Bishops’ Conference set to discuss Christina Gallagher’s prayer empire at last by Jim Gallagher, Sunday World.

The Irish bishops are going to be looking at the issues surrounding Christina Gallagher’s House of Prayer.

Bishops 1Bishops 20002We reported this was coming up a few weeks ago:

A lot of the family members affected by the HofP asked if we could get a copy of Jim Gallagher’s House of Prayer book entitled “Immaculate Deception,” into the hands of the bishops. It is a great read and also the publishing house that produced it went out of business. There a plenty of copies and the book is regarded as one of the clearest in regard to the evolution of a cult.

Immaculate deception

We also showed taht CG and GM were over in the States and Mexico.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

Pic Fr McGinnity

6 Responses

  1. SM you still have not apologised for your attitude to the victims, good try at diversion!


  2. SM where would we be without your great interventions. Did you read the background to the book?
    The book was published in 2009 but the publishing house went into receivership. However, the HofP never contested a word. Here in DI Jim has given us over 500 free copies to give to people. He delivered further copies for me to deliver to the bishops. There might be an E version, but currently Jim is trying to get some return for his hard work.


  3. Jim Gallagher can email his book for free to anyone who wants it. No need for a printed copy. It’s 2015 and the technological age. It’s no doubt sitting in microsoft word form, in a file, on his computer. Just press send and everyone can have a copy.

    I’m sure he would not want to make a profit off the nastiness of what Christina Gallagher is doing, so please provide the book in e-form for all of us to be made aware.

    Those of us with printers could even print it out and pass it on to those who don’t use the internet.

    As for the Church finally doing something, let’s remember the decades it took for it to admit it’s priests were abusing children.
    The Church needs to be accountable for its actions and “in”actions and in my view needs to recognise why Catholics align themselves with dodgy characters like C Gallagher et al.


  4. ‘In my most recent letter to Mrs. Gallagher I was obliged to ask for clarification in the matter of Sunday Masses being allegedly celebrated in the House of Prayer in direct contravention of my express instructions in the matter. I found myself furthermore obliged to note in the same letter her tendency, persistent throughout my dealings with her, to misunderstand and misinterpret legitimate directives and to consequently misinform her associates and supporters.’

    Worth repeating :
    ‘persistent’ in her efforts to ‘misinform her associates and supporters’

    Well she is consistent.
    And that was over 17 years ago, sure they knew even then, and look at all the harm done since, aided by Fr McGinnity, a priest blinded by his own hurt.


  5. Well done Jim Gallagher on exposing the greedy granny now and always. Isnt it well for Christina and McGinnity having that time off inbetween trips, if she was genuine she could get round those places in less than a week, by all accounts there’s few people attending USA HoP anyway. Finally the bishops have to get their heads out of the sand, lets see what happens.


  6. Yet again, Jim Gallagher says it like it is.
    As my mother used to say, it’s a long road without a turning…


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