The House of Prayer: How long will the cries of the families not be heard by the leaders in the Church?

We received this request for help from the USA last week in our comment section. However, we find that these cries for help are very familiar and nothing is being done to assist these folks.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

Vulnerable Adult

Submitted on 2015/07/15 at 2:39 pm

Hi, I’m from the U.S.A. and my mother has been a follower of Christina Gallagher for at least 8 years. Her involvement with the House of Prayer has caused much suffering and heartache in our family not to mention the money she has spent buying the various trinkets and doomsday prep. She prays at every available minute she has at the expense of her health and relationship to her children and family. She visits the House of Prayers in Kansas and Texas often. She recently convinced and took a bus of a group from the local Catholic Vietnamese parish to visit the Kansas HOP. I read from a Our Lady of Peace newsletter that she brought home from her recent visit that Christina Gallagher will make a visit to the U.S. this late September and October. My family and I have been extremely concern with her heavy involvement with Christina Gallagher for awhile now and don’t know what to do. Now that she has been convincing others to follow Christina Gallagher, I’m so sad and concern that other families will be going through the same heartache if their family member began to follow Christina Gallagher. I don’t want other families to go through what we are going through. Has anyone have any involvement or experiences with the HOPs in the U.S.A.? Concerned for a vulnerable Adult

Here is another case dating back to November 2009 and again we are being asked for help. We are being told that the Catholic Church can do nothing. Is it time to say enough is enough?

Father Fintan Monahan gave me your name and email address

My mother (80 years old) and brother (48 years old and “challenged”) have been caught up with nasty, dark revelations from the House of Prayer. They have traveled to Achill Ireland and to different chain houses in the US.

After years of believing and being pressured for donations, they are still smitten with this group.

It appears to me that this is a cult, one that scares its followers into believing and donating money to stay afloat.

They appear to target people such as my mother and brother – the elderly or impaired. Very unfortunate.

Father Monahan suggested I contacted you – I hope you may be able to share some insight into breaking the “spell” of Christina Gallagher and her entourage

Thank you.

Good morning Mike

I have not heard from the Archdiocese of Armagh – and I do not suspect I

I will reach out the Archdiocese here in xxxxxxx in the next few
weeks and see if they will intervene on my behalf

The best way to reach me is my cell phone, listed below

Then we received this email from Sean Garvey an ordinary Catholic who can’t understand why the Catholic church will not intervene. He gave us permission to publish.

4 Devon Mews
18th July 2015

C.C. Dr Michael Neary

House Of Prayer Achill

Dear Dr. Martin,

I’m a late ‘convert’ to Jim Gallagher’s book Immaculate Deception which documents in detail all the shenanigans in Christina’s Gallagher’s House of Prayer in Achill for nearly twenty five years. As a happy and fulfilled Catholic I have to honestly admit it filled me with a profound sense of disgust that someone could knowingly and deliberately dupe the general public for so long. It seems to me that the church, by her virtual silence in this period has given Christine Gallagher a free and open hand to continue in her greed-cantered ‘mission’. In essence, this silence may be only understood when we read the parable of the darnel in Matthew’s gospel. The pastors of our churches may be afraid that if they come right out and openly criticise in an honest and forthright way this ‘suspect heavenly initiative’ that they will undermine the ordinary faith and morals of the faithful and possibly do irreparable damage. My questions are these: What is the lesser of two evils: To allow her to continue as she stands spreading her heresies or to stand back and do nothing? Remember, neither Christina Gallagher or Fr Gerard McGinnitty are going to live forever and their passing for many will leave a huge void of sorts. Also, who will then be left with the pastoral care of these members of the faithful in the event of such a fall out?

Pic Fr McGinnity

To conclude, in the context of action versus inaction I am reminded of that brilliant article in The Furrow in October 1983 by Fr Noel Dermot O’ Donoghue O.D.C. titled The Cult Phenomenon and subtitled The Community in Question where he cites quite clearly, I quote: My not doing leaves room for the doing of someone else and this clearly includes damage to faith and morals.

Finally, it is high time that our church leaders made a decision to stand up to the plate in a true leadership role as Christ would expect and not be led astray by false prophets.

Lastly, we are all going to have to give an account of our actions some day and the shepherds will be asked how did you address this matter on your watch. The time for action is now.
Yours Sincerely,

Sean Garvey.

Sean later sent us these readings for today as highly relevant.

First reading Jeremiah 23:1-6 ©

‘Doom for the shepherds who allow the flock of my pasture to be destroyed and scattered – it is the Lord who speaks! This, therefore, is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says about the shepherds in charge of my people: You have let my flock be scattered and go wandering and have not taken care of them. Right, I will take care of you for your misdeeds – it is the Lord who speaks! But the remnant of my flock I myself will gather from all the countries where I have dispersed them, and will bring them back to their pastures: they shall be fruitful and increase in numbers. I will raise up shepherds to look after them and pasture them; no fear, no terror for them any more; not one shall be lost – it is the Lord who speaks!

‘See, the days are coming – it is the Lord who speaks –

when I will raise a virtuous Branch for David,

who will reign as true king and be wise,

practising honesty and integrity in the land.

In his days Judah will be saved

and Israel dwell in confidence.

And this is the name he will be called:


26 Responses

  1. SM, Of course we disagree with your views, but that is not the point. It is that you are attacking the victims and minimising the role of Christina. The worse bit is you are not even aware you are doing it. In case you have not read our reports, you will note the bishops are discussing the House of Prayer at their meeting next week. Also the Director is meeting the Archbishop of Armagh in November after years of trying to get some action. Have you left for Achill yet?


  2. Dialogue Ireland, You want to remove my comments because you don’t agree with what I have said? Do you understand the meaning of dialogue? Are you only dialoguing with yourself? Are you not doing what Christina and her minions are doing, suppressing discussion?

    Or is it only D.I. that knows what its talking about regarding religious cults?

    You referred to my thinking as confused. I don’t see D.I. being able to rid us of Christina Gallagher. Only a handful of people comment here, the rest content to just let her get on with her scamming.

    Have you stopped her? Have you received the undivided attention and action of the Church regarding her scamming?

    What is it you actually do? Join me outside the gates of the HoP in Achill. Two people are way better than 1.

    Call the Mayo News before you arrive and let’s get it into the media that people are fed up and want rid of it and her. It’s not difficult.

    All else is just armchair warriors complaining.


  3. SMcCaffrey if you do not respond to our answers to you and you persist in the type of diatribe you have left here we will move them. You again say you oppose the HofP, but then this is what you write about the victims.

    I think Im safe in saying most of her followers are of an age where they should know better. I think it’s also safe to say that her followers have at least a modicum of understanding of Catholicism and should know better. They don’t. They are seeking something and she seems to fill a void in their life. How come the Church doesn’t fill that void? Is it a void of persons who are deranged, gullible, naive, needy? What’s the Church doing for these people so that they don’t fall for predators?

    We answered you in detail and you have come back and poured more fuel on the fire. As I wrote earlier if you persist in treating vulnerable adults in this way we will have to move your comments to the bin.

    There’s more than 4 legged sheep in Achill and further afield. As for spiritual risk, is what she is doing any worse than the fornicators, the adulterers, the liars and thieves who attend Mass/Communion and walk out of chapel only to carry out the same deeds? I don’t know. I know she will get her just desserts for misleading people.

    Here is further evidence of your confused thinking.


  4. SMcCaffrey we see you are back but have not responded to our reply to your last missive. This first comment is a rather rambling missive which is very confused likely like yourself as you end on this note having again poured contempt on the victims.
    What planet are you on?

    Do good and God will reward you. Leave Christina to God.

    Having called for actions in the end it is just another cop out. Please answer our questions, or we will let you ramble on.


  5. Using God to amass wealth/power or both is one of the oldest scams known to man. While I find the woman and her “house” reprehensible, there are many like her and where does one start?

    I think Im safe in saying most of her followers are of an age where they should know better. I think it’s also safe to say that her followers have at least a modicum of understanding of Catholicism and should know better. They don’t. They are seeking something and she seems to fill a void in their life. How come the Church doesn’t fill that void? Is it a void of persons who are deranged, gullible, naive, needy? What’s the Church doing for these people so that they don’t fall for predators?

    Well, unfortunately the Church itself has had its share of predators too. Pot/kettle?

    God’s word got lost in the mix?

    Money and God/faith should never mix. Arguments and questions over money should never be part of a discussion about faith and should be a warning to all that something isn’t right when money is argued about.

    There’s more than 4 legged sheep in Achill and further afield.
    As for spiritual risk, is what she is doing any worse than the fornicators, the adulterers, the liars and thieves who attend Mass/Communion and walk out of chapel only to carry out the same deeds? I don’t know. I know she will get her just desserts for misleading people.

    But she’s a small dot on the wider landscape of worldwide corruption, filth and so on.

    Most people have never even heard of her or HoP. Meanwhile thousands and thousands of refugees are stranded including babies and small children. They need our help and attention.

    Do good and God will reward you. Leave Christina to God.


  6. SMcCaffrey wrote,

    The Church hasnt done too much regarding Christina because she really isnt a threat.

    Thanks for your comment in support of the victims. First the Archbishop of Tuam is the responsible bishop and the best he has been able to do is to declare he does not recognise Christina. However, that is clearly not enough. She continues to come ably backed up from Fr McGinnity who gives Michael Neary the two fingers every Saturday. After years of not doing anything the bishops have the HofP on their agenda for next week in Maynooth.So this could be the beginning of a response.
    Christina is absolutely a threat the Church to families all over the country. She has totally refused to submit to her bishop and his inaction makes him look weak.

    In the wider context of the world and what is going on in it. She and the HoP dont really matter. It would be great if she wasn’t there scamming people but sometimes people seek to be scammed.

    In the context of the families it is imperative that the Church acts on good authority and it has come to the point that the victims find it hard to distinguish between the HofP and the Church in regard to their family as to which one makes them more angry. The HofP for taking over the mind of the family member or the wilful neglect of the victims by the Church.
    Also your comment about people wanting to be scammed is highly offensive and shows no understanding of how undue influence operates. How would you respond to the idea that women bring on rape on themselves?
    read how influence operates.

    Here is another one of your views,

    If you want to be a fool, there’s little that can stop you.

    Clearly people who are scammed are victims you are revictimising them and show no sign of empathy.

    There’s less than 3000 people on the island but Sunday Mass and weekly masses throughout the Island are almost always full. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about regarding Christina.

    You have completely missed the point, it is not is happening in Achill which is relevant it is the aprox 20,000 people affected by the influence of the HofP who family member usually elderly comes here every Saturday. They come and stop in Knock and Longford for Mass. why? Because none is available at the Shrine.
    They come from every part of Ireland. A few stay in Achill, but the majority only eat at the Shrine and on their way back in the evening.

    If people want to be led astray is there really anything you can do to stop them?

    Yes you can,
    1. Evaluate Christina Gallagher give her a period to amend her ways. Long since past.
    2. As she has been involved with immorality, and clear financial scams she does not need to have her visions looked into. Finally she refuses to submit to her bishop, so move to condemnation and finally to excommunication. These powers reside with the Archbishop of Tuam.
    3. Have the Archdiocese of Armagh immediately, remove their priest who is enabling and abetting the scam. He is currently away with an unrecognised visionary in the USA. He should be warned and if he refuses to submit defrocked. In the book the Immaculate Deception he is clearly involved with fundraising and cheques in his name are to be found photographed. He denied this on national radio and needs to be brought to account. Seven years ago we had this story on national tv, and again nothing was done.
    Catholics need to be warned that they are placing themselves at spiritual risk in going to Achill. When coming to Knock they need to be informed that if associating with the House of Prayer they must refrain from taking communion. Just like our bankers had light type regulation we are finding the same with light touch church discipline in the Catholic Church.


  7. P.S. it is well known in Achill that some businesses display HoP trinkets and images in the hopes of attracting business from HoP believers who come into their premises. For Achill, HoP just brings in more money for them. Welcome to the reality of the free market.


  8. Sean Garvey summed up the situation regarding HoP and others like it. Well said Sean. I live in Achill. Talk to anyone in Achill (99%) and they will tell you that they know HoP is a con. Yes there are a few who consider themselves believers but only a few. There’s less than 3000 people on the island but Sunday Mass and weekly masses throughout the Island are almost always full. I dont think theres anything to worry about regarding Christina. If people want to be led astray is there really anything you can do to stop them? Its regrettable that many people who seek comfort in places like HoP cant be objective but thats the reality of cults, they seek to strip people of that. Plenty are gullible. That’s just the way humans are when they are in need. HoP knows this.

    The Church hasnt done too much regarding Christina because she really isnt a threat. In the wider context of the world and what is going on in it. She and the HoP dont really matter. It would be great if she wasnt there scamming people but somtimes people seek to be scammed. I am not my brother’s keeper. She will meet God one day and have to answer for all she has done or has not done, like the rest of us. We as Catholics must strive to be good and lead by example.

    When it is dark we look for light. Ships seek a lighthouse which will lead them safely home and warn them of rocks and danger.

    HoP is not a lighthouse. It’s not even a torch. It’s an open door to a dark alley leading nowhere except maybe an off-shore bank account or two.

    Behind every scammer are the scammed. Some of those scammed would take your whole lifetime to help them see the truth of being scammed. Some like to be misled, others are just gullible. All are in need of some kind.
    What does God want us to do about religious cults?
    Clearly whatever is going on to stop HoP and Christina Gallagher is not working because she’s still out there. At the end of the day, she’s just one more sad individual and most in the world have never heard of her. Her victims will tell you they are blessed. How does one change that?

    I watched an old news piece about her last night on tv. I went online and I find this forum. I dont see anyone from Achill here. Theres a reason for that because they know what she is at and they seem fine with that. If you want to be a fool, there’s little that can stop you.

    Most people in Achill just laugh at the antics of her and enjoy the money her believers bring to Achill. She’s kept many a B&B and hotel afloat for years.


  9. Arrrrrrr Jim Lad, shiver me timbers. It’s nice to hear from you to confirm you’re still in the land of the living. Truthfully Jim, you are not a hopeless case, so therefore nothing will dissuade me in continuing to pray for you and CG and the many deluded ‘devotees’ who go on ‘pilgrimage’ each week in the wilds of Achill. Hopefully they will see the light in the devotion of wasted time, money, effort and petrol to a private fundraising enterprise masquerading as private revelations from heaven. Sure even the locals down in Achill think that CG is for the birds!

    Your ‘heavenly venture’ does not have church approval and that is why Archbishop Michael Neary placed the anchors on it. Neither are you allowed to celebrate the sacraments on site and that is why so many of the faithful have seen the light and have lost the impetus to travel each week. In essence, intelligent Catholics naturally gravitate towards the sacraments, the tremendous vehicles of grace.

    Incidentally, my Jerusalem Bible has served me well for many years so to cite filth and unproven lies is way off the mark. Lastly, I would be happy to receive any and all prayers, including yours Jim. You sign me off as sweet christian Sean, but let me tell you, every day is a struggle and I am far from thinking I’ve made it. Woe to the sin of pride and presumption Jim! Whoa Jimmmmmmm!


  10. Sean….when I need “prayers” from a devotee to the Sunday World I will ask you….so in meantime….will you please stick you prayer where the monkey stuck its nuts. And as it seems…your bible is the filth and unproven, lies, and serious sins of mal-judgement, by people basing publication only on cynical lies, gossip and hearsay….I believe that it is YOU….sweet Christian Sean who needs MY prayer….and it is….


  11. Sean thanks for your brilliant comment. A couple of points.
    1. People have an absolute right to be anonymous here. It is about the comment we are concerned about not the commenter.
    2. Jim Lynn has flagrantly tried to abuse this site not just in regard to the HofP but other topics. We generally delete his off topic rants. Here his comments illustrate his cultist mindset, so are left up. We have no difficulty recognising his methodology. We too would hope he would change, but he has a massive investment to hold on to£€€€€€Jim Lynn Malahide House in his name.


  12. Anonymous hides behind that name because they haven’t got the moral conviction of their words above. My submission of the 21st of July above is written clearly and concisely in easy to understand text but I am at a loss to understand the content of the message above.

    Jim Gallagher has done both Ireland and the rest of the world, wherever his books were bought, an inestimable service in the
    ground-breaking book ‘Immaculate Deception’ His message is brilliant, thought-provoking and clear and promptly places the HoP in the witness box. Although Achill is renowned for its thunderous, breaking waves, the silence emanating from the HoP relating to Jim Gallagher’s exposé is absolutely deafening and is likely to remain so for a long time to come.

    If anonymous is indeed Jim Lynn he must be aware that the vast majority of the inner cohort that were involved with the HoP have already deserted what they believe is a sinking ship. They saw the light and it wasn’t an oncoming train and my question for him is this: How long is it before he sees the light? Remember it is a sign of depth and maturity to revise a fixed position. My closing prayer for you is this: May the peace of Christ which desires a freely invited foothold in every heart disturb you!


  13. Anonymous or should we say Jim Lynn the House holder of Malahide is back. How do we know as he has yet to address the issues but only ends up attacking the person. Jim show show us the money? I hope you went up the mountain last week to seek to ask the Archbishop for forgiveness? No worry the weather was too bad for repentance.
    Any news on that meeting with Christina? How about at Knockbridge? No swearing now just try to keep calm.


  14. Hiya Sean and sweet Anne …aka gduebeni and others….
    surprised at the improper way to address an Archbishop….but not surprising from a convert to the tabloid trash filth and gutter of the Sunday World reporter…
    Surprised that sweet Anne who gets ALL her spiritual needs from Holy Mass…to find her and such a WONDERFUL dedicated Catholic as Sean maurading in the fillth of a blog about tantric copulation…but everybody needs a bit of titillation….as the saying goes….birds of a feather


  15. When we stand back and analyse the attraction that the Achill House of Prayer has for many, it is possible to make a number of key observations of the thousands of people who have made the ‘pilgrimage’ to this quite corner of Ireland: Historically, I firmly believe that the vast majority of lay people have never received a strong and firm grounding in the tenets of their rich, catholic faith. For many of the faithful they quietly basked in the shadow and comfort zone of a deeply entrenched clericalised church and on appearance everyone appeared to be happy.

    When cracks appear in a myriad of forms, be it sickness, poverty and a whole host of other afflictions that affects our human condition, we can sometimes feel we have nothing to fall back on and we can become vulnerable to listening to ‘seers’ and ‘visionaries’ who claim to have a direct line to heaven. On the surface, they can offer us some level of hope, but gradually over time, when the content does not add up to something that is one, true, good and real it can convince us that it is not from God. We can be left with a most sour and disturbing taste in our spirit. To be frank, seers and visionaries have their place in the Church tradition and can only underscore their overall credibility and authenticity when they are obedient to the Church. They may be requested to undergo a battery of tests to confirm their authenticity of which one is psychiatric evaluation. Failure to sit these tests may strongly lay a suspicion that these supposed visions are not in fact from a supernatural source.

    According to the world-renowned psychologist, Dorothy Rowe the opposite to fear is love. Relating to the content of visions in the Achill House of Prayer, if there is a prolonged, sickening, energy sapping message that paints an image of a vengeful God that needs to be placated at every turn, well then, who in their right mind would want to spend eternity in the presence of such a Deity?

    I firmly believe that there is a tremendous hunger and thirst for knowledge about the Catholic faith among the faithful and which often goes unrecognised in the Church. We may sometimes feel that our questions and enquiry will undermine our own faith. Sometimes a death of sorts can occur but this very death is our own, outdated image of our faith that maybe never served us well. I can truly say from experience that what is re-born is of value beyond compare.
    To quote Newman: “To live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often” The beauty of the Catholic faith is that it has been tested by some of the most brilliant minds in history and to this day, it still shines glorious. Remember, unquestioning faith locks the door; Questioning faith unlocks the door and opens to freedom.

    It is without doubt that the Achill House of Prayer has tapped into the tremendous spiritual hunger in the Irish Psyche and has fulfilled a ‘need’ of sorts. Truly we Irish suspect that the worship of God is in our very DNA. Nevertheless, in this our life’s journey, we should be questioning and informative at every juncture especially when all the damning information that has come to light from the Achill House of Prayer cries out for answers. Remember, our eternal happiness depends on the choices we make in this life. In the words of a poet: Choose well and choose true and The Lord will be born in your heart anew.


  16. ‘protection it bestows’

    So that’s why Christina Gallagher lives in and owns huge mansions behind very high walls and many cameras?

    The House of Prayer Limited, is a place that thrives on vulnerability, superstition, paranoia, half truths, ignorance, gossip, Chinese whispers, hearsay, anecdotes, gullibly, fear, bullying, brainwashing, secrecy, generalised vague predictions about natural disasters which have always happened, sidestepping, legal threats, threats of damnation, hypocrisy, acting, pretence, denials, and good old fashioned straight up in your face unadulterated BS…

    Avoid like the plague.
    (The Chinese are coming…)


  17. ‘from the tens of thousands who have visited and experienced at first-hand..’
    They now wouldn’t touch the place with a barge pole.


  18. I hope Jim Lynn their spokesman will reply to you Sean.


  19. When you consider The House of Prayer in Achill and the anger, division and discord it has caused for so many years, and how it has negatively impacted so many lives it is a million miles apart from the unity that Christ prayed for and most eloquently cited in St John’s Gospel chapter 17 verse 21, I quote: May they all be one. Father, may they be one in us, as you are in me and I am in you, so that the world will believe it was you who sent me. In this light I do not believe that this same House of Prayer could enjoy any such favour purporting to be of supernatural origin


  20. Firstly, “Tommie” is obviously on a different planet, the evidence against Christina and her ‘greed centred mission’ speaks for itself, she has never been honest or transparent about the money she gets in ‘donations’.

    I admire Sean Garvey for his perspective on the House of Prayer and for taking action to write to Archbishop Martin, Archbishop Martin has been in his position nearly a year and has known about the House of Prayer issue for several years now in the transition to his leadership role. Will he follow his predecessor Archbishop Brady who really proved to be a useless weak leader on the House of Prayer?

    Sean also raises the issue of the legacy of Christina and Fr McGinnity. The families of the followers are left dealing with the legacy of damage inflicted by Christina and Fr McGinnity; suffering and heartache, distancing from their family and friends, seeing them struggle financially after they donate their money to Christina (who uses it to live in exclusive properties in Malahide and City West, properties in e.g. Florida, L.A. we dont know about yet?


  21. The only TRUTH that matters is that the house of prayer in Achill is not part of the Catholic Church.
    His Grace Dr Michael Neary Archbishop of Tuam stated that the house of prayer has no approval from the Catholic Church and the work that goes on there does not enjoy the confidence of the diocesan authorities.


  22. Dear Dialogueireland
    which part of my suggestion “that you write to Mrs Gallagher and her spiritual director to request a meeting” did you not understand?
    So in your letter/request you make any requirements etc clear.
    But as I made clear in my note….I am not the party responsible for such matters.
    There is a simple protocol which I hope does not pose too much of a challenge.


  23. tommie wrote,

    Because Jesus already gave the answer which was ….”for man it is impossible but for God all is possible”.

    Yes it is possible with God if you give all you have to the poor and follow Jesus. Christina claims to live a simple lifestyle. She like the rich young man will go away sorrowful as she has been caught adding house to house and fleecing her members. she has an insatiable need to be rich. she has her reward.
    We will contact you later next month to arrange a meeting. Could we meet in Knockbridge? The delegation would be made up of three members of my board and some victim family members to discuss the undue influence Chrsitina exercises over people.


  24. Dear Dialogueireland….I do not know of anyone who was ever denied
    access to The House of Prayer.
    I would suggest this…because I am not able nor responsible for arranging meetings and discussions……
    Firstly… the only matter you wish to discuss …..”how is it impossible for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?” Because Jesus already gave the answer which was ….”for man it is impossible but for God all is possible”.
    Do you have any other questions?
    Why would you need a delegation to ask one question?
    BUT surely the truth Is that there ARE MANY matters which you and your delegation could raise….
    And that you and your delegation might wish to hear from Christina Gallagher as to how she, and the work given to her by Heaven has been vilified…..and you and your blog site have been an instrument in that work of hatred……

    So….Dialogueireland…I suggest this……
    That you write to Mrs Gallagher and to her spiritual director and request a meeting.
    That you outline what you wish to discuss and who you wish to bring with you .

    I think the location is irrelevant…unless you and your delegation have a fixation for a specific place???

    And I am sure that if you follow some model of these suggestions… will be afforded what you seek in good faith.


  25. Finally “Tommie” a comment which we can leave up. Why? Because it actually semi addresses the post. Try to actually address the issues you raise? Can we bring a delegation to Achill to meet Christina? If not there is always the Malahide house or the City West where could discuss how it is impossible for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?


  26. Reply to “concerned from USA”

    Dear friend….yes I know much about the Chain of Houses of Prayer in USA.
    I know first-hand about the miracles of protection against floods and hurricanes, given thru the Graces and protection of the Sacramentals from this work….and even more enormous the healings, cures and conversions…and especially the incredible cure of most malignant cancer experienced by a female member of the US Armed Forces….but surely you too are aware of this, given your close concerns for your relatives who visit …and as you say support this work.

    It is quite normal….and perhaps even necessary that some voices raise in opposition to everything…it is human nature…and it is nothing to be afraid of……
    Look at the situation here in Ireland where the MAJORITY of Irish people today look at a male and say….

    “Isn’t SHE beautiful”……

    And looking back over the past 10 years at all the prophecies given to the mystic who founded The House of Prayer in Achill…and how so MANY of those prophecies have been fulfilled…regarding Ireland, the Catholic Church, World Order and nature itself including weather changes etc.

    Also, dear friend, be comforted in that IF one was to collect together all the negative voices against this work today, there would be scarce 20 individuals….from the tens of thousands who have visited and experienced at first-hand..all that this Mission of Prayer represents.

    Just 3 days ago at the 22nd anniversary of the opening of The House of Prayer by Bishop Cassidy of Tuam Diocese, there were enormous crowds….drawn there by perhaps their own experiences and by the way in which Truth and Prophecy is being fulfilled …even as we speak.

    My advice……GO there to the nearest House of Prayer in your great land and be thankful it exists there for the protection it bestows thru the many Graces and Blessings…..Support you elderly relative and incapacitated friend…for perhaps as Jesus once said to Martha, the sister of Lazareth, who complained about her sister Mary…..they may well have chosen to do the better thing>>>>

    Leaving you in Peace


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