Tibetan Buddhism accuses the NKT of being a cult. Here is the latest in their frenzied attack on each other

Let us be clear they both approve consort sex and have nothing to do with Buddhism. They are Hindu Tantraists masquerading as Buddhists.


Dear Dialogue Ireland

I wonder if you would be interested in posting an article I wrote which offers extensive proof of the way in which the New Kadampa Tradition use systematic fraud to manipulate social media?  It was published on Tenzin Peljor’s blog here:


Thank you for your attention

Yours faithfully

Linda Ciardiello

Read this assessment:

Finger pointing  in the mirror is all these people do.  They are all in Tibetan Lama cults and simply reveal the fanatic. nasty nature of Lamaism and its sectarianism.Sects that tried to annihilate each other, had bloody wars with each other, and within the sects actually  assassinated each other to assume their thrones. I find it interesting that the language the pro Dalai Lama , anti-NKT people use in this article –  “deception”, “masquerading”, “pot calling the kettle black,”  “deceptive propagandist,” “masquerading as an independent journalist.” Then the  kicker,   “self-deception,” etc.  particularly the latter is all equally true of them , and more so, and  since there is no group or bunch of groups like Tibetan Lamaists,  that are as filled with self-deception as they are it is all ridiculous. They never can be self-critical or see clearly their own reflection in the mirror.

I don’t understand the NKT,  the only thing I do know is that they seem to be shooting themselves in the foot by not recognizing that the history of the Lamas and their terrible deceptions and cruelty of the Gelugpa Dalai Lamas’  is their history as well, before they broke away.   So who are they really?  No group of Tibetan Buddhists ever goes this far to condemn the whole of Tibetan Lamaism and the Dalai Lamas, their own lineage as they do.  So it is very very curious.

ALL of this, that this woman accuses NKT of,  is exactly what Tenpel, and his crowd do.  They always accuse others as a tactic to distract and divert.  Surely accusing NKT of being a cult was a master stroke so that the world wouldn’t see that Tibetan Lamaism is a cult.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

First we had Indy Hack suggesting he had nothing to do with the NKT,  now we have this request.
We will personally stay as far away from this bunch. It is like a whirlpool, whatever sect, or sub  sect  you engage with,  It seems they are trying to use DI in some way.  NKT is still Gelugpa, they are still Tibetan  Vajrayanists following the Hindu Brahmin cult of Tantra originally brought to Tibet by Indian tantric sadhus and India tantric yogis, whatever Mahayana disguise they put on it.

Its like radical Shiites and radical Sunnis, what difference does it matter if they are still radical fundamentalists? There goal is to undermine democracy and create an Islamic State,   just like the Lamas sects. They both share the same goal to undermine democracy and create an Adi-Buddhocracy.

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  1. cults, and other sociopathic institutions and people, always claim that other people and associations do what they do, and are what they are.


  2. NKT is not more a cult than the rest of tibeten buddhisme. It is a widespread practice by now, in the buddhist centers to send photos and information around of people that have critized them, ore they for some other reason want excluded and scapegoated. The information usely is about the person being insane, infected with some sort of bad karma( I really wish have the words of the buddhist here) And other accusations that you would think “normal” people wouldn’t buy, ore get anything substantial out of.

    Scapegoating, muslim-hate, sexsual abuse, emotional, freud, money-washing ect. I have seen most, and heard it all, constantly.
    And buddhas words are allways twisted.
    How come the west keeps on holding tibeten Buddhism in such a high regard, and putting up there as the highest psychotheraphy ?


  3. Garry we await your enlightenment in regard to the true information?


  4. This is the biggest load of misinformation i have ever read regarding this issue lol


  5. Amazing works, praise both of you!
    Do you know? Both of you are guardian angels for Buddhist followers.

    Hoofknife, you’re such an expert in lamaism that it would be hard to find your peer.

    Laughingdakini, you’re so lucky to have Hoofknife around, who genuinely knows what you’re talking about.
    Thank you!


  6. Linda, none of this stuff was taught by the Buddha, this third turning of the wheel is a lie, and all of the Tibetan groups are cults, just like what you are describing in NKT. Your experience is everyone’s experience in every single group of the four sects of Tibetan Buddhism. Trungpa was as dictatorial and possessive as the way you describe Geshe-la, and only wanted us studying his teachings just like Geshe la. That is how they operated at first, when they were first starting out in the west, and competing with each other for who had the biggest harem of white women, who had the most devotees and the most money from their sponsors. Now they have thrown in their lot with the Dalai Lama, – ALL the sects of Lamaism and operate under his hegemony because , as the biggest con artist on the face of the earth, he has fooled the western world and they all get to get richer by traveling under his wide umbrella.

    Even China has seen his currency , and the billionaires in China, just like in the U.S. see the uses of Lamaism to make people stupid, that is why they have a religious arm of the Workers Front now, these atheists, who are going to use Lamaism, to blend it with Han Buddhism (3 million Chinese Han Buddhists) with these Tibetan Lamas and the vajryana. That is why I gave you the link about Ogyen Trinley, he is to be the Dalai Lama’s successor and has been groomed by the Dalai Lama, the Kagyu Lamas and the Chinese Goverment, while the Dalai Lama pretends with the western world that he is fighting with China, and that is the ‘false flag’ that is promoted in our controlled newspapers: The Dalai lama is the classic ‘victim’ who always uses victimhood as a currency and a tool to fool people with good hearts into believing black is white. These Lamas are unscrupulous. You have to remember their Law of Inversion , the essence of their tantric teachings.



    Iif you weren’t sexually abused by these lamas, as I wasn’t, and it sounds like you weren’t, they didn’t get to us as deeply. . That really gets to a person’s psyche and confuses them. I won’t even comment on the males who are attracted to this byzantine, medieval misogynistic craziness, i.e. that the vajryana tantra is about the highest teachings for a patriarchy so the male, not ejaculating and stealing the fluids from the female during copulation (because it is just copulation they are doing they don’t have sexual relations) believing that these fluids mix together, and they can shoot them up their imaginary chakras into the top of their heads, (the white (semen) and red (menstrual blood) bodhiticitta will lead to what they believe is ‘enlightment’ and no , these are not the Buddhas teachings. The Buddha was trying wake people up against these Hindu guru cults. But Hinduvati took over Buddhism again, and that is what went to Tibet through these Indian Yogis of the Hindu Tantra, like Tilopa, Naropa, and Milarepa and the Indian occult sorcerer Padmasambhava. When the monasteries got bigger and bigger they lamas spread this vajrayana tantra all over Tibet and plunged it into the Age of Fragmentation. and the Tibetan people entered centuries of terrible exploitation by these guru mind controlling Lamas. . They used young girls as young as 10 or 11 in Tibet, and still would, if they could get away with it here in the west. That is what is recommended, and anyone over 30 is considered a hag to Tibetan Lamas, ( see Trimondi for an in depth study of this) so women in their 20’s are best in the west , for their sexual bliss couples practices.

    Now that the secret is out, they have these sad, lost enablers , like those featured in “The Dakini Power” book, by Michaela Haas, a member of the cult of the Lamas and a Media expert and Life Coach, the new Tibetan western Buddhist, and all of them enablers of the sexual abuse, every single one is either a nun, like Pema Chodrin who has been covering up for these sexual abuses of first Trungpa, and now Dzigar Kontrol , her next guru. Or they are former sexual consorts, or the married consorts of these Lamas who are fooling young women into this net of the Lamas tantra or, at the least, fooling women to believe that this Vajrayana Tantra is about feminism when it is the opposite .

    The people you named that you have been reading, as I have said are all deeply involved and enabling this cult of tantra, and they are psychiatrists (there are now vajryana psychiatrists and hundreds of vajryana psychotherapists) neurologists, physicians like John Kabat Zinn, academics, and all of them are in this enabling cult of sexual abuse of Tibetan Buddhism, most are vajrayana guru-worshiping cult members themselves or they are hooking up with it for the currency it gives them and the lucrative advantages for their careers as ‘meditation czars’. They are all delusion and have no mindfulness, because once in the cult of the Lamas, mindful awareness , as you and I know , is the first thing to go.

    . It is one of the biggest and most connected net work of organizations now, , with hundreds of foundations now pushing the ‘mindfulness movement’. . As it has crept into every part of our western culture, while we are all being scared to death by ISIS, they are building out while everyone is distracted, so after we have been scared to death, we will be more open to this as an alternative. They are calling this ‘secular spirituality’ when it is no such think it is being promoted by cult members of Tibetan Buddhism or their fans, who are using a meditation movement to push this. As you and I know, many people mediate and get stupider, more glazed over, unable to notice what they need to notice and pay attention to the world around them. But it will make them more ‘mindful’ at their jobs where they can work 80 hour work weeks and focus obsessively on their spirituality and their karma for their future lives. That is what corporations learned when they “outsourced ‘ in predominately Buddhist States, where Buddhism is the State religion. Always a disaster when it is mixed with the State. But that is the plan of these ‘mindfulness masters’ of the Dalai Lama’s cartel. operating by disguise themselves as they learned to do by the lamas. .

    .What you describe about your experience in NKT, is a carbon copy of my experience, and I had this experience with many Lama western groups, they are all the same, they are living still in the 9th -11 century, they have not adapted since they left Tibet, and even when they went to India, in exile they lived as though their heads were still in feudal Tibet. They are cookie cutter conformists , everyone , who had all creativity and individuality wrung out of them in this occult religion that got to them from cradle to grave and still does.

    It is a long journey out, it has taken me five years to come completely out, and what is helpful is reading everything you can that the Lamas don’t want you to read, like the real history of Tibet- Michael Parenti is a good start, also Tom Grunfeld- they of course never get any mileage in the corporately controlled press, (corporations, as I say, love the lamas because they create dumbed -down zombies as you and I have witnessed, who can still “mindfully work like slaves, thus the push for “mindfulness meditation everywhere now) also Trimondi’s exhaustive work, the Trimondis (not their real names ) where Dalai Lama students and very accomplished scholars and artists, who had a publishing house and even helped the Dalai Lama getting his work out in earlier times. When they started realizing what this Vajrayana cult of Tibetan Buddhism was all about, and how it was built and depending on the exploitation of women for the Lamas sexual abuse practices, and that the Law of Inversion (very important to read because that is why they are liars and deceivers , cheaters, sexual abusers , without any idea that this is wrong ) was the essence of what the Tantric Vajrayana is all about, they were horrified. The The Tibetan Path of the Homeopathy of Horror , so to speak – is what woke them up.


    This is a list of all their exhaustive work that the west will look back on as the bravest and most complete exposure of what and who Tibetan Buddhism and these Lamas are really about.

    So Reading everything I could, that was critical of the Lamas and TB, that I didn’t even know was out there all the voices that have been speaking out about the Dalai Lama and his Tibetan Lamaism and the real history of Tibet or the few people who have come out and don’t just slink away , afraid by all the hell realms the Lamas plant in your head to keep you from ‘breaking your samaya vows” that was a very very powerful mind control technique.

    I am not as angry any more. But anger is absolutely necessary as fuel to wake up completely. Anger was my fuel to release me and was my outrage at what they are doing still to so many people inside their sanghas while fooling the whole world with their net of tantra and their lama deceits. So my passion often appears too intense. It is because my anger still bubbles up at them for their deceits. I absolutely hate deceivers, I think any sane person does.

    They are a virus and a curse on the world not a vehicle for enlightenment. and I didn’t come to this overnight, It came from a long process of coming out from under, so to speak, and waking up and the first think that happens is the anger, if you are a sane and caring person at all.

    the Lamas , their handlers, their enablers, their corporate funders, their benefactors, and those who are not outright abusing people, or the ones that appear less dictatorial and crazy- these other milder lamas- who seem more innocent, just like the western Buddhists who appear so peaceful and nice, they are still enablers and believers and cult members themselves inside this horror- this net of tantra,

    The problem with people who don’t speak out like I am , and like you are doing, is that they continue the enabling , such as Stephen Batchelor, who was helpful at first, until I started seeing that he and his wife are still going to these Dalai Lama seminars, are still equivocating and subtly blaming the women who are abused, saying they are naive, and that the lamas just couldn’t handle the freedom of the west. So this is still blaming the victims, including the west (a tactic of the Lamas) because I believe the whole western world is now their victims. as is parts of So east Asia, particularly those countries who are trying to be democratic. Lamaism is the ultimate weapon against democracy.

    Tantric Buddhism enslaves everyone , including the tulkus , these high lamas who were taken from their mothers and familie when were young children , and raised by old men , in a system where homosexual relationships and pedophilia was rampant. This does not create enlightened teachers, and is not a vehicle for enlightenment or peace. It is an abusive system that creates sociopaths more often than not.

    They are a ancient cult of thought control, and It is how they kept their own people slaves and serfs in semi starvation and dying at the age of 35, into the 20th century. Without a the Chinese revolution, they would be carrying on in the same way, and only left when Mao, who actually gave them 9 years to change , and of course they couldn’t, started burning the the Lamas debt notes up in bon fires, loans they had issued to their own people at 24 % and up, to be inherited generation after generation. Since the lamas have been in the west, the corporations have learned a lot from them about how to keep people in dept as a form of slavery. The also taxed their people to death. What is in our future, if the west doesn’t wake up and soon to the forces with the smiling faces and peaceful facades, that are the most dangerous of all because they are in disguise.

    I too had a similar experience, but not with Vipassana meditation ( you have to be very alert because the Vipassana meditators have joined forces with these Lamas and they have become trapped in the sticky net of the Lama’s tantra, always ask if these Vipassana meditators are also hooked up with Tibetan Buddhism. There is a cross over now and that is who has joined up with the Dalai Lama Mindfulness Institute and other Foundations, including Sogyal’s , yes Sogyal’s group. They are amalgamating here in the west and many of these Vipassana meditation groups are also hooked up with Tibetan Lamaism. There is almost no where these lamas haven’t infiltrated. That is how they took over Tibet in the 11 th century. they spread and spread and spread and spread through whatever vehicle.

    But it was a Dzogchen retreat , by number one enabler of Sogyal rinpoche, , Tsoknyi rinpoche, little precious one of the duped Vipassana crowd out of Spirit Rock in California. We did 30 days of 10 hours a day, of simple sitting practices and I woke up from the cult and looked around at all the cult members and him up on his throne, telling the same stale jokes, putting down westerners, which they all do , of course, part of the conditioning to hate yourself and see them as superior, while telling everyone that we all have Buddha nature, except , we the Lamas have more of it” and saw clearly through him and his whole group for the fraud it was, just another cult of Lamaists, insane cult members , with some of the most crazy meanest and confused people running his operation. Theme and variation of Tibetan Buddhist groups , of course. . He tried to get us all to start prostrating to him, after years of telling us that Dzogchen was not Vajrayana Buddhism and was not about these rituals of Vajrayana, but that was just his hook , they all use simple meditation these days and even Dzogchen as the hook, ( which was another stream and was not Tibetan vjaryana but the lamas of course mixed it in and mixed it up) and then they start in with the guru bullshit again , and giving the tantric abhisekhas, so helpful after people are completely open, after 30 days of meditation, to screw with their minds again and infuse it with this guru mind control, that’s what they do, open a person up and then fill their minds with their brain washing of the guru worshiping vajryana. It really not that complicated , its just that they have mastered it for the west. And then, he wanted us taking vows with him as our master and prostrating to him. No way. Not again. That was the first wake-up call.

    It just didn’t work with some of us. Some of us woke up from the simple sitting practices again, devoid of all the Vajryana tantra that I never really related to, I always preferred to just simply sit – so they will probably stop giving those practices anymore since some of us , after years, came out of the spell. I don’t think he gives that Dzogchen retreat anymore now its all about ‘Love and Light” and having Hare Krishna chanting mixed with Tibetan Chanting, which I refused to do, because he was using it to open us up to what? More guru devotion of course, that is what he actually said and it was true. It was used as another mind control technique. -, and after presenting himself and hooking people with the simple Dzogchen sitting practices and presenting himself as being ‘a no big deal lama” which is how he hooked all the Vipassana people at Spirit Rock, many who were therapists and are now trapped in the cult of the Lamas and working for them as their shills to build out their Buddhocracy, their Adi -Buddha world. That is why you have to really grill Vipassana teachers or do your research , most of them are hooked up with Tibetan Lamas and may be using a dual affiliation like Sharon Salzberg, Dan Goleman and Joseph Goldstein, who are also devotees of Sogyal and have lost their minds. Some of these Spirit Rock former psychotherapists and vipassana students, have even taking seminars with Sogyal Rinpoche the predator, since Sharon and Joseph and many others still teach at Spirit Rock Vipassana center and are also card carrying guru worshipers of Sogyal the predator. Talk about confusing people, They are unconscionable in my book. But they have been hooked by the guru cult., they have become part of the enabling system of the lamas and the terrible net of tantra. that is what happens, westerners who are in a cult and don’t know it, psychologist, psychotherapists, teachers, academics, very very helpful to be change agents for the lamas. . These Lamas can’t help themselves,they always revert to form, as I say they are shills for the Lama system since they were toddlers. And they laugh among themselves about how stupid these westerners are. I have that on very good sources. They see us as barbarians, and they hate democracy and westerners, they are just using us. They are too stupid to realize the freedoms we represent, freedom of mind they don’t even recognize because they have never had it in their whole lives and couldn’t function outside of their narrow, protected, medieval worlds. They are cowards dressed up as enlightened God Kings.

    Good Luck and welcome to the lonely club of freedom of thought. The good news is? We can never be fooled again by any cult or bullshit rhetoric of politicians, gurus, charlatans and con artists.

    We have been through the fire and out the other side.



  7. Thank you C. It’s all so depressing. I have often felt rather bemused as to why the Dalai Lama and the CTA seem to do so little to diffuse the situation – even making it worse by publishing lists of Shugden supporters on their website.

    I had a look at your link to Law of Inversion, and I must admit I always found all the Vajrayana stuff very weird and unhelpful. So are you saying none of this stuff was actually taught by the Buddha? I’ve never seen any evidence that he did teach this stuff and always suspected it had nothing to dp with what Buddha really taught! We were always told that things like garlands of skulls, fanged deities drinking alcohol while hanging out in lakes of boiling blood and carrying human hearts on sticks etc etc were just “symbolic”. Ermmm…Freakish and weird!

    I was attracted to Buddhism because it seemed eminently sensible in the beginning, as I learnt it from my NKT teacher. Yet the deeper I got into it via the NKT, the less sensible it became – until it seemed to be all about guru-devotion, complicated visualisations, mantra chanting and mumbo jumbo ritual. The business about using sex to get enlightened did seem like an exciting idea though! But it dawned on me fairly quickly that it was a preposterous idea to think you can get enlightened on the “Quick Path” of Tantra without doing years of groundwork beforehand, including the acquistion of deep self-knowledge on a psychological level, at the very least. Yet in the NKT they dished out HYT empowerments like sweeties to all comers. So many casualities of this approach too, who would be callously discarded when they went a bit mental through supposed “spiritual” practices that are ultimately dangerous to many.

    Anyway, it’s all so bizarre, disillusioning and depressing. I need cake.


  8. Call me paranoid, but it can also be heightened awareness as we used to say from decades with these Lamas and their tricks. I believe that NKT has been infiltrated by the Dalai Lama bunch. These members are being used by Dalai Lama agitators that have infiltrated to create problems at these events everywhere around the world. Calling the Dalai Lama a “liar,” makes him a victim of course ( his whole operation has been dependent on the idea that he is a victim instead of a religious tyrant.) He gets to point the finger at them as a cult- pointing away from the motherlode of cults and cult leaders, himself and all of Tibetan Buddhism.

    So these members of NKT, as is usual with all duped Lamaists and guru-worshipers are just being used as a foil, and and a distraction so that the west doesn’t investigate the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism in general. Far fetched? Not if you knew how Machiavellian these Lamas and their enablers are so they can continue with their world ambitions of recreating all over the world what they lost in Tibet. There is no religious group as deceptive and tricky than Tibetan Lamas. It is how they kept their own people enslaved for hundreds of years. They are masters of deception. The very teachings of their vajryana tantra allows and encourages deception and lies, if it spreads their cult further. See below link for the Law of Inversion. What is the essence of Tibetan Buddhism and why and how these Lamas get away with every form of corruption inside their sanghas, including the wholesale sexual abuse of women?



  9. I do believe you laughing – and I apologize for having lumped you into the guru-worshiper bunch that are fooled over and over. .

    Tibetan Buddhism is a sexually abusive cult of predators and enablers of the abuse, and the the Dalai Lama is the number one enabler and protector of Lamas like Sogyal. Tenpel’s job is to suck people in who have been hurt and abused by NKT or other Lama cults and get them to tell their stories, and find out where their weak spots are and to make them part of the Dalai Lama’s cover up and work for him. He has learned well the art of using people for Tibetan Buddhism in general. . He does this with all people who are waking up because of their individual experiences with Lamaism, whether it be NKT, or Dizgar Kontrol’s group or with Sogyal’s group. He then spins it so that it always protects the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism in general, so that the world doesn’t find out that all of it is an exploitative cult using people for their sex, their free labor and their money.

    Sounds like it didn’t work with you. Congratulations, that is rare. Your feistiness and anger can be put to good use in warning people about all of it.




  10. When I say “Samden”, whom I really mean is Steve Wass. He seems to have vanished into obscurity since being kicked out of the NKT in 2008/9, after he was exposed as an alleged serial sex abuser on the internet. It’s alleged he maintained quite a harem of ladies for his sexual gratification aka “Tantric practice” and apparently many of those women have re-ordained and are still very much in the NKT!! I want to say something angry and harsh about them – but I won’t.


  11. Euuchhh….Sogyal looks like such a fat old slime-ball – a right sleaze bag, much like Neil Elliott, or “Gen-la” Thubten Gyatso, as he was known at the time when I was in the NKT. I wish some of those women Elliott and Samden allegedly abused would also come forward with their stories, like some of Sogyal’s victims have. Sogyal’s victims who are speaking out now really should be going to the police!! Since the outing of Jimmy Savile and other celebrity serial sex abusers, now would be the time to take their complaints to the police. Actually, i find it frustrating myself that many such women are still under the spell of the doctrine of guru infallibility and are afraid of the supposed repercussions for their “karma” if they speak out against such “gurus”.

    Here’s what I had to say about my brush with this issue in the NKT, in my “Survivors” testimony:

    “The last time I visited Madhyamaka centre the news had just broken that Gen Thubten (Gen-la) had been forced to disrobe, under threat from one of the “in-crowd” elite group, that if he did not, she would go to the press and reveal that he had been breaking his vows of chastity with impunity, having “tantric” sex with basically anyone he fancied. Seems he had tried it on with her, despite the fact that she was actually married too. Worse still, it was said that Geshe-la even knew about it, but because Thubten Gyatso was considered “special”, his actions would not accrue bad karma. Indeed, the women involved should count themselves lucky that having received his blessed “white drops”, they would get enlightened quicker!! What a pile of absolutely repellent hogwash: sexually abusive men masquerading as spiritual teachers, turning sexual exploitation into “spiritual practice”.”

    So it’s like I said, I’m no fan of guru worship, nor a follower of any Tibetan Lamas. Carol McQuire is forever harping on at me about how wonderful the Dalai Lama is, but personally I just don’t get it – I cannot do the sycophantic grovelling that seems to come so naturally to women like her! It’s like the young woman in the video said – a lot of these women want to get into the guru’s inner circle – because it makes them feel special and important. Not me!

    Anyway Hookie, if you could just desist for a minute from casting me in the role of some hapless victim or enabler of sexual abuse we might even have a constructive “dialogue”. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for you to realize that you got my number totally wrong. And in any case you do still come across like a total pain in the ass.


  12. From the website:


    “The founder of the Tenzin Gyatso Institute is Tibetan Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the ground-breaking The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, who has taught in the West now for over 30 years. Rinpoche is renowned worldwide because of his special gift for conveying the heart of the teachings of Buddha in a way that is both authentic and deeply relevant to the modern mind. He is the founder and spiritual director of Rigpa, an international network of Buddhist centers and groups in forty-one countries that enjoys the gracious patronage and guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Since 1973, when he played a key role in His Holiness’s first visit to the West, Rinpoche has tirelessly supported the Dalai Lama, communicating his message and his teachings wherever he goes. The Tenzin Gyatso Institute is the realization of Rinpoche’s lifelong wish to make a lasting contribution to His Holiness’s work and to help safeguard it over the years to come “


  13. And while your pal Tenpel, has been pretending that he is outing Sogyal on his Buddhist controversy blog site and makes believe that the Dalai Lama is just not saying anything but of course he is against the sexual abuse of these lamas and Soygal. In fact the Dalai Lama and Soygal are joined at the hip and always have been and always will be: He is proud of Soygal, he is honoring him. The Dalai Lama and Sogyal are in cahoots together, as the Tenzin Gyatso Institute, that Sogyal found in his name was inaugurated in 2013 shows:

    There is no one as deceptive as the Dalai lama and his lama cartel:

    How will you spin this one Tenpel on your blog site?

    You certainly are devoted to enabling the Dalai Lama and his sexually abusive lamas.


  14. https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=sogyal+In+the+name+of+enlightenment&ei=UTF-8&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002

    Here is what your pal Tenpel and the Dalai Lama is supporting ‘laughing dakini’ :

    Good luck to you. Seriously.


  15. All you enablers and those who have kept quiet about Sogyal ‘s sexual abuse and who support sexually abusive lamas, who cover up for them, and even facilitate their abuse and confuse hundreds of young women by lending Tibetan Lamaism credence and cover because of their celebrity status, or their professional status, as psychologists, psychiatrists, meditation instructor status, are part of the sexual abuse,


    The Dalai Lama, and all you celebrity lamas, those who are also sexually abusing women, or enabling and protecting them, such as Tsoknyi rinpoche, or western meditation teachers such as Joseph Goldstein, Dan Goleman, Allan Wallace, Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Pema Chodin, Tsultrim Allione. All you hucksters of the dharma that have made millions off your fraud and your enabling of abuse, and all the “Dakini”women who are writing books and fooling more women like this laughing dakini here, who doesn’t even know what she is saying or protecting, but is more confused instead of less, after reading your books or Dzigar Rinpoche and his wife Elizabeth, both of them shills to protect Sogyal, and to protect her husband, Dzigar, an abuser of students himself, all of you who prostrate themselves to this disgusting abuser Sogyal, and his sick brainwashing of women, and pander to him and attend his ceremonies, and teach beside him. There are no words for what you have done, and how much harm you have caused and are still causing.

    All you so-called Dakini Women, laughing dakini is a good example of the confusion you have caused, to make a buck off the dharma, all you formerly sexually abused women who chose to keep quiet in order to get the perks and the special status, and who chose to write books honoring this abuse and honoring yourselves, when you are the sad victims who chose out of cowardice to keep quiet, and enable their own gurus’s abuse, or enable Sogyal Rinpoche’s abuse. Instead of warning women about these wolves in sheep’s clothing, you prop them up! You call yourselves “feminists” learning from the lamas that saying the opposite of what you are, “victims ‘ who enabler the perpetrator, will fool people and also make you money.

    Be warned.

    Your time of fooling people like this laughing dakini, is over, however sad and angry and confused, and defensive this person is because of you she still deserved the truth.

    All of you are a stain on the Buddha’s teachings, you are a stain on common decency, and any sense of mindfulness and awareness.


  16. zzzzzzzz……the nature of being in a cult also involves being in something at all. Sorry to shoot your theory to pieces but I’m not “in” any religious or political groups at all. Well, apart from the Labour Party, which I joined last week for £3 as a “supporter”, so I could have a vote on the new leader. Hey, does that mean I’m in the cult of the Labour Party now, and thus enabling sexual abuse of Labour MPs towards their female researchers? If that sounds daft, so do your equally specious and ludicrous accusations about me being a Tibetan Lamaist cultist enabler of sexual abuse. I mean. Really. Seriously. You DO need to see a doctor.


  17. Poor sad girl, Tell your pal Tenpel, that all his work for the Dalai Lama , in covering up for this sexual abuser Sogyal, on his false flag blogs, is soon going to come crashing down.

    Dialogue Ireland- it might be good to put up this latest video about Sogyal , another person making a video about his sexual abuse, and cult brain washing, – that these laughing dakinis and new feminists don’t care about.

    The nature of being in a cult is to not know you are in a cult.



  18. LOL – “trapped in the net of these lamas” Yeah, right.

    Hookknife, I’ve never said I don’t have anger issues! Clearly I do. I have enough self-knowledge to know that. Do you?

    As for your link to the article about Ogyen Trinley – big deal! Like I care? I don’t anything about Ogyen Trinley, ‘cos I’m just not interested. How many times do I have to repeat for you to get it? I ain’t interested in Tibetan Buddhism, I’m not a Lamaist….I’m not bovvered!

    You are one hell of an annoying bullying, misogynistic, close-minded individual – it’s like talking to a brick wall. You’ve made up your mind about me and nothing I can say will change that because your mind is too full of hatred and prejudice in the dark obsessive world you inhabit.

    I’m beginning to get a little insight into the desperate frustration that Kafka’s Josef K must have felt. Time to take my leave from the snarling dogs of Dialogue Ireland. What an unpleasant, weird little world it is.


  19. What’s really happening inside western Tibetan Buddhism among those who are now waking up, that the fringe fans, and the western enablers , like J K. Zinn, Jack Kornfield, and those who thought this gravy train would last forever will be the last to know:



  20. Too late laughing dakini, =like all of you who talk out of both sides of your mouths, your out- of control- attacks andy your spewing hateful insults, non-stop, when your buttons are pushed, is all over your posts, and reveal the repressed rage and anger that is just below the surface when the “compassionate facades”- you all wear is revealed. It doesn’t take much. Your state of mind is all over your posts. It is always the same abuse from all of you, and no wonde, considering how much you don’t want to know and how much you repress to keep your fantasies intact.

    What a wonderful example you all are of the”mindfulness and compassion” that is resulting from those who are connected in any way to these lamas and their enablers. But then, that is what tantra varjayana always creates, chaos and complete confusion and a lack of self-awareness.

    Carry on, with your attacks you are a walking advertisement for what happens when people are entrapped in the net of these lamas .


  21. Yeah hookknife – whatever. Waste of time talking to you. You sound just like a slightly different version of a rabid NKT bod, convinced that one day the world is going to turn round and denounce the Dalai Lama as an abusive, lying fraud. You think the world is going to turn round and denounce all these people, including Batchelor, Kabat-Zinn, Kornfield etc one day as a cadre of sexually abusive patriarchical clerics? Yeah right.

    I take what I find useful and inspiring from what they write and teach – that’s all. I’m not under anyone’s spell and I’m not enabling anyone to do anything abusive. You know nothing about me yet arrogantly profess to dismiss everything I say as somehow the result of me being controlled by a bunch of people I’ve never even met. If anyone is coming across as an arrogant misogynist it’s you – presuming you know better than me about myself and my own state of mind. What a condescending piece of work you are. Stop wasting my time you misogynistic arrogant know-it-all hypocrite.


  22. When the larger psychology and psychiatry and neurology field discovers who and what their colleagues have been supporting and enabling, i.e. sexually abusive lamas like Sogyal rinpoche, and the sexually exploitative tantra of the vajrayana of the Dalai Lama, , for the credentials and currency of joining the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama , or the Dalai Lama and Sogyal’s joint creation, the Tenzin Gyatso Institute, they will be running away from this sinking ship, as fast as they can, and it will happen , it is only a matter of time. One thing about the U.S. the truth eventually does come out. They will be like all those who suddenly swelled the ranks of the French Resistance after WW II.


  23. Thanks for the info, laughing dakini, insults notwithstanding, the usual response of those who love the whole tantric mess, as you reveal, believe it is empowering you as women. I now realize that there is another group that is being fooled by these influences, but just as hard to reach, just as capable of raging about a hybrid ‘identity’ they have created and cannot bear to investigate as to its origins, connections , a cadre of an outer core of young women or older women who have been trapped in this sticky mess, think tantric sex is cool, thanks to these chameleons who are part of the Dalai Lama ‘s army, I know all about the Spirit Rock Jack Kornfield bunch, who have taken TB classes at his center, including most of his teachers who add their Dzogchen credentials to their resume and teach beside Tibetan Lamas now, ( Tsoknyi rinpoche, pal and protege and main protector of Sogyal -half his students are Jack Kornfield Spirit Rock graduates now, and Jon Kabat Zenn , who sits on panels with number one sexual predator, Soygal. a physician, along with many psychologists who say nothing and by default protect him- and of course, on the Mind and Life Institute Board of the Dalai Lama, and your other reference Shinjing Young, who calls himself a “vajrayana ‘ teacher. As for Stephen Batchelor his did not turn his back,not completely, he found a niche as a seeming rebel from it all but is still part of Mind and Life seminars for the Dalai Lama. To turn his back completely doesn’t happen for these people , and so they give people like you confusion, double messages, and the the sexual abuse by these lamas are not the main goal of their couples bliss practices, and that it is about freedom, when the ones who are their consorts and don’t speak out are the new enablers and shills for the lamas, what they have been. and convince people like you that these women are having consensual sex, when they have been brainwashed to see these lamas like Sogyal as divine masters, as many at Jack Kornfields group now does. I have no words that can express how terrible what these people have done , for a buck and the the credentials they think it gives them for their luminous careers.

    So sadly, you are just , it seems one of the hundreds , thousands of women, who believe you are empowering yourself by admiring this misogynistic patriarchy of clerics, and becoming part of its enabling crew, and who cannot research the truth and don’t want to. Sad.

    Your repertoire of attacks also reveals how deep in you are in their web, ,they are the usual “conspiracy theory” “paranoid” and you are crazy and mentally ill” attacks, its what always reveals how deep in you are when you spout off the party lines of attacks. .

    So sorry if I don’t believe you objectivity, that is one of Tenpel’s disguises as well.


  24. Sorry my list of authors failed your test of disproving I am “under the spell” of Tibetan Buddhism. Jack Kornfield is from the Thai Forest Tradition and Stephen Batchelor turned his back on Tibetan Buddhism pretty much – jumped from the mumbo jumbo ship of TB to Zen and doesn’t buy into any of the nonsense you rant about!

    Ah well, in any case, I’m reading Caitlin Moran’s How to Build a Girl right now. Don’t tell me she’s just another poor foolish woman who’s been duped into being a Dalai Lama mouthpiece too – is it all hidden in the sub-text? LOL There there dear – perhaps you need to get a little prescription from the doctor, or just have a glass or two of wine, perhaps a little J ? Might help you chill a bit. You do seem terribly stressed by all this. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a verbal punch-up myself from time to time – perhaps a little too much of late because of too much time on my hands. Anyone need a “hired hand”? All legal employment opportunities considered. ;-)


  25. Geez …I ended up laughing by the end of this latest rant Hookknife. I didn’t go to so much trouble to write that article as it happens, I was sent a folder of screenshots and asked to write up an article on it if I had time. Took me a couple of hours and those conniving deceitful NKT hypocrites deserved to be outed for their fraud.

    Call me naive (like I care?) but I prefer the fairy tale version of Sky Dancing Dakinis to your sordid sex abuse version. Not sure if the proper spelling of the word was taken – in any case I didn’t want it as my spelling was always meant to be a little flippant and ironic – not taking myself or it too seriously – it’s also a play on Daquiri – a very tasty cocktail that should get you giggling when you have a few. Personally, I was never sexually abused by anyone and when I was in the NKT I was unaware of it going on. In any case why is it abuse if two practitioners who are of equal status want to engage in a bit of “Tantric sex”? I’m not going to get all outraged by it. But if those old letches Neil Elliott and Samden had tried it on with me, trying to use their higher status to persuade me to get my knickers off, then they would have gotten kneed in their gonads.

    You wanna paint everything to do with Buddhism and Hinduism in the west as just being about sex abuse and control then I pity you – what a sad dark world you live in. Lighten up fella – go and have a couple of Daquiris and chill!

    Re Jon Kabat Zinn – in the early 2000s I used to teach a version of his “Bodyscan” technique from “Full Catastrophe Living” when I was a yoga teacher, I even made a CD recording of it because my students loved it and found it very helpful, as did I. And as for you casting my favorite Kirtan wallah into some kind of perverted Hare Krishna chanter – well you are sounding increasingly like a totally paranoid fruitcake. He’s not even a “Hare Krishna” chanter anyway! His westernised rock influenced chanting uplifts my heart – yet if I listened to your paranoid ravings I’d have to throw out all my CDs. LOL No thanks.

    As for neophyte? I’ve been kicking round this stuff since the early 1990s.. Hardly a neophyte and hardly caught in a spell – unless it’s a spell that makes me drink too much cheap wine, and bake and eat cakes rather too often in my very ordinary existence in middle class suburban England. :-) Now if anyone does want to pay me to be a “hired hand” – anything legal would be considered. I could do with some more dosh coming in to finance a lifestyle to which I would like to become accustomed. :-)


  26. Dear laughing Dakini

    1. I read your post, and no one would put the effort into what you have in collusion with Tenpel, Dalai Lama monk who pretends also to be neutral and unbiased if the were not deeply involved with Tibetan Buddhism a.k.a. Lamaism and the Dalai Lama,it is not reasonable to make people believe this, given the trouble that you went to in your post, no casual person who was simply reading Buddhist lite books by John Kabat Zen ,2) who is a board member of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute, and a former student of the Insight Meditation group that has also merged now with Tibetan Buddhism, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg and Dan Goleman of the Insight meditation group and formerly Theravadan Buddhists, now see Sogyal their master and guru, and have for decades. They are guru worshiping Lamaists while pretending to be simply about ‘meditation”. The Dalai Lama and his Mind and Life Institute, his contemplative scientism. That is another mask for the Dalai Lama and his merry enablers to create an Adi -Buddha world through the back door.

    Stephen Batchelor is a former Gelugpa monk and translator of the Dalai Lama, whose books, such as “Confession of a Buddhist Atheist” cannot go all the way and who will not tell the truth completely about the Dalai Lama and TB and its bliss couple practices that are about sexually abusing and using females as he well knows. Because he was a translator and surely has read all the way through the Kalachakra, where 10 to 11 year old outcast girls are considered the best consort. So, because he doesn’t want to alienate his many TB friends and colleagues he doesn’t tell the whole truth. Therefore he is covering up for them. Besides he has so many of TB’with still one foot in TB, and attending his seminars and he has to make a living. He has called out Sogyal Rinpoche, only up to a point, ( in the 2011 documentary) but still blames western women for being naive, and pretends that Sogyal is a rogue sexual abuser.This when all of TB, as he well knows having studied for decades, culminates in Vajrayana tantra and the bliss couple practices which are the essence of what TB is. Sexual abuse is institutionalized in Tibetan Buddhism, and is not about one or two unscrupulous rogue Lamas, like Sogyal. He still has one foot in TB, because he attends Mind and Life Institute seminars, that are about pushing the new commodity of TB, the “mindfulness movement.” He gets to hob nob with all his friends at the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama, who has also inaugurated the Tenzin Gyatso Institute of Sogyal Rinpoche’s creation. Sogyal Rinpoche, – the Mind and Life Institute, John Kabat Zinn, the Insight Meditation group, – all together in pushing Tibetan Lamaism under the mindfulness rubric. Jack Kornfield , who started Spirit Rock to democratize and westernize the Buddhadharma, has let the number one protector and enabler of Sogyal the predator, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, teach at spirit rock for decades now. He is a long time visiting teacher who bridges the two together, Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism, and even seduces these students that come to Spirit Rock for his seminars and teachings into attending Sogyal retreats. Sogyal also sits on panels at the Mind and Life Institute, and has sat on panels with John Kabot Zinn, Tsoknyi, the number one enabler and protector of Sogyal the predator. He also tells his students he comes from a lineage of the 1st Tsoknyi,( he is the third) who was the product of a deity and a human, he puts his own students on retreat memorizing the hell realms and what will happen if they criticize the lamas, while telling the world he is a ‘feminist lama’ and a ‘westernized lama.” He also has them believing that statutes can be imbued with living energy. That is who Jack Kornfield lets teach at Spirit Rock. They all teach together now, and even include a Hare Krishna chanter in their retreats, Krishna Das. They are totally compromised all of them by TB.

    2. your choice of a moniker ‘laughing dauquini” (was the correct spelling for your moniker already taken?,) is a variation on dakini, a Tibetan Buddhist name usually acquired by those who are taken in by lamas ‘twilight language’ for sexually used and misused consorts of the lamas. They have been calling their mistresses ‘dakinis’ for westerners. Try reading what the lamas really think about women someday ‘laughing dauquini’ in their tantras, not the fairy tales they are spoon feeding you.

    3. You are up to your eyeballs in TB, either knowingly or not. Either way, you are not doing your research. Again, I don’t believe that you are not up to your eyeballs, because you would not be as much of an advocate, taking all the time you did to write and research and go into the minutiae you did to “out” NKT and Indyhack, this is a vendetta of Tenpel’s for the Dalai Lama, and I doubt very much that he is that charismatic in person, to get you to do the cult- pointing the finger and calling the other a “cult.” No one but a true believer would do this. Unless this is a new phenomenon of the cult net of the lamas, i.e. that gets people to work like slaves right off the bat for Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama. It is common for people apparently now, to be caught in the net of Tibetan tantra, and believe that they are rational and still free, because they are reading the books by those you have named, even though they are totally unaware that all these people you have named are also totally caught in the the net of Tibetan Buddhist tantra themselves.

    You need to do better than this laughing dauquini! You need to do much better research, maybe when you come out from under whatever spell you have been put under to work like a slave for DL and Tenpel, his damage control person.

    To document you not being part of Tibetan Lamaism, by quoting those, also up to their eyeballs in it. is poor research to say the least, and suggests a neophyte Tibetan Buddhist who is caught under the spell.


  27. Dear Buddhism, thank you for your considered response and apology for your false accusations against me. I do hope I am wrong, and that Dialogue Ireland is not teeming with judgmental, conspiracy-theory people like Hookknife, who appears to be blindly wedded to his own theories about Lamaism and is totallly blinkered in his false assumptions about the motivations of others he knows nothing about. His attitude is very irritating and insulting to me, as I am a straightforward person who doesn’t go in for hidden agendas. Everything he writes about me is an utter fantasist projection and because of that he strikes me as a somewhat creepy individual – the sort of person who might lock someone up and throw away the key on the basis of his blind prejudiced opinion of them, rather than the facts. Eeeuuch!


  28. God that was hard work to read! Look Hookknife, if you could just desist for a minute from listening to the sound of your own thoughts and spurting them all over the page with no editorial discrimination whatsoever, i am not saying, nor have I ever said, that I disagree with your theories about the deeply problematic nature of Tibetan Buddhism’s central tenet of Guru Devotion (ie Lamaism)!!!

    The smack of conspiracy theory is nothing to do with that, it’s far more personal. It’s that you are accusing me, repeatedly of being a Dalai Lama cultist, of being a “hired hand”, of being taken in by the Dalai Lama etc etc. All of that is just plain wrong. I am just another ordinary person with an interest in this subject. If I were any of these things you say I am, I surely would have read some books by the Dalai Lama, gone to hear him teach and be a member of some kind of Tibetan Buddhist sangha somewhere. None of these things apply to me. So please stop spouting your theories at me – it’s quite unnecessary as I am NOT a fan of Lamaism, I am NOT a Dalai Lama devotee, I am NOT a CTA “hired hand” and I am NOT even a Tibetan Buddhist. In fact I could barely call myself a Buddhist at all. These days I am far more likely to read a book by Stephen Batchelor, John Kabatt-Zinn, Shinzen Young or Jack Kornfield, than I am any book by a Tibetan Buddhist Lama!!!! Please read what I say and give me some credit for the truth of what I’m saying about myself. What on earth can I gain from lying?!!? If you’re going to persist in your rude and false assumptions about me and what I’m about I shall just stop visiting Dialogue Ireland as I can’t manage to have a “dialogue”.


  29. It is a long trajectory to come fully out of Tibetan Lamaism. Few people will do it because to face what has been going on, how they have been fooled, particularly those who were in it for decades, pointing the finger back at one TB group situation, as just a rogue situation, and then either going deeply into another lama situation, trying to hold onto TB as pure and the situation simply an aberration of what is pure, is the inability to face “fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me” syndrome. So most people stay in the “fool me twice” realm, forever. It is too painful and too awful to look clearly at what these lamas are doing, and did to their own people for almost a thousand years.

    If you were in NKT for only a short while, than the trajectory is to try and hold onto TB as thought that were what the Buddha taught, It is not. Having a distant relationship with a phony iconic figure, like the Dalai Lama, who has been propped up by geopolitical forces, including the CIA, and is being used in the U.S. to support passivity and acceptance of coming austerity measures. Most people, don’t read the real history of Tibet, and the Lamas, because a controlled media doesn’t want people to read it.

    Buddhism is about facing the truth, it is about waking up, not substituting one dream for another, or following Hinduvati God Kings pretending to be about Buddhism. Until you wake up from this deep dream that you wish to stay in, because you don’t want to admit” you made a mistake. ‘Fool me twice shame on me” then nothing anyone can say to you will help.

    The Buddha, when he awoke, touched the earth. He started sitting under that Bodhi tree because he was sick of gurus, sick of Hindu caste systems and God Kings. He teachings still ring true but they have had the corruption of many streams since then, that is why he appointed no one to come after him, and told his students that “no one should sit higher than another.” He was trying to fight the caste system of Hinduvati Brahminism that the Dalai Lama represents and that took over the Buddha’s teachings shortly after he died. The Dalai Lama is a Hinduvati God King, who is practicing tantric vajrayana brought to Tibet by Indian sadhus (sorcerers.) Indian yogis who were practicing tantric vajrayanaIt superimposed on the Buddhism that had come through Tibet, (Chan Buddhism more likely from China) and the Bon occult Shaminism. That is what they are all practicing. The Dalai Lama kept his own people in slavery and serfdom, like all the Dalai Lamas before him. Those Dalai Lamas that weren’t assassinated, that is. The history of TB is not peaceful, nor harmonious, it was a bloody tribal theocracy, where little boys were sacrificed to the monasteries, and young girls were sacrificed to the lamas, and their alchemical medieval bliss practices, which they still practice today. They believe they can shoot the semen (bodhicitta ) to the top of their foolish Hinduvatic tantric heads, and the people were kept in isolation and extreme poverty, taxed to death dying at the old age of 35.

    All of this is factual, not a conspiracy theory. People always call what they can’t assimilate because of deep conditioning, a “conspiracy theory.” At one time, before we had been so dumbed down in the U.S. by many factors, including Tibetan Buddhism and the Lama fairy tales. We used to be able to see “patterns of influence” using a more abstract level of thought, now most people can’t think rationally and abstractly anymore, and see “patterns of influence’ all around them. They are programmed to knee jerk call everything ‘a conspiracy theory, ( meme that the controlled media purposely spread) rather than reflect on what is said, or connect the dots of causes and conditions that have come together. And, as the Buddhists teachings say patterns of influence are simply “causes and conditions coming together” which is the real definition of karma, by the way. Causes and conditions also fall apart, that is what is meant by impermanence. The Lamas have no understanding of impermanence they are Hinduvati Brahmins using the occult teachings of tantra. They are promoting the view of reincarnation of a soul coming back again and again, so they can stay on their pile of loot and keep it in the family. They recognize neither their relatives, or a poor peasant boy, so the family cannot interfere in his education. Having a tulku recognized shot the serf peasants into a new status, the only way one could move up in this rigid caste system of Tibetan Lamaism’s social structure.

    Tibetan Buddhism appeal to peoples fantasies, particularly westerners who only remain fringe fans, and, particularly those who are the most idealistic, and who want to live forever, believing that they will come back again and again.However, only self-improved every time if they participate in the Dalai Lama Kalachakra ceremony. They do not know this is about an apocalyptic war with Semitic religions,e,g Judaism and Islam so that a future Buddhocracy can be the goal. They are fanatic, and ambitious power hungry clerics, who cannot accept that they lost their own country out of their greed and ignorance and cruelty. . . The lamas are perpetrating a Hindu view, and not a Buddhist view, they have no concept of the most basic Buddhist teachings. When I was in these groups, I too believed in fairy tales, or almost, that the lamas are products of deities and humans, that they are avatars and that they come back again and again unselfishly to help other humans, as they are above the human realm. They were to become great bodhisattvas instead of the parasites on every nation that they are. The Tulkus are the most duped and mind controlled of all the Tibetan Buddhists, stolen from their families and raised by superstitious old men when toddlers. The Dalai Lama has been programmed in deception and theatre since a toddler.

    But carry on with your delusions about the Dalai Lama being different than NKT, even thought they are both Gelugpa lineages of the cult of Tantra and by saying NKT is a cult. DL than can deflect people from looking more carefully at all of TB being a cult, which is starting to happen all over the world. Once the west realizes this and the fact that China is using the Lamas to mix with Han Buddhism for the religious arm of their country, it will not be long before TB will be seen for what it is. It will happen gradually but surely. Just know that you are contributing to destruction of reason and rational thought necessary to a democracy that is based on people being awake and facing the truth, as the Buddha taught, again he touched the earth upon awakening under the Bodhi tree, The historical Buddha was closer to a democratic view than these Hinduvati, Brahmin caste system Lamas. Buddhism was about not living a lie and a dream or propitiating demons and deities from 8th century Hindu tantra and Bon Shamanism. That was what the Buddha’s awakening was all about. Casting all that aside. No small task to attempt to teach in India.

    For westerners to embrace the 8th century thinking of the Lamas, is not sane. Nor is it sane for westerners to embrace something they absolutely refuse to research or understand, calling anything critical about Lamaism a “conspiracy theory”. That is called being a dogmatist, and a true believer. No matter what rhetoric is covering this rigid, irrational attitude over with nice sounding phrases. The Dalai Lama is simply deflecting the truth about himself and what he believes, as a cult member and perpetrator himself of the cult of Lamaism, since he, himself consults an oracle that goes into a trance and becomes a Mongol lord for all his major decisions. Of course the Lamas don’t notice that they lost their own territory and had to flee, depending on oracles and deities in the past. Doing something over and over and getting the same failing results is called insanity. This is 8th century Shamanism, also part and parcel of TB. If you wish to believe this is all a conspiracy theory, or that anything critical said about TB or the Dalai Lama has to be false, or a conspiracy theory, then it seems you are still affected by having been part of a rigid Christan fundamentalist religion that is considered a cult. It sounds like you jumped out of the fire of the Jehovah Witnesses, into the fire of NKT and now into the fire of the Dalai Lama cult, without ever being truly free by examining this trajectory. Not unusual a trajectory, and how awful to think you were fooled 3 times!. That is how people can be manipulated, that is how dictatorships and totalism wins out over a democracy by people staying asleep and in a dream brought to us by those who do not have our best interests at heart. Particularly those using the religious arm of a distorted Buddhism used politically to make people irrational and unable to think clearly and reasonable and face facts. Buddhism is often used by totalitarian countries and dictatorships. This is not a conspiracy theory it is history. It is why those who don’t believe in history or learn from it are doomed to repeat it, or cause it to be repeated. It is why anyone that wakes up from this TB dream, has no choice but to speak out. Knowing that those still asleep will attack, discredit, go ballistic, the usual “compassionate” responses from people who cannot engage in any discussion with people who know longer believe as they do. You can’t use “Chinese communist’ attack anymore since these lamas are in collusion with Chinese communists, so now it will be “conspiracy theorist’ the second of the three attacks, the last being, “You are so angry and must be so unhappy and depressed.” The same three in the rigid repertoire of true believers.

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  30. Dear laughingdaquini,
    I sincerely apologize for my ignorance of the Facebook and Google advertising system, and made an incorrect remark about your piece.
    And thank you for explaining their work. No more hard feeling, Ok? ^_^

    Your comment stated,
    “During my relatively short experience in the NKT (1992-1996) I found the complex practices of Highest Yoga Tantra to be a waste of time at best, and dangerous at worst.” This is really true.

    If you don’t mind my saying, my personal mistake doesn’t necessarily get other DI readers tarred, as you said ” Dialogue Ireland readers have quite a number of fanatical conspiracy theorists in their ranks.” Right?
    Thank you.


  31. And as for “Buddhism”‘s comment on my piece that I am secretly trying to advertise Tibetan lamas and their programmes in the link I posted to my testimony….Wut?

    It appears that Dialogue Ireland readers have quite a number of fanatical conspiracy theorists in their ranks. “Buddhism”, if you are getting ads on a Facebook page you visit, they are generally adverts that Facebook place there because THEY think YOU will be interested in them, not because I, or any other suspected “Lamaist fanatic”, put them there. That’s how Facebook and Google advertising work. Duh!

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  32. Hookknife, I would say your analysis is interesting, except it’s so badly written I could barely wade through the turgid morass of words to get to your point. However, I did note you speculating on my motivation and your absurd postulation that I have leapt from the NKT cult into the Dalai Lama cult. Er..hello? I repeat: I am not a follower of the Dalai Lama, nor do I follow any lama. If you took the time to read my “testimony” for which I posted a link, instead of just passing your prejudicial judgement on me, you might begin to understand that my motivation has nothing to do with any of your inane speculations. A “hired hand” indeed. Absurd.

    I have edited this today for the first time and have added Linda’s statement as a full post.

    I do question myself as to why this issue has such a pull on my attention and my guess is that it probably stems from the fact that many years before my relatively short brush with the NKT, I had a somewhat miserable upbringing in a Christian cult, from which I wish someone had rescued both me and my mother. My mother is still in it. It could be that I have transferred my hostility towards that cult to the NKT, ‘cos they are an easier target? However, the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation, for all their faults, don’t pursue the Pope all over the world just to slag him off. As far as I’m aware, nor is there a social media movement targetting the Jehovah’s Witnesses for exposure – otherwise I’d maybe join that too! Except of course, that I value Buddhist teaching more than Judeo-Christian teaching, not least because of the Creator-God issue.

    So Hookknife, despite your verbosity and confident claims, your analysis gets a big F for Fail and it smacks of paranoid conspiracy theory. Laughable.

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  33. Or, she is someone sucked in by Tenpel’s disguise, the third possibility, and is at the stage of ‘finger pointing” back at her past experience with NKT, not knowing that she has simply jumped out of the frying pan , into the mother lode fire of Tibetan Lama cult-hood. a common trajectory of many ex-Lamaist cult members, who never can escape the net of tantra, the Lamas and their Lama cartel, a wide net that few escape.


  34. Linda C says:

    “As for the Dalai Lama and Sogyal, I don’t know much about it, nor am I interested really, because like I said, I don’t follow the Dalai Lama and I don’t have much time for Tibetan Buddhism at all

    This could be true, now that the DL propaganda machinery, a multimillion dollar enterprise with lobbyists in Washington, and propagandists and public relations men and women, besides their fanatic devotees, to create and perpetrate their decepti0ns,( while calling the NKT deceptive, and they are small potatoes in comparison) as DL and his dupes and con men, are sucking in more of our prestigious university’s in the United States, through the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute’s ‘mindfulness training movement.” They include on its panel Soygal Rinpoche, number one sexual predator extraordinaire, who hosts at Lerab Ling “mindfulness seminars’ brought to us by guru-worshiping fanatic devotees of both the Dalai Lama and Sogyal such as Sharon Salzberg, Dan Goleman and Joseph Goldstein. They are all fanatic lama guru-worshiping cult members of Lamaism, who are pushing this ‘mindfulness awareness’ movement, whose roots are from the amalgam of the Insight Meditation Group that Salzberg, Goleman and Goldstein started (now a multimillion dollar movement,) now merged with the ninth century, misogynistic priesthood of Tibetan Lamaisn. The Tibetan Lamas are not stopping there, they are now merged with the Han Buddhists in China, promoting their Chinese Worker Front Lama, the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley a Chinese agent, to infiltrate into our universities, to fool another generation of young people with their ‘environmental masks’ and ‘feminists masks.” Clerics who have abused and misused their own people for centuries and particularly women as their sexual consorts, while they deceptively accuse others of being Chinese sympathizers, and let their own people still burn themselves up for a bogus Free Tibet Cause, that has garnered billions for the Dalai Lama while Dalai Lama has recognized this Chinese Karmapa as his successor when he dies and the Karme Kagyus, the most popular in the States have been colluding with the Chinese in this Han Buddhist-Tibetan Lama amalgam to destroy any possibility of nascent democratic movements from every happening in China, as they undermine democracy by a slow stealth in the west, particularly in the naive U.S. who think the Dalai Lama is Santa Claus. It is not what is true anymore, it is what you can make people believe and the Lamas have been experts in that for centuries, that is how they have kept their own people physically enslaved and still mentally enslaved and burning themselves up for their Kundun and his false flag causes to fool westerners and whats a few sacrificed Tibetans? That has never bothered these slave owners and serf abusers.

    There is no group as deceptive as the Dalai Lama and his propagandist machine, no one who has millions at his disposal, to 1) build more centers and lamasaries to train more deceptive lamas, and 2) to hire the best propagandists. There is no one as deceptive as the Dalai Lama who tells all Buddhists, since a western Buddhist meeting in 1993,to “call out sexual abusers” and even publicize it, and then goes and celebrates Sogyal the Predator, as recently as 2008, the worst of the sexual abusers and exploiters, (who has a second multimillion dollar law suit against him for physical and sexual abuse,) at his opening of Lerab Ling in France, his eight million dollar harem center, built with of course, western monies, where he continues to grope and abuse and turn into sexual slaves western women. He has been doing this for 40 years, thanks to the Dalai Lama protecting him, just by his iconic presence, and because the Dalai Lama knows that ALL western Tibetan Buddhists take vows to see no evil, speak no evil and publicize no evil about their Lamas, who are to be seen as Living Buddha’s themselves, and these women have been brainwashed to believe that they will reach enlightenment and have open their chakras if they have sex with Sogyal and other corrupt lamas. l. And the Dalai Lama and his band of merry western enablers like this women Linda, (perhaps she has just been hired by the DL machinery as I say, and which is worse being a mental slave to Tibetan Buddhism or simply for hire?) and Tenzdin Paljor, who pretends to be sympathetic on his various websites that he creates for the sole purpose to deceive others. He particularly pretends sympathy for hurting and abused women by these lamas, to come on his site and he pretends he is a neutral voice and then sucks in many people who go there telling their stories, not knowing that he is part of the Dalai Lama propaganda machine. They try to create a ‘limited hang out operation” to further propagandize and apologize for and obscure, and divert all of these stories, to create confusion for these people who believe that this site and others that Tenpel T. Paljor, a Dalai Lama Gelugpa monk, either doing this out of devotion or he has been hired by the Dalai Lama machine or both, creates, the great deception that he is neutral and sympathetic, a worse deception hard to find and one of the most egregious. When it is all about enabling and protecting his Tibetan Lama mafia and the Dalai Lama against the sexual abuse and other corrupt accusations that are sure to be coming their way. This has happened since they have become so visible and so filled with their own medieval hubris, as they use their fingers to plugg up the leaks. There is nothing the Dalai Lama and company will not do, will not create, will not do to divert, will not point the finger to “calling the pot black” to plug up the holes in the dike of the massive tsunami that is coming their way when people find out what Tibetan Lamaism is really about. That is what they are terrified of, and why they are so busy these days with their massive public relations campaign. Linda is probably just a hired hand. If she is not paid, then she is a cult member of Lamaism, because no one on earth would go to the trouble she has gone to, unless for money and/or to protect the Dalai Lama and company to push forward his Adi Buddha agenda under his disguises of ‘compassion,’ “environmentalism” even ‘feminism and gender equality” (the last the biggest deception.) Public relations companies do not care who they represent, that is why big ones like Ruder Finn, or Booze Allen Hamilton, who represents Shambhala International another Lama cult, will be for hire to prop up images and do “damage control” for Lama corporations or for tobacco and the pharmaceutical corporations. They are ruthless. It is only about the money and who has the money. That is what the Lama cartel has in common with corporatism, it is only about the money and staying in control of as much money as possible no matter who they hurt. Just like the Lamas. Just like in Old Tibet where they had a monopoly family corporation, exploiting others and lying, pretending to be about ‘compassion.’ Their newest product is the ‘mindfulness’ movement, whose roots are these ninth century tyrants and their western guru worshiping enablers who also want to create an Adi-Buddhocracy by stealth. Just as ‘compassion and peace’ has gotten old, now they have a new product and they don’t want anti-cult sites to spoil it for them. .


  35. Thumb up!
    The assessment upstairs is absolutely right and wise!

    This lady Linda something’s post, have you noticed that she is at the same time making big and free advertisement for Tibetan Lamas, seeing all the photos and programs alongside the link she “casually” provided.


  36. I’m not sure I can agree that Tibetan Buddhism has “nothing” to do with Buddhism, but there are aspects of it that I certainly find to be not in the least bit useful or relevant to my interest in cultivating spiritual insight into the nature of reality and consciousness, nor in my efforts to cultivate a peaceful mind and happy relationships.

    During my relatively short experience in the NKT (1992-1996) I found the complex practices of Highest Yoga Tantra to be a waste of time at best, and dangerous at worst. I find the whole notion quite repellent that it’s somehow necessary to have a slavish devotion towards a spiritual guide in order to follow a spiritual path – reminiscent of the Catholic idea that we can only communicate with God via the medium of priests. Both ideas seem to me to be about a minority of people(men) acquiring power over the majority. I never made my way into the NKT inner circles because joining the ranks of the brown-nose obsequious sycophants who constantly harped on about “Geshe-la” with their glassy-eyed false smiles was never going to happen.

    As for the Dalai Lama and Sogyal, I don’t know much about it, nor am I interested really, because like I said, I don’t follow the Dalai Lama and I don’t have much time for Tibetan Buddhism at all. My main objection to the NKT’s stance towards him is more to do with their hypocrisy and phoneyness, that every insult they hurl at him and the CTA is a projection of the faults of Kelsang Gyatso and the NKT. My objection is also political, because, as pointed out by Amnesty International when they dismissed NKT’s claims of the DL abusing Shugdenpas human rights, their hate campaign against him is diverting media and world attention away from the real human rights abuses, persecution and torture of Tibetans at the hands of the Chinese dictatorship in Tibet.

    Here’s my “Testimony” of my time in the NKT – which explains my position on these issues a bit more. https://www.facebook.com/NewKadampaSurvivorTestimonies/posts/844351545621511


  37. Personally, I don’t have much time for Tibetan Buddhism at all, in any shape or form – yet you assume that I am a Dalai Lama following fanatic. I am no such thing .

    So you agree with our assessment that Tibetan Buddhism has nothing to do with Buddhism and is in fact Lamaism the expression of Tantric Hinduism. It allows consort sex and the abuse of women? You can see by going through our site the DL supports Sogyal up to the hilt?
    You have reacted very strongly just for the moment reply to this point and confirm or deny what I am suggesting you are saying?
    This should help your memory:


  38. I sent the same reply direct to the author of this post who replied to me thus:

    You are quite free to leave any comment on the post, and you seem to have missed the fact that I published your article. I no longer publish anything by Indy hack as they refused to identify themselves. It was a mistake. We have published your piece and you are free to reply to our assessment, and tell the world you are not happy with the Dalai Lama either. do send a piece to reply and we will publish it.

    My reply:

    You have tarred me with the same brush of being as subject to self-deception as the NKT fanatics and described my piece as a “frenzied attack”, without saying why you take this view, which is personally insulting to the intelligent and straightforward clarity of my piece and has no basis in reality, only in your own prejudice. It’s not true either at you published my piece – not that I can see, at least – you just published a link to it with your very judgmental and derisory comment on my mind-set as its author, which you made on the basis of your own prejudice about me, rather than reality. Personally, I don’t have much time for Tibetan Buddhism at all, in any shape or form – yet you assume that I am a Dalai Lama following fanatic. I am no such thing .


  39. Nice theory. Except I am no more an advocate of the Dalai Lama, or any other lama, than I am pro any religious leader or religious cult. There are aspects about the Dalai Lama’s response, or lack of it, that are almost as irritating to me as the NKT’s attacks on him. Funny how you see fit to publish “Indyhack”‘s propagandist article which attacks Tenzin Peljor on the basis of a hyposthesis that 2 + 2 = 47, whereas you dismiss an article that factually reports on NKT member’s fraudulent actitiviities as unworthy of serious consideration. If you’re going to apply a view of cynical dismissal, at least apply it to both sides of the dispute.


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