The controversial House of Prayer at Achill Island which lost its charitable status in 2006 is rolling in cash

House of Prayer returns to profit as donations increase

The centre’s total income increased by 120%, from €242,908 to €534,432. Included in the revenue income is the sale of religious objects which increased marginally from €83,954 to €85,218.

During 2014, the centre spent €12,852 on the purchase of religious objects and this was a decrease on the spend of €15,446 in 2013.

The House of Prayer was founded by religious visionary, Christina Gallagher in 1993 and is part of a wider unofficial Catholic group.

The directors state that the principal activity of the firm “could be described as a place to establish, maintain and conduct a house of prayer”.

In 2008, the Archbishop of Tuam, Michael Neary, distanced the archdiocese from the House of Prayer, stating its work was “entirely of a private nature and carries no ecclesiastical approval whatever”.

In the firm’s directors’ report, they state that “in common with many companies operating in Ireland in this sector, the company is facing increasing difficulty in generating income due to the current economic difficulties”.

The report states: “The directors are of the opinion that the company is well positioned to manage these difficulties”.

Operating in the service sector, the company said it can be affected by factors outside its control such as consumer spending power.

It said it “faces competition from other organisations, however, the directors feel the steps they have taken will ensure the continued survival of the organisation”.

The losses, last year, take account of combined non-cash depreciation costs of €37,737. The book value of the firm’s land and buildings was €1.372m at the end of December last. The firm’s cash pile increased sharply from €57,013 to €237,093.

The members of the board are listed as Karla O’Kane, Bernice Marsh, Patrick Coleman, Josephine Butler, Marie Egan and Philomena Grenham.

The Revenue Commissioners stripped the company of its charitable status in 2006, therefore forcing the centre to treat all its donations as income.

The centre did not have anyone available to comment yesterday.

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15 Responses

  1. Postman Pat

    Sean from Bray (not actually Sean from Bray, but Jim Lynn from Greystones),

    It is interesting that you are able to read this guy without having his IP. I can say you are right as I have checked his UIP this morning. We have warned him for years. He tries to pollute other threads with his issues and avoids addressing things. He will be exposed or deleted. I am also keeping a file to send to the Gardai at the appropriate time in regard to his attempt a former member.


  2. He calls it…Spiritual Pornography


  3. dialogueireland, this Christina Gallagher character is clearly Ireland’s version of Peter Popoff. The parallels are most striking!


  4. Curious old Jim has a visceral hatred of Jim Gallagher. Why? Because in his book Jim shows Bishop Neary that he does not need to evaluate Christina’s visions. Why? Because there is clear evidence she has enriched herself. Then she in the presence of a witness went England to meet a guy. A former supporter spilt the beans. These are sufficient reason for the Catholic Church to drop her like a hot potato.


  5. ‘Seven years ago a pathetic self-confessed enemy of The House of Prayer published his views that it would probably not last until the summer of that year.’

    Sean, I take it so you have read Jim Gallagher’s book?
    Are there any plans to challenge it by The House of Prayer Ltd?
    Now that we know you have the money, are you going to put the whole thing to rest?
    I know if I was a fanatical True Believer like you, and had the means, that’s what I’d be doing.
    It’s a curious thing…


  6. Sean, you’re all over the place, which is it that you feel, delight or pity?
    (Answer : It depends on the amount of whiskey consumed, and hence, thereafter, the time of day.)

    Christina Gallagher is an international con artist, it has been deeply humiliating for the ex followers who now know the unbelievable awful ugly truth, and did not know or heed The Catholic Church’s warnings about this sordid individual.
    Christina’s legacy is reassured thanks to Jim Gallagher, thankfully. It seems you need to be constantly reminded of that.
    Kathleen O Sullivan from Listowel is an excellent example of someone who saw the light.
    Your move, sean.


  7. You DELIGHT me by your exposing yourself as the editor under MANY names…..and you are reacting exactly as I want you to…and you are nearly exactly where I want you to be….and you are exposing yourself and your blog as the site of no values other than lies and hatred….and as you have repeatedly published lies which you recieved as gossip, or lies you yourself fabricated about Jim Lynn….so I can with justification call you …LIAR….and hope this testimony as to your LYING NATURE gives comfort to all those other organisations and individuals you chose to vilify….
    Let’s see you post this one f/loch


  8. Sean, God I do love a good rant!
    Any chance of another one?


  9. dialogueireland,
    when the chips are down, why would a humble prophet associate with a man like Jim Lynn of Greystones?


  10. Sean of Greystones your testimony is so moving I am going to put in a bid for the Malahide house.


  11. Sean from Bray (not actually Sean from Bray, but Jim Lynn from Greystones),
    a man who takes a perverse pleasure in legally threatening ex-members who speak out about the true nature/purpose of The House Ltd. A man doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. A man who held a million+ euro property in his name, according to the Land Registry, until they thought the dust would settle, for multimillionaire, Christina Gallagher her very self. Millions, millions which were acquired through her self-proclaimed ability to have a two-way conversation with, Jesus and his Mother. I call BS, on this said self proclaimed ability.

    Jim, I’m with the bishops on this one :

    ‘In 2008, the Archbishop of Tuam, Michael Neary, distanced the archdiocese from the House of Prayer, stating its work was “entirely of a private nature and carries no ecclesiastical approval whatever”.’

    Christina Gallagher came on the radio and told Joe Duffy, and the whole country that she didn’t have any money and that that was the reason she wasn’t going defending her name against Jim Gallagher who wrote the well researched book, The Immaculate Deception.
    This seedy woman has proven herself a brazen liar time and time again, and that is why she won’t go court.
    No wonder you feel the need to defend her, religiously.


  12. criminologist and posttman….like you also cannot believe YOUR luck to have a site likethis that revels and embraces hatred towards The House of Prayer.
    YOUR dreadful accusations, without any shred of evidence show YOU for what you are and for waht you represent.
    Against ANY work of good, there will be attacks from the dark side, manipulating weak vulnerable souls.
    Seven years ago a pathetic self-confessed enemy of The House of Prayer published his views that it would probably not last until the summer of that year.
    Most of the most vitriolic voices against The House of Prayer have never been there. They grasp the gutter press version as their gospel.
    BUT in recent times many people from all over Ireland have slowly being taking the action of going to The House of Prayer to see for themselves what happens there…..and it is no surprise that many are shocked to find that it is a place of joy, happiness, healing and where great Graces flow…..
    Every week there are so many first time visitors and people returning after a time away due to false media reports.
    Any time I ever am confronted by people with hatred towards my religion and all the sacred things that are only available in the Catholic Church, I look at the credentials and the values of those who present this hatred. And guess what…..I really PITY you….and I beg God our Father to heal the hurts and this hatred …..which I suspect you cannot even begin to explain…BUT….
    This is a fact….The House of Prayer, against all opposition, hatred, lies, and the gospel of gossip….has prevailed and WILL prevail.


  13. criminologist, when they come into people’s lives and property, and threaten people with personal disaster and damnation, in this world and the other, it’s a formula for financial success.
    And it’s Fr Gerard McGinnity, parish priest of Knockbridge of county Louth’s involvement which lends credence and credibility to this outrageous fraud, preaching a toxic cocktail of same.
    Some do it because they become so brainwashing, and then there are others, already ready-made elder abusers, before they had arrived on the scene.
    For them, they can’t believe there luck, that such a place as The House of Prayer Ltd exists, and that they didn’t find the place sooner.
    Beware the dye in the wool fraudster among the brainwashed people.
    The poisonous mantra that ‘Our Lady’ is present at this House Ltd in a very special way, to get people to go there, and offers protect etc along with completely false claims that a certain very expensive picture also offers protection. Proof that it is all untrue is Christina Gallagher her very self, needing multiples millions to ‘get away from it all’ in huge luxurious multiple residents, all paid for through coercion. All this is of course decreed by ‘Our Lady’, and the only reason we know that it’s true, is because Christina said that Our Lady said it was, and nobody else felt they were in a position to disprove that it was said. As you can’t prove a negative, right?
    All heresy and here-say by an absurd woman, who actually isn’t worth investigating by the Catholic Church, because of her personal material gain from her empty claims.
    If Catholics want to pray, there is a Church in every parish, and Knock if they want to actually be closest to Our Lady.


  14. I would like to see the Revenue go over their figures with forensic analysis ?
    How many sets of books or bank accounts do these fraudsters have ?
    Cash can disappear into a black hole unaccounted for.


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