Why did Terry Quinn move to Dundalk?

Perhaps Terry could have a chat with John Boyle of Boylesports about his methodology? Tony Quinn is very strong in Dundalk and Quinn believes he is Jesus. Could this be the synergy of the Century. They both promote a failed notion of wealth.
Yesterday we had the three speakers who we understood were expecting how many? Thomas Cooney if you became a Seventh Day Adventist you could solve your bi location problem.

3 Apostles

Men’s Rescue training day with Pastor’s Tom Cooney and Andy Nugent -100 men by Dec !!!

Can we get a report about the content of these talks?
advert Sept 5

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  1. Dialogue Ireland can confirm that it is receiving private messages asking for these posts to be taken down. Currently we stand over what we have written and invite people to actually respond and reply and not try to use private messages to change what we believe to be fair comment. We will reply to all private mails but if people persist we will just have to ask them to reply in public. We are happy our sources and the links we have given provide the evidence to sustain our case


  2. a quote worth posting ” the love of money is the root of all evil”


  3. Correspondent in Leinster I am getting worried, wait till Munster gets on board


  4. Just to explain I am using research on Adejala because clearly Quinn agrees and may even have modelled himself on him.

    The research piece above gives a back ground to the whole issue of the so called “prosperity gospel”. Although in the video Quinn and Adelaja endeavour to distance themselves from those who “thought only to give to the pastors” they do not land on a biblical foundation but land on a new age “mindfulness” philosophy as peddled by the like of Tony Quinn ( I assume there is no con-sanguinity).


  5. http://www.adelajawatch.com/downloads/Adelaja_Metaphysics_of_Success.pdf

    above is a research piece which may not be read by many as it is long and academic but it makes an interesting observation that Adelaja gives no tangible back up to his teaching but it is rather a missmash of Word Faith Hyper Charismatic stuff. This means it is difficult to nail down his actual belief system except of course it is “self centered”. He is clearly in the Rhema Bible School groove although he never got to go there. Anyway its a great piece of research.


  6. above link gives a general idea of Quinns view. His focus appears to be earthly gain rather than losing his life for Christ.


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