some such.
    No credible person, can or should take anything this woman and her Directors say seriously.


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