Can you imagine Bernadette of Lourdes living here? She would have thought she had entered heaven?

Video: Join Millionaires’ Row… Abington mansion in Malahide on the market for €2.2m

Seven-bed mansion in Malahide on the market for €2.2m

Mark Keenan

2014-10-27Christina Airport1The Indo forgot to mention that Christina also owns a house here at Abington. She can’t sell hers. Could it be that the devil has put a stop to her scams? People keep saying this not a big deal anymore, but every week buses arrive from every part of Ireland to allow people to pay homage to the material girl.

One wonders if there is anything she could learn from Bernadette?

bernadetteThis documentary might prove a rewarding contrast to those who are striving to avoid the terrible events Christina has placed before them. Be not afraid…….

Published 21/08/2015 | 02:30

Not an inch of space is wasted at 42 Abington in Malahide.

Until then purchasers spending this sort of cash had pursued eminent old period piles, largely on the southside and mostly with grounds.

So despite the best marketing efforts of builders Parkway, headed by John McCabe Snr, many wondered whether the rich would really fork out large for the privilege of living alongside one another in a new estate – even if the houses were 4,000 sq ft plus and the gardens more than a half acre each.

Dubbed “Millionaires’ Row,” the scheme saw its showhouse purchased by Ronan Keating and then wife Yvonne. They were soon followed by Westlife’s Nicky Byrne with his wife Georgina Ahern and Ireland striker Robbie Keane and his wife Claudine. Another purchaser was former Anglo Irish boss David Drumm, now resident in the USA (builder McCabe was one of his infamous ‘Maple 10’ investors).

But not only did Millionaires’ Row survive, but it has thrived. Even at the worst ebb of the crash in 2010, the price register shows that houses here did not fall below €1.36m. McCabe had cottoned on to the fact that younger financiers, techies and foreign execs didn’t want dusty halls of high pedigree, Adam chimney pieces and stucco ceilings. They wanted home cinemas, modern gyms, double garages and underfloor heating.

Remarkable too is that the Abington estate still looks almost brand new today. The common grounds are immaculately landscaped, the private gardens toparied with precision, while unfussy house designs have stood the test of time.

One of the reception rooms at Abington

The sundeck which overlooks the back garden.

The conservatory at Abington in Malahide
The sundeck which overlooks the back garden.

Late last year, the Keatings (splitting up) had no problems offloading their property here for €2.45m.

Now No.42, has come to market for the first time since its purchase from new. The price is €2.2m. The owners (an Irish business man and his wife) have pretty much raised their family there in the intervening period and are seeking to move closer to the village.

Inside is wholly modern, understated and unapologetically luxurious, with the best of flooring and fittings installed throughout. There are wide beam solid oak floors, an elegant teak carved spiral staircase running up and down through the hall and lots of cream marble tiles.

The bathrooms are Villeroy and Boch, the kitchen is Gaggenau at its most innovative.

The interior design coordinates strongly over all of its floors in a cool, contemporary but also homely and comfortable look.

As a big family home, none of the 5,290 sq ft of accommodation is actually wasted. It’s got seven bedrooms between the garden level and the top floor (with four) and these are particularly generous with ensuites and dressing rooms. As a home for those with a clutch of early to mid teenagers, it’s perfect. Everyone gets a super room and there are plenty of offside gathering and social areas inside and out.

There’s a raised sun deck outside that will accommodate 30 guests standing without an issue. A big drawing room leads into a sun trap conservatory and an extension provides a family tv room with “party pit” style seating in front of a 54in screen – right off the family kitchen and a formal dining area.

Elsewhere on this floor is a luxurious sound-proofed home office suite the size of two regular reception rooms. Downstairs there’s a second office, a suite of useful utility rooms and the teenager’s well-equipped games room/den. There’s underfloor heating and the gardens are just over half an acre.

The kitchen at Abington in Malahide

The kitchen at Abington in Malahide

American or European executives on ‘Ireland duty’ and with family in tow will love it.

42 Abington Malahide, Co Dublin

Asking price: €2.2m

Agent: Sherry FitzGerald Blanc Tel: (01) 8454500

Indo Property

Dialogue Ireland wants to state that this not the property which is owned by Christina Gallagher.

The master bedroom at Abington

39 Responses

  1. Jesus allegedly told her:
    “Soon, the world will be plunged into the black apostasy that will engulf the world…”

    ‘Extortion, which is not limited to the taking of property, involves the verbal or written instillation of fear that something will happen to the victim if they do not comply with the extortionist’s will.’



    The only thing you’d think that should matter and be worth protecting to ‘the people’ is protecting Christina Gallagher’s name, if she really is a prophet. They won’t do this because they can’t.
    And that is thanks to Jim Gallagher’s continued well researched good work.
    If he was wrong in what he was saying, ‘the people’ would have persuaded him and sued years ago. So all you will get instead are silly rants from that complete nobody with no credibility, Pat Coleman, saying it’s all lies. The Irony.
    There have been simply too many accounts over the years of this man’s madman behaviour, which he obviously can’t control. So it is fitting then he is known as Christina Gallagher’s most fanatical supporter.
    No, the most important thing to ‘the people’ is maintaining their flimsy appearance of credibility that they are Catholic, to keep the cash flowing, and passing it on to Gallagher to purchase another large property to hide in. Which is the real purpose of the whole operation, the accumulation of wealth.
    It’s doesn’t matter if what is preached there is blasphemy, as long as it keeps a critical number of followers duped, who they can then extract from.
    When you continue to run and hide your whole life from people who have serious questions to ask, people like Jim Gallagher, it is not a good idea and will never make a good impression.
    Just go ask unimpressed Archbishop Eamon Martin if you don’t believe it.


  3. It is so simple look at Bernadette and you get a sense of grace, look at Christina and you get a sense of cash and carry…jewellery and Gucci.


  4. DI,
    she comes here defending Pat Coleman, the man is a national joke. So by the same logic, informally, ‘the Chinese’ are invading Europe, but formally, they aren’t actually invading at all. It’s the same old brain dead cultic double-think, double-speak, mindset. It’s like trying to break through a ten foot wall with an electric toothbrush.
    Truth is, they’re so deeply involved in Christina Gallagher’s con job there is no honourable way out for them, if he actually ever had any in the first place? (As proven that day in Thurles.) Imagine dedicating your life to such a person. Nauseating.
    Six years after Jim Gallagher published the truth as relayed to him by the many people who knew Christina Gallagher, a woman who became a multimillionaire(the Land Registry proves this is true), for her ‘protection’, who then went on Joe Duffy to tell the country she doesn’t have any money to go to court, to prove her innocence to the world.
    You must then be classed by any standards as special needs to come here and keep supporting her, or actually be a crook yourself with your hand in the cookie jar.
    Woo what a legacy…


  5. Curious this thread is about the contrast between the simplicity of the life of Bernadette and the life of luxury of Christina. Let us try to stay focused on that. Any attempts by New Jersey Proxy to divert from this theme will be deleted. They go on about censorship. They would not allow us to go near their web site.


  6. Anonymous could you confirm that you have had nothing deleted…YET
    If you do not confirm you made an error I will have to ask you to start using your own web site to reply.

    Looks like Dialogue Ireland has deleted my reply


  7. Pat was speaking informally or was it ex cathedra?


  8. Could it be that you had two links or more? Let me clear unless you engage with the thread you will be deleted. You are now spamming us. Over and out


  9. In your case it is because you wish your Irish identity to be hidden. We are not paranoid just clear that we do not need this excuse of hiding your identity on our site


  10. Years ago the story was that that she made her money from sales of her books, then it was that her then husband was a builder.
    They just kept changing the story, Fr McGinnity said, she was staying a friend, etc. What a bunch of amateurs!


  11. ‘the finances of the HoP are separate from CG.’

    I call BS.
    Anonymous said ‘the people’ ie. the directors of the House of Prayer, collected millions through the supporters of the House of Prayer Ltd. and gave said money to Christina Gallagher, for her personal ‘protection’.
    Before Jim Gallagher’s book, the supporters thought their millions were going to be used ‘to save millions of souls’, and not ultimately into Christina Gallagher’s pocket.
    After Jim’s book they had to change their story, who they now ironically say is an ‘agent of the Devil’ etc.
    No wonder Archbishop Eamon Martin says when asked, why are people not following what the Archbishop of Tuam says on his website, is it not clear enough. He doesn’ understand, and I know why, because he hasn’t yet understood the mindset of a cult, one which is trying to claim it is Catholic, while you have at the same time, Fr McGinnity claiming is a private matter to Eamon Martin in private.
    Fr McGinnity is therefore someone who talks out both sides of his mouth.
    And no wonder then poor Eamon rolls his eyes when quoted what Christina says when she pretends to be a prophet.
    It’s all too much for him.


  12. DI,
    the logic is fascinating to read, Christina Gallagher already has numerous walled residents, so what do ‘the people’ decide to do, just to be different this time, and nobody saw it coming, get her yet another one, just in case.
    So, obviously the €250 picture doesn’t work?
    She won’t answer that question.

    Christina Gallagher is actually and factually a multimillionaire, and Pat’s fan sees no contradiction in any of this.
    And not only that, we are expected to shut up going on about it, and go along with ‘Our Lady’s’ plan.
    Welcome to the deluded world of a Christina Gallagher cult groupie.


  13. The Immaculate Deception.
    page 114-115.
    Testimony of Mick McCrory :

    Another clue, that should have warned him that she was not all that she appeared to be, was her drinking. He travelled with her by plane once and was shocked at the way she knocked back the alcohol. ‘She was spending up a storm and I excused it at the time because of her ‘suffering’. The drinks trolley would come along and she would be buying up the stuff. I was embarrassed for her. I had heard she liked the drink but I had never seen evidence until I saw her on the plane. Other people had told me she drank a lot.’
    She was spotted in Dunnes Stores in Castlebar buying two big boxes of booze and paying for it with a House of Prayer cheque. ‘Why is a visionary buying cartloads of alcohol and gifts? All this stuff must have gone to her home, because there is no alcohol in the House of Prayer,’ he said.


  14. ‘Our Lady expected the people to put in place a refuge?’

    How do you know that, except only through, again, Christina Gallagher herself.
    You’re so blinded you can’t see your digging a hole for yourself, but please, keep going. ..


  15. For the Spiritual Prostitute
    Anyone can read the words of Our Lady, the messages are all published. You refer to Pat Coleman who was clearly speaking informally about the works that had been done. Obviously Our Lady never said the words ‘get the money together’ but how else do you think Our Lady expected the people to put in place a refuge? The works requested by Our Lady don’t come out of thin air!! Our Lady expects Her children to be generous in carrying out Her requests and the people responded to her request. It was easy to see that it was necessary to give protection to Christina and as time has passed the people felt it become very necessary and when people read the hatred from ones like you it is very very necessary indeed.


  16. Di,
    to answer your question, I would say Christina Gallagher will be the one to decide if he can meet Kevin Symonds, such is the nature of cults, she calls the shots, and then try to pass it off that it was ‘Our Lady’ who will decide on the matter.
    Fr McGinnity has already told Archbishop Eamon Martin that what he does in his spare time is a private matter, so it could go either way. And he is actually right too :

    ‘In 2008, the Archbishop of Tuam, Michael Neary, distanced the archdiocese from the House of Prayer, stating its work was “entirely of a private nature and carries no ecclesiastical approval whatever”.’

    To spell it out to ecclesiastically illiterate people like Anonymous above, that means it’s not Catholic, no matter how much she what’s us to believe she is a credible withness. Any more than Pat Coleman ever will be, they need to keep him away from cameras where he can’t be quoted.
    And make no mistake, if he wasn’t caught on camera, they’d be now denying he ever said such a thing, again, such is the nature of cults.
    What a sad sorry mess.


  17. Looks like Dialogue Ireland has deleted my reply to the Spiritual Prostitute. Mike doesn’t much like the truth represented on here!


  18. ‘Mrs Gallagher owns only one house.’

    Anonymous, when I refer to myself as ‘Spiritual Prostitute’, I’m being ironic.


  19. Anyone can access the internet via a proxy and just because I have doesn’t mean that I am all the other people who have ever posted on this blog via proxy. Your thinking on proxy use is fairly paranoid. You seem get round to talking about it every time you don’t like the sound of the truth.


  20. ‘we, the people, felt it necessary to put in place a protection for her. We did this freely and knowingly and we legally declared so in writing. This house acquired by her in Malahide’

    ‘Our Lady said to get money together to get her a, (house)…and Our Lady did guide her to the house in Malahide and the people did put the money together for her to buy the house in England.’
    Pat Coleman.

    Which is it?


  21. Anonymous Proxy has moved state and is now in New Jersey
    City Location: Matawan
    Amazing travel speed. They say I believe in the houses of Prayer. A decade of houses…
    Pray for me in the hour of my sale.
    Sale this prayer
    Knockmore real home
    Newport Rd- this one is a bit?//??????
    City West pray that I may give all I have and follow Christ.
    Have I been placed amongst thieves? Pray that my wall and electronic devices keep my guilt away.
    Sligo Road near Judges Garage. Give me the mental ability to distinguish between a HOP and a house of sin.
    Kansas, Texas, Steubenville liberated! Florida, Wisconsin I can’t keep paying.


  22. The ‘Spiritual Prostitute’ stated : “.. herself who asked for and received millions to be put at her disposal, that she said that the Virgin Mary asked for that…”

    This has never happened. This is false. Christina never asked for any money to be put at her disposal and she did not say that Our Lady asked for this either. Our Lady’s messages merely request works to be done and CG delivers the message. I am certainly not brainwashed and I kindly ask you to respect my right to believe in the messages of Our Lady through Christina without insult.


  23. SP so far we can only deduce the “The People,” are in fact an Anonymous Proxy. Not a great dialogue partner. Am going to propose a debate between Fr McGinnity and Kevin Symonds in regard that the HOP is a Catholic operation. Do you think they have the bottle to accept?


  24. Listen here, It was Christina Gallagher herself who asked for and received millions to be put at her disposal, that she said that the Virgin Mary asked for that, is blasphemy. You are trying to circumvent that fact and you are too brainwashed by her cult to see that.

    In the speech below Christina Gallagher’s work is described as ‘Spiritual Pornoghaphy’, you should take it up it up with him.
    The truth hurts.


  25. My reply is directed to the self-proclaimed Spiritual Prostitute!
    SP, it is very simple and straight-forward. Our Lady’s messages are published for all to read. There you will find how Our Lady asked that a refuge be put in place for CG. The people who decided to answer this request are fully and legally entitled to do this and have given their names to a solicitor regarding this. It seems to me that they do not need to answer to you, a self proclaimed spiritual prostitute.

    The House of Prayer is part of CG’s mission. That is a fact however the finances of the HoP are separate from CG. In that regard she is separate from the HoP which is no doubt what she was referring to on the Joe Duffy show who was asking her about such.


  26. Anonymous,
    repudiate/address the published facts in court, or suck it up.
    We know you have the money to proceed legally, and always have, but of course the people of the House of Prayer can’t go for a pee unless Christina Gallagher says so first.
    The properties were bought because the words uttered to do so came from Christina Gallagher’s very mouth.
    It’s public record.
    So much for Pat Coleman and Christina Gallagher’s public claim to the country that she has nothing to do with the House of Prayer.


  27. Mike Garde, your blog is horrific unrestricted character assassination, harassment and hatred. You should see someone before your hatred devours you. Maybe it is too late.


  28. DI, it’s actually this simple. The known facts of Christina Gallagher’s life, that she is a fornicater, adulter, proven liar, mega materialistic, foul mouthed, ego maniacal, boozer, etc, etc.
    Who associates with people like Jim Lynn and Pat Coleman who tried to say are lies who they themselves were personally involved in the handling of huge sums of money to further enrich Christina Gallagher.
    All this is irreconcilable with her being and sort of Godly Prophet.
    As far as the current Church hierarchy is now concerned, and anyone else not under she spell, she has no credibility.
    The possibility of any sort of recognition is dead.
    And she won’t be brought up in any polite conversation, willingly, by them.
    It’s too embarrassing. It’s a problem they are hoping will just go away.
    What a legacy, what shame for those affected who are on the fringes.


  29. Cricky! This Pat Coleman character sounds like someone who won’t be submitting to any Bishop any time soon, unless of course he thought there might be something materialistiically substantial to be got out of it.
    Yes, more like someone with unresolved emotional issues, who would actually expect his bishop to come and bow to him while said bishop having to endure to his entertainingly uneducated, but for him deep special personal insights, on Christina Gallagher and the Chinese. And basically how he is always right and all the bishops were wrong all along.
    Mad stuff, but simple really.


  30. SP you are right but the cosy consensus where the Catholic Church believes it has done all it can do about the House of Prayer.
    We are showing that wealth and immorality mean she has nullified her claim to be a visionary.


  31. To think that for every elder abuser like CG, that there are people who come here and defend it. It does make you wonder what they are like in their own personal lives?
    It just can’t be good…


  32. dialogueireland, yes, but timing is everything.

    But I’ll tell you what, if I was married prophet (or even an unmarried one) and somebody wrote a book saying I had a tacky hotel bedroom affair with a hedonistic hairy homeless heartthrob hippie. I’d sue.
    (This is an extreme example of Christina Gallagher hubris, that she did all that, in front of her genuinely religious best friend. As she thought she would get away with it)



    A review of Jim Gallagher’s book,
    The Immaculate Deception.
    Shocking and heartbreaking.

    By Jacinta – October 1, 2014
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    ‘It’s not often I read a book and gasp and go “Oh my goodness” in shock at each page, but this book caused just that. Reading how Christina Gallagher is revealed by people who once worked with her to have practically never gone to Mass and yet claims to be a holy visionary, is shocking in itself, but the most heartbreaking thing is to read how people have been scammed into donating their money to her cause – money that went into Gallagher’s own pockets. When you’re a messenger of God, should you really need BMWs and several mansions to live in, and Prada and Gucci? This book is thoroughly researched and very well-written. I have recommended it on Facebook and Twitter, and hope to see this book make its way around the world and continue to expose Christina Gallagher as the fake she is.’

    (Futher proof that we know that the book is true is the fact that she went on Joe Duffy and had to lie, and say the reason why she didn’t sue Jim Gallagher was because she didn’t have the money. And when Pat Coleman also goes on Joe Duffy defending her, you just know there and then that this man has got to be something quite special. Special needs. Not exactly someone you could trust.)


  34. Spiritual Prostitute, did you ever think of putting up the section about Christina’s little tryst in England? The people went and met the man. Christina got together with Chalkie.


  35. Remember, she went on Joe Duffy and said she had nothing to do with the House of Prayer, and Pat Coleman said the exact same thing.
    If that’s not a cult double think mindset, I don’t know what is.
    The brazenness of these people.


  36. Anonymous Proxy HOP Rochester NY

    dialogue ireland said “The Indo forgot to mention that Christina also owns a house here at Abington” You forgot to mention that it was the people who bought this property as a refuge for Christina.

    Could you define who the people are? Can you tell us who is the beneficial owner?
    Pull the other one, if the people bought it for her, Christina succumbed to the devil and gave into the temptation of wealth. Are you telling me that she is happy to take the donations of those unduly influenced members money and live in luxury? Not only that but travel with Gucci hand bags and jewelerry when she is supposed to be a humble visionary. It does not matter who gave her the house she is a walking contradiction of the life style of a visionary. Her obvious wealth indicates she is not a genuine visionary. Also her sexual escapades in England also mean the Church has no requirement to look into her visions. She is dead in the water.

    This refuge was spoiled by you and other stalkers.

    It was spoilt because she was caught with hands in the cookie jar. She is fake and living off elder abuse.

    Where she lives now offers her protection from your like and the people have openly stated that they provided this house for her.

    Where she lives now is again a contradiction of the life of a visionary. Watch the Bernadette movie if you still have difficulty understanding.

    Where she lives now offers her protection from your like and the people have openly stated that they provided this house for her.

    It is interesting to see who she has as neighbours now. Read article above. The people is a small cabal of people who control the massive fortune. They include as heir apparent Pat Coleman the stalker of Thurles. Jim Lynn from Greystones. We can arrange for you to submit to the Archbishop of Tuam. I am sure that if you repent and ask the bishop for a new start we could sell the houses and give some of the money to the families who have handed up the cash under pain of hell and other absurdities.

    The only thing you got right was that the house you featured here in photographs has nothing whatsoever to do with Christina.

    Basically these houses are similar. Here is her own pad and the absolute luxury plus thousands spent on additional items. I have eye witness testimony.
    How you have the neck to come on here and prostitute your conscience is mind boggling


  37. The Immaculate Deception, by Jim Gallagher.


    The Investigations Begin

    ‘There is such a thing as a cult mentality, and there are people who fall into it easily. If you question some of her supporters they just explode.’

    So how did the investigation into Christina Gallagher begin? It all started with a phone call in March 2007.
    A woman, who would only give her first name, rang me to say a group of people, all former devotees of the House of Prayer on Achill Island, wanted to talk to a reporter. She said they were very disturbed about what was going on at the prayer centre and that they had all recently distanced themselves from it. The woman said they had lost faith in the founder, Christina Gallagher, who appeared to be living well beyond her means.

    Mike McCrory, clearly a deeply religious man, did most of the talking, telling me how he had once been so devoted to Christina Gallagher that he and his wife left their home in the US, to live next to the House of Prayer. In recent months he had become very suspicious about Gallagher’s lifestyle, and also felt disquite at the climate of fear and mistrust that pervaded the supposedly holy house.
    The other couple were not so concerned about Gallagher’s apparent material wealth, but by what they saw as her increasingly heretical views. Traditional Catholics, they were shocked by Gallagher’s message that anyone who supported her Houses of Prayer in Ireland and America would be saved in the next life. This was against all the teachings of the Church, they said, which preached the importance of prayer and good works to earn a place in heaven. Gallagher also claimed that anyone wearing the her Matrix medal would be saved when Judgement Day came. The couple thought this was absurd.
    Then, finally, towards the end of 2007, the first big break came when McCrory discovered that Gallagher had bought a massive new house on Corroy, outside Ballina. McCrory was horrified by the purchase, especially since he had paid money into the Blue Ivory Truth to buy her previous home, because it was allegedly too big and too expensive to run.
    He had contributed €1,000 to the fund even though he had little money to spare. He paid by a Bank of Ireland cheque and signed it to the Blue Ivory Trust. He had not seen anything suspicious in Gallagher’s plan for a shine to herself while she was still very much alive.
    He was in utter disbelief. He drove to the remote area and ended up talking to a member of the family who sold the property to Gallagher. He was told that Gallagher paid nearly €850,000 for the mansion, complete with electronic gates and driveway, but had since spent a fortune refurbishing it.

    (Yes, this is clearly a woman who cannot afford to go to court, but not for the reasons she wants her supporters to believe.)


  38. Anonymous Jim,
    ‘the people’ did what they did because Christina Gallagher said that ‘Our Lady’ said to do it. Pat Coleman a director of The House of Prayer confirmed that on camera on the Cults of Ireland documentary.
    That’s reason enough right there for The Catholic Church not to take any of her claims seriously.
    And proof enough for the vast majority of the people of Ireland to realise that she is a con artist of the vulnerable old gullible etc.


  39. dialogue ireland said “The Indo forgot to mention that Christina also owns a house here at Abington”
    You forgot to mention that it was the people who bought this property as a refuge for Christina. They have made clear statements about this. They had every right to do this and it was done according to the law. It was from exactly your type of hatred and harassment that the people wanted to protect her however this refuge was spoiled by you and other stalkers. Where she lives now offers her protection from your like and the people have openly stated that they provided this house for her.

    The only thing you got right was that the house you featured here in photographs has nothing whatsoever to do with Christina.


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