Archbishop Eamon Martin agrees to meet Mike Garde, the Director of Dialogue Ireland about the House of Prayer.

Eamon Martin

Mike Garde will meet Archbishop Martin in Dundalk on November 6th to discuss the issues surrounding the House of Prayer. Mike Garde met with a group of family members affected by loss of their relationship with family members and agreed to further their demands for a reaction from the Catholic Church.

The main focus of the meeting from DI’s perspective is as I wrote to the Archbishop,

Naturally my focus in meeting you is in regard to the ministry of Fr Gerard McGinnity and what response you are inclined to make in regard to his continuing involvement with the House of Prayer.

8 Responses

  1. Why would one invite Mark to a debate about the prosperity issue concerning Terry Quinn in Dundalk?
    Is Mark still on Spirit Radio? Would be delighted to debate this on the radio, but Mark has done a runner from Victory has he not? Why have you left this comment on a post about the House of Prayer?


  2. Why not invite to the debate?


  3. Fr McGinnity must surly be able to weave a powerful spell that Christina Gallagher’s supporters still come here and yet still think she operations within the bounds of acceptability, despite all sorts of proofs presented.
    What is their excuse for ignoring what the Archbishop of Tuam says on his website?
    One can only assume they see her as an authority who transcends and is above the authority of the bishops.
    Which is of course, misguided at best, and Heresy if you’re a Director, the same people who are actively facilitating and propagating known falsehoods.
    Their only defence, cheap generalised hyperbolic talk that any judge in the country would instantly dismiss as a waste of his time.


  4. But dialogueireland, Christina Gallagher has needs.


  5. Anonymous two points you forget.
    1. We heard Christina was in the States by reading it on your website. We would have had no idea she was having an operation.
    2. Also you carry on with the nonsense I write for the Sunday World. I have never mentioned sunning herself you need to ask Jim Gallagher about that. I do have direct evidence though she loves shopping in New York.


  6. Anonymous, you have just confirmed that the house of prayer / website published misleading information about Christina Gallagher and Fr Gerard McGinnity’s tour of the houses of prayer in America.


  7. Anonymous, mute point.
    But you’re right, The House of Prayer website isn’t to be taken seriously as a credible source of information.


  8. Christina Gallagher was NOT in the United States when Mr. Garde made that statement. And even is she would have been in Minnesota, it was too cold for sunning oneself.


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