Jehovah’s Witnesses: Some questions to be put to the delegates and the leadership.

What group do you think this guy represents?

Outside the GPO

1. How many children have lost their lives as a result of the doctrine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses on blood transfusions?

Coombe Hospital

Irish citizens are fortunate in this jurisdiction to have the High Court interfere when the life of a child is in danger. The famous case at the Coombe Maternity Hospital is a case in point. The Jehovah’s Witnesses actually took a court case on this and lost.

2. The case where a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Ruth Moram’s health has been destroyed by a system of oppressive process. These include internal legal processes which will be the subject of an appeal to the Appeal Courts on July 20 next.

Ruth Moran

3. Social ostracism, the boycott or the 1984 construction called “Disfellowshipping?”

This post describes its damaging results and shows how it violates the clear teaching of Jesus.

4. We assume that the Jehovah’s Witnesses have become a registered charity since last October? If so could they inform the public what their current financial position is? Is it true they have up to €5 million in the bank? If so and in regard to their presence in Ireland what social benefit are they performing?

In the Irish Times article they stated,

“Every active Jehovah’s Witness is an ordained minister, male, female, young and old. Everybody would be involved in that work going door to door. It’s voluntary work so nobody does it on a paid basis.”

If that is the case what do they need the cash for?

5. They are not being upfront with the public:

“My view on the 144,000 is that it is up to Jehovah to choose those people,” said Deborah Olaitan Awogboro (20), on her religion’s assertion that spaces in heaven are finite.

In reality those spaces have been filled for years so that the Queen bees are in heaven already and the drones will only have an earthly existence. A great hope to peddle door to door?

6. It is clear that the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Ireland are experiencing a massive decline like all religious groups. It would be interesting to get the statistical information on the level of Irish membership and how much of their activity depends on Eastern European and African members?

Please add your questions and any answers would be gratefully received in our comment section.

2 Responses

  1. Here are some comments sent to us:

    “Just the comment that ‘every active witness is a minister’. This means that everyone, including children, even those who are not baptised, are considered as being under the authority of the elders. JWs state they do not admit a duty of care which means those children are at risk of elders’ actions which are taken without due care.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are not open about their religion. The secret procedures are kept well hidden even from members.”

    “Counsel for Jehovah’s Witnesses stated clearly in a public court Motion that they have a judicial system but do not admit a duty of care to their members. Counsel stated that being a voluntary organisation means they do not have to use fair procedures and that an accused person would only be informed in ‘broad terms’ of the case against them. So they admit using unfair procedures and do not take any responsibility whatsoever when making accusations.

    Think of what this would do to a child! Suppose an elder goes to a child and says that he is accused of something but does not tell that child what the accusation is. The child is left confused. He is told to attend a judicial hearing, but the elders have already made up their minds as to his guilt. The child has no opportunity to defend himself. He has to state he is sorry but does not know what for. If the child does not say he is sorry he gets disfellowshipped and that means he is cut off from all his friends. It’s not true that the child has any friends outside of the Witness congregation. So the child is left bereft. One course of action that occurs to the young person is to commit suicide.”


  2. “violates the clear teaching of Jesus”

    Dialogue Ireland IF any site or person on this earth VIOLATES the clear teaching of Jesus it is YOU.

    And here is why….

    YOUR blather is on a level of hypocrisy with the Pharisees and Priests who in Jesus’ time bhated and crucified Him.
    YOU deal mainly in deceit…insulting…mocking…vilifying…judging falsely…using incitemend…hatred…ridicule and the most unjust unfair unbalanced diatribe that can only come from an enemy of this same Jesus.

    The Jehovahs Witnesses have their faults…but they have paid a price for their beliefs…….or do you know anything about their persecutions….or do you even care?

    Where you only bring hatred and mockery….believe it or not THEY bring sincerity…..could I challenge YOU to look into YOUR own conscience…and ask…..who am I to judge these people? What right have I to condemn and ridicule….or even Who is my God….and who is theirs…….and then I think you should for the sake of your own soul….cease this work of evil and look towards your own salvation….that is IF you know the meaning of the word and what is required from you.


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