Victory Outreach Outrage

We reported last week evidence of an invasion of Ireland by VO forces. It seems when you are confronted by evidence which is uncomfortable you divert attention by taking some unrelated action. This fires up the troops and takes their mind off the subject. In other words argument weak shout loud.

Countries like Russia invade smaller States to divert attention from trouble at home. Following publication of this post Paul Lloyd made comments on Facebook which kept avoiding the issues at hand, namely the issues surrounding the abuse of addicts. When confronted by a friend of mine on Facebook he thought it was journalist and that I had set him up. Needless to say the question was what was their treatment plan for addicts. It was for such an obvious question he blocked me on Facebook. Now they are having a drama at Liberty Hall which is not necessary as they still have a drama related to Valdez which has not been staged. It is unlikely to receive rave reviews.

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