How do Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity do it? Undue influence and vulnerable adults.

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In our field of cultism we have clear evidence of what we call magical mystification. That is the use of meditation, or prayer to relieve people of their money. A place like the House of Prayer makes use of an authority figure like Fr Gerard McGinnity gives a loyal Catholic the feeling that if he asks you to support something it is God calling you to do so. The issue is not the intelligence of the subject but the vulnerability factor which relieves them of their discernment and their cash. Even when a family member logically explains what is happening, the more rationality is produced the more the person goes deeper into the process of undue influence. So if a family member attacks this abuse, it actually reinforces the very thing one is trying to change. So a family member shows that Christina has a massive house in Malahide and then another in City West. The more you point out the contradiction the more the person believes you are evil and that you are lying.
The Catholic Church takes the view if a person who claims to have visions is living a life of luxury and refuses to accept the discipline of her bishop then that is proof positive that the visions are fake. There is not even a requirement to study them for their orthodoxy or genuineness
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For more on this look at his section on our blog.

The links can be made (as you’ve made) that its not just about the elderly but the concept of vulnerability as some elderly are more vulnerable than others (depending on many factors) and some middle-aged and younger people are very vulnerable due to family / relationships collapsing, emotional / sexual / physical abuse, financial distress, drugs (alcohol also), etc. Along with vulnerability is the linked concept of “undue influence”. People are more influenced and consequently more vulnerable to those holding authority or positions of trust with them who can exploit existing vulnerability and increase vulnerability in an increasing cycle.

Age Action Ireland on 15/06/2015, posted on it’s website, that almost 50% of bank officials have dealt with suspected elder abuse according to figures published Age Action and Ulster Bank to mark World Elder Abuse Day.
There were more than 13,000 cases of elder abuse referred to the HSE up to the end of 2013. Financial abuse is the second most common form of abuse, accounting for more than one in five cases.
Elders are occasionally exploited by family members , trusted caregivers (clergy, medical and other professionals). In one category in particular, religious leaders and powerful personalities may use a person’s faith to invite them to gift unreasonable amounts of money and perhaps purchase unnecessary religious paraphernalia. Unfortunately, these donors does not see themselves as victims, but benefactors and for this reason it is difficult to formulate a complaint.

Just as in the areas we have read about above people can be abused under the guise of genuine religion. so if you believe a family member has been influenced by a group like the House of Prayer phone the same numbers below here:

Justin Moran, Head of Advocacy, Age Action Ireland suggests that frontline staff in banks, building societies, credit unions and other financial institutions could be encouraged to act if they suspect elder abuse. He can be contacted on 087 968 2449 and 01 4756989.

The HSE also operates an information line for reporting cases of suspected elder abuse telephone 1850 241850.

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  1. Hi, I can sympathise with your situation with your mother. I have watched my own mother’s life disintegrate through her involvement with the House of Prayer in Ireland and doing many of the things you mention above. it is heartbreaking to watch. Christina Gallagher has amassed a huge wealth from her followers, and with the help of Fr McGinnity has set up an elaborate emotional influence over people, she is like a bloodsucker. It is difficult to find a way to intervene, but keep strong, you will find a way, slowly but surely. I have found a lot of strength from this blog and from the information that it provides,


  2. Hi, I’m from the U.S.A. and my mother has been a follower of Christina Gallagher for at least 8 years. Her involvement with the House of Prayer has caused much suffering and heartache in our family not to mention the money she has spent buying the various trinkets and doomsday prep. She prays at every available minute she has at the expense of her health and relationship to her children and family. She visits the House of Prayers in Kansas and Texas often. She recently convinced and took a bus of a group from the local Catholic Vietnamese parish to visit the Kansas HOP. I read from a Our Lady of Peace newsletter that she brought home from her recent visit that Christina Gallagher will make a visit to the U.S. this late September and October. My family and I have been extremely concern with her heavy involvement with Christina Gallagher for awhile now and don’t know what to do. Now that she has been convincing others to follow Christina Gallagher, I’m so sad and concern that other families will be going through the same heartache if their family member began to follow Christina Gallagher. I don’t want other families to go through what we are going through. Has anyone have any involvement or experiences with the HOPs in the U.S.A.? Concerned for a vulnerable Adult


  3. More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them. – Harold J. Smithsee more


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