Terry Quinn, Andy Nugent and Thomas Cooney lead seminar September 5th.

Andy Nugent and his wife Trish founded Dundalk Community Church and gave support to a number of people who were appalled at the way the issues of adultery, and sexual assault were covered up by Hassan Boyle over a decade ago. However, now as they are involved with Quinn it looks like they may not share the same prosperity message as Hassan Boyle, but they are deeply involved with the one being presented by Terry Quinn.

They seem to be joined at the hip with Thomas Cooney who knew all about these these things but decided to remain silent.
Terry Quinn is to bring a message of wealth to this community so affected by the recession and he is promising success. Also why is it that people who have seen in concrete terms the collapse of this Prosperity type Church are drawn like moths to it again? Quinn combines this passion for wealth with a his view of the creation a men’s movement to build muscle and defeminise the Church. He is a product of Rhema which is a wealth theology centre.

When you read his links you will find generalities and not a single biblical text or the systematic understanding of the powerful message on economics and its integration which is at the very heart of the message of Jesus. Jesus taught an upside down kingdom not a pyramid scheme for slow learners.

Reaching Men


“To all Christian men of Dundalk”
Men as you read this challenge I ask that you pray and seek God . On Thursday nights we have men from various Churches and we have been blessed that some leaders were present with their men and that we were all in agreement to build this “Revolution ” together with a Two Track focus …….

advert Sept 5

1. Training and Discipling men
2. Reaching the prodigals and the lost.
I attended a meeting in Dublin recently with National leaders and heard first hand reports about the level of hatred towards Christianity and its Truths. The Pro-Life March was met with such hostility and malevolence. A leader shared his experience and his anger that the Christians in this country are ” ASLEEP” . During the referendum we witnessed a level of hatred and rebellion towards Christianity like never before – the contempt and disregard for God and his Word was an insight to how much of a battle is raging.
Recently I attended a Church where a woman shared that God had given her a word and this was the Word. “Proclaim Among the Nations
Prepare for war – Wake up the Mighty Men
Let all the men of war draw near – let them come up ”
( Joel 3v9)
Men we are at war and God is calling you – don’t miss this prophetic wake up call . During the world wars many of the men freely enlisted themselves and many waited to be called up. Either way men had to go to war and fight for their country. We had over 40 men stand to their feet as a covenant commitment to this call. We are believing for 100 men by Christmas – don’t miss ” This call to duty ” and join with us as we prepare and train for Spiritual Combat !!!





Terry Quinn


So please have a look at the links and see if you can see any resemblance to the teachings of the NT? Of course we want you to come back and comment and give the evidence if you feel that we have not addressed the position accurately. What ever you do, do not try to learn about finances from Thomas Cooney.


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  1. Dialogue Ireland can confirm that it is receiving private messages asking for these posts to be taken down. Currently we stand over what we have written and invite people to actually respond and reply and not try to use private messages to change what we believe to be fair comment. We will reply to all private mails but if people persist we will just have to ask them to reply in public. We are happy our sources and the links we have given provide the evidence to sustain our case


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