The Irish Episcopal Conference will examine the issue of the House of Prayer at their next meeting at the end of September


This the notification I received from Monsignor Gearóid Dullea,
Executive Secretary, Irish Episcopal Conference.


Dear Mike,

Thank you for your email correspondence of June 2015. This material was circulated to the bishops at the recent meeting of the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Conference.
The Standing Committee has decided to send this material to all members of the Episcopal Conference so that there can be an informed discussion on this matter at the bishops’ meeting at the end of the month. As mentioned to you on the telephone, the Synod of Bishops preparations mean that there won’t be time at that meeting for a presentation on the topic but all bishops will have a copy of the material which you have sent for their discussion. The bishops are also aware of your offer of books on the matter. I note from your conversation that Archbishop Eamon Martin’s office has been in contact with you to arrange a meeting with you in November.

With all good wishes,

Gearóid Dullea.

Monsignor Gearóid Dullea

Executive Secretary

Irish Episcopal Conference

Columba Centre


Co. Kildare


Tel: 01-5053020

Fax: 01-6292360


This was my reply,

Dear Gearóid,

Many thanks for your swift response and for confirming that the bishops will be addressing the issue of The House of Prayer at their meeting at the end of this month.
In order to formulate a view one must have the evidence. As I said the book by Jim has the basis for the bishops to not even go anywhere near looking into the her visionary claims.
I outlined that fully to Archbishop Eamon. Also it is only following the meeting when you will be able to tell me whether I will be allowed to address the bishops on this at a further meeting

They have the material I assume that is on my blog. However, having a book which has the facts would be a great assistance to them.

Because the October meeting has been brought forward to Sept 29 – Sept 30 there will not be enough time for me to make a presentation at this meeting. This is because of the Synod in Rome on the family, and there might be a possibility to address the bishops at a future meeting consequently.
All the bishops have received the material I sent them plus the book entitled Refractions of Light by Kevin Symonds which explores a theological rather than canon law approach to go beyond the impasse of Non Recognition clearly not working in Tuam.
Refractions of light pic

Also the book suggests that the way forward with the necessary support of the Archbishop is the involvement of the Episcopal Conference in assisting Tuam. Naturally the Episcopal Conference does not have juridical power, but every bishop is affected by what is happening in Achill as people are under the influence of what is clearly a movement which has no Catholic characteristics. Also as Kevin argues there is no requirement to investigate the visions if the the visionary who does not recognise the Bishop’s authority. Also there is clear evidence of attachment to wealth and finally if there is any hint of immorality that nullifies any need to investigate. There is clear evidence of both in Jim Gallagher’s book and of the the involvement of Fr McGinnity in these activities.
Immaculate deception

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  1. ‘there is clear evidence of attachment to wealth’

    That’s an understatement.
    Money is her God. She can’t get her greasy hands on enough of the stuff.


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