Who are Victory Outreach? When people google to find out about them they are confused.

Here we are producing the results of a search to find out what the public finds when they look up VO. Why are we doing this? Firstly, because since December 2014 we have been involved with a process with the International Organisation to clarify what happened to this Church and to be able to publish a definitive report to educate the public as to the facts concerning this Church as reported by Prime Time in a documentary in December 2013 which indicated systematic fraud and abuse of victims. Then another problem is people find it difficult for some reason to distinguish between Victory Outreach and Victory Christian Church. Dealing with the first issue we get on average one request per week to find out about Victory Outreach. We try to explain that Victory Outreach also known as Urban Outreach have now been removed from the Church and have emerged as Freedom Ministries. People are totally confused by these developments and we will be shortly publishing a report from our correspondent in Cork who shows this dilemma.We should also report that this article relates to Tuesday, May 28, 2013 six months before the crisis emerged. We are using it for illustrative purposes.Victory Outreach continues but but so does the confusion.

Man denied bail over bid to rob shop with knife

A man who tried to rob a shop armed with a knife has been denied bail.

Paul O’Donovan, aged 30, residing at Victory Outreach, Cobh, Co Cork, wore a mask as he tried to rob the Spar at Hawthorn Villas, South Douglas Rd, Cork, on May 26.

Garda Brian Maher arrested Mr O’Donovan and charged him with carrying out the attempted robbery.

Garda Maher objected to bail on grounds including the seriousness of the offence, namely an attempted robbery in which a knife was produced.

Another ground for objecting to bail was the strength of the evidence in the case. Garda Maher said there was excellent CCTV evidence from the scene.

He was also concerned that Mr O’Donovan was addicted to drugs.

Defence solicitor Eddie Burke said his understanding was that Mr O’Donovan was welcome to reside at Victory Outreach in Cobh. Furthermore, he would abide by a curfew and stay out of Cork City if given bail, he said.

Mr O’Donovan said: “I want a chance to get back in treatment, prove everyone wrong, and get off drink and drugs.”

Judge Leo Malone remanded Mr O’Donovan in custody until May 30.

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2 Responses

  1. What happened to paul o Donovan when he was taken back into the house? Surely he was asked to leave for committing a serious crime whilst living in the house?


  2. So is there a VO in Cobh?


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