Victory Outreach is invading Ireland, the Netherlands and England

As the public knows we reported that we found major problems in Ireland and a lack of transparency by VOI. When you don’t want to address issues there is a good way to avoid things. How? Invade countries and charge an inordinate amount.
How can you share your faith and call it an invasion?

2 Responses

  1. I would be surpraise if that will happen, A meeting with DI will be far from their priorities.
    They have close ranks so as not tobe accountable for their part in what has shamed the Gosple. I am sure that DI have some unanswer question to help with their report and VO accountability to the christian community, But VO is a law unto itself. 2/cor10 v12


  2. This is one way of VOI trying to detract from the negative press it has recently received. An invasion costing the ‘foot solider’ $1400, then there are the air fares to be paid on top of that. Sure it’s high visibility ‘evangelism’ with lots of shouting and drama, but what happens in September, October and November when the dust has settled? Who knows, maybe a meeting with DI might be next.


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