Redefined Prosperity Philosophy in focus with Pastor Sunday Adelaja & Terry Quinn

Finance in focus with Pastor Sunday Adelaja & Terry Quinn

We have clearly stated we are not a Christian site adjudicating on various beliefs or theologies. However, we have watched this video and at first it looks like Terry Quinn is repudiating the Prosperity Theology of the usual suspects, but on closer examination they are clearly replacing the teaching of Jesus and the gospel with a wealth creating philosophy. I hold with my original view that it is both sub Christian, and as it promotes the self and it is clearly Satanic or Luciferean consequently. It is the exact opposite of the trajectory of the New Testament which is to confront this world system and like Christ set your face to Jerusalem and take on the powers of the Romans, the Herodians, the Zealots, Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes. Jesus focuses on the poor of the land and on the God Movement.

We have been receiving private messages from people in Dundalk who seem to proclaim their messages in public, use social media to promote themselves and their message and then when one publishes a response they become like shrinking violets and want you to take down the articles by writing us private mails. We will be replying for the last time to some of these emails, but after that we say publish your replies here on our blog or anywhere, but do not try to try to engage privately, and seek apologies. Living in a democratic society we believe we have the right to publish any material as long as it is not defamatory. We have also given the grounds for our conclusions by referencing every post with evidence. We have also already offered the following space for replies publically and in a private emails.

So please have a look at the links and see if you can see any resemblance to the teachings of the NT? Of course we want you to come back and comment and give the evidence if you feel that we have not addressed the position accurately. What ever you do, do not try to learn about finances from Thomas Cooney.

Part of a reply to a private email seeking to have a post deleted.

Perhaps you could outline what it is you would like to meet about? Also you are free to reply to anything on our blog. That is the function of a blog. Also if there is any inaccuracy which you have found we are happy to correct it. Also we are very happy to provide you with an uncensored right of reply which we will publish.In other words meeting would result from working through this process.

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