The House of Prayer Accounts for the year ending 2014.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

The most interesting statement from the Directors Report is the following:

Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer, (Achill ) Limited faces competition from other organisations.

It is not clear to whom this applies? There is no local opposition so one can only assume this refers to the Catholic Church or to Knock which represents the only real threat? However, we will await their pronouncement to explain their position.

House of Prayer Accounts
The accounts show little of any interest or use. Wages are running at around 200k and we note 8.5k due on PAYE at year end which indicate extra payments at year end it being December, so the amount due would spike . They are not providing for tax as they had losses coming forward which covered the profit in 2014, that profit was a result of donations moving up by 211,532 in the year. No explanation is given for the increase.

With regards to taxation the auditors have added a note regarding a potential liability. Their charitable exemption was removed in March 2006, and despite ongoing discussions has not been restored.

In the event it is not resolved they estimate a bill of €125,000 plus penalties and interest.
We note with interest that as far as being a charity the fact that it is now nearly 10 years since they lost their status is a very issue for an organisation which pretends to have access to private revelation. We are very confused as to why the Catholic maintains it can do nothing about this group. They have developed a very illogical construct which is this. They don’t recognise it, so in their view they have no responsibility for it.
These two basic points are sufficient to bring this farce to an end:
The negative criteria are as follows:

1. Evidence of a gain of profit strictly connected to the fact.
2. The alleged visionary or followers commit gravely im¬moral acts at the time of the alleged revelation or on their occasion.

We have the well researched book by Jim Gallagher, Immaculate Deception which showed the money trail, the life of luxury by Christina and the involvement by Fr McGinnity in fundraising. There is the clear evidence of faking the stigmata and sexual impropriety in England.
These are sufficient grounds to end this and declare Christina a dud. Catholics should be actively warned to avoid her and the rebellious priest Fr Gerard McGinnity.
Pic Fr McGinnity

The accounts show a total wage bill of €221,344 and an average of 4 admin and 4 house staff. This would give an average wage of €27668 but is more likely weighted with one person getting more.

The overheads apart from wages are moderate

2014 income is €534,432 compared to 2013 income of €242,908.

2014 donations are €449,212 compared to 2013 donations of €158,954.

Net inflow of cash from operating activities 2014 is +€180,080.
Net inflow of cash from operating activities in 2013 is -€143,980.

Cash at bank at 31/12/2014 is €237,093.
Cash at bank at 31/12/2013 is €57,013.

Total reserves on 31/12/2014 is €1,775,409.
Total reserves on 31/12/2013 is €1,649,329.

Sale of religious objects in 2014 is €85,218.
Sale of religious objects in 2013 is €83,954.

14 Responses

  1. I have no information on DFOT. If you are in touch with Kevin you know more than I do.


  2. I thought you were also referring to DFOT losing their charitable status. Did I misunderstand?


  3. I’m referring to DFOT.


  4. As for their non profit status, did they lose it here in the US or just in Ireland. I don’t know how those things work.

    Are you now referring to the House of Prayer or Direction for our Times?
    If the former in 2006.

    As for their non profit status, did they lose it here in the US or just in Ireland. I don’t know how those things work.

    As you may know John Rooney who was the main financial guy of the HofP in the states defected a few years ago. I am not aware of their charitable status in the States.


  5. Yes I’m familiar with Kevin’s articles and just got his book. I’m very familiar with this group as someone close to me is involved with a member of their staff. Lots of red flags. As for their non profit status, did they lose it here in the US or just in Ireland. I don’t know how those things work.


  6. Maggie I have a section on them on our blog but in reality have heard nothing about them here at all.

    My suggestion is to contact Kevin Symonds who is very well informed about them. You will find a reference to his book on our site which is very relevant to private revelation.


  7. I know they do have speaking engagements in Ireland and they run adult formation retreats and that School of Holiness for young adults every summer. It was my understanding that their books are displayed at churches there. I think their presence is more prevalent here because of money? Did they lose their non profit status in the US also?


  8. Maggie I see where you are located you are concerned about Direction for our Times, however, they are not competition and know one knows they exist in Ireland except the local bishop who has swallowed her stuff hook line and sinker. If you have evidence to the contrary let us know?


  9. Can you tell me when this happened?


  10. Maggie they have lost their charitable status and as you may have missed will have a hefty tax bill soon, as they are not a charity but a business.


  11. They also seem to have a lot of money and somehow have maintained their non profit status


  12. As for competing organizations, they are probably referring to Direction for our Times, Anne a lay apostle. They did just purchase that Norbetine Abbey. With the notorious pedophile priest buried on the grounds.


  13. @criminologist the accounts are certified by Michael Kelly & Co Certified Public Accountants as being ” free from material misstatement whether by fraud error” . presumably sufficient checks were done.


  14. HOP accounts ? what accounts as they say paper never refused ink and as cash is king the HOP with no charitable status for this scam they can declare what ever they like and cash can go into a black hole created by fraudsters.


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