Gerard McGinnity & Christina Gallagher on US Junket

2014-10-27Christina Airport1Note the referential nature of the description and the purpose, “They will be available for prayers and spiritual talks.” Let us assume they invited themselves but let us look at what this signifies for the unity of the Catholic Church? First we have a schismatic woman visionary who is in open rebellion against the Archbishop of Tuam being accompanied by a priest who is in good standing with the Archdiocese of Armagh. He is undermining Catholic orthodoxy by consorting, enabling and giving her movement support. Then we have a theologian from Garristown, Co. Meath from the Archdiocese of Dublin who is publically supporting Christina on the House of Prayer web site.

“Catholic writer and journalist Martina Caffrey, MA in Theology, rebuts media sensational calls for the House of Prayer in Achill and Christina Gallagher to be excommunicated…”

One must ask has Martina Caffrey sought permission from the Archbishop to spread this unsupported visionary?

martina-caffreyFinally as noted a number of times we have people from every diocese in Ireland travelling up to Achill every week. This makes it very appropriate that the bishops are going to address this issue forthwith. Finally as this reports suggests this is not just an Irish issue but the bishops in Ireland have a duty to their Mexican and US bishops who equally do not recognise Christina to act in concert to bring this breach of Catholicity to an end.

Pic Fr McGinnity

The Very Rev Dr Gerard McGinnity
& Christina Gallagher
have accepted an invitation
from the Houses of Prayer in the US
to make a return visit in 2015

Details of their visit are as follows:

Minnesota House of Prayer – September 19 & 20, 2015
Mexico House of Prayer – 29th September, 2015
Texas House of Prayer – October 3 & 4, 2015
Kansas House of Prayer – October 10 & 11, 2015
They will be available for prayers and spiritual talks.

There is also a house in Florida, see details here:

House_of_Prayer_Florida250CG and GM outside Florida House

7 Responses

  1. SMcCaffrey, you are hitting out at the wrong people.
    You are of course right about boozer Christina Gallagher and her cronies, people like fellow boozer Jim Lynn, but there are complex reasons why people, particularly the elderly, get caught up. These abusers thrive where there is fear and ignorance. And they know how to generate it in abundance. We know that from firsthand experience. They use the same tactics as other cults, like say, Scientology. Look it up, the parallels are striking. For example, on their website they tell people to ignore anything that is said about Christina Gallagher which doesn’t come from their website, including Christina Gallagher’s very own words which contradicts the other BS on the official site, otherwise people just might begin to figure her out. They can’t have people thinking for themselves. One must be a slave to her words.
    These vulnerable people, who have been hoodwinked cannot conceive that Christina Gallagher is the complete opposite of what they think she is, despite all the information being pumped out by Dialogue Ireland.
    That is why people like Jim Lynn come here regularly throwing around cheap fake outrage like confetti, saying it’s all lies, while addressing actually nothing really. Superficially it looks good. That’s the game.
    He has no real moral compass, and that is why Christina Gallagher can trust him with millions. Birds of a feather so to speak. No said moral obligation is visible, or deemed in his own mind necessary, for him personally. As he sees it, there is therefore no contradiction in his continued lying and abusing, and being complicit in the con. In other words, he is a leader of sorts within this cult and seen as such. He does the dirty work that Christina Gallagher cannot be seen to be doing, she needs people like him to be successful.


  2. SMcCaffrey again you without even realising what you are saying put this up.

    There’s going to be busloads of zombies
    attending Achill tomorrow for the saturday HoP novena.

    You need to get going if you are going to organise your protest, but it looks like you want someone else to do it, while you return to the internet to abuse the victims again


  3. There’s going to be busloads of zombies attending Achill tomorrow for the saturday HoP novena. Anyone willing to hand out literature to help them see the error of their beliefs? I can guarantee the kind of reception one would get if they did so (Gardai, etc).

    What about a prayer group assembling outside House of prayer praying for the souls of all who enter it? The same could occur in the USA. Beats complaining on the internet.


  4. Spiritual – hmmm. What does that mean really? Laughable in the context of the Catholic Church.

    Some people think eating granola is spiritual while others believe animals are imbued with spirits, deserving prayer to them.

    Strange word to be using. Yet, in the context of Christina, not so strange because she provides nothing more than titillation.
    God’s not too keen on titillation.


  5. But of course!
    She’s cashing in on the pope’s visit.


  6. Martina Caffrey is clearly clueless, rebutted nothing, in fact she lied about Christina Gallagher’s standing within the Church. The Church doesn’t recognise her, they went out of their way to say so.
    How hard is that to understand Martina?
    What’s the point in having a MA in Theology, if you don’t understand basic language and what the bishop says on his website?

    ‘spiritual talks’
    And yet the persistent troll who comes here, explained at length how he is in no way spiritual but religious. But in truth he is truly neither.
    Yes, the word spiritual is used as it is a better word for casting a bigger net.


  7. ‘They will be available’ , but at what fee?


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