Pope’s warning against ‘seers’ seems aimed at Medjugorje

Pope’s warning against ‘seers’ seems aimed at the House of Prayer in this country. The Pope we hear is about to make a major statement on Medjugorje, however, as far as Ireland is concerned it is likely to lead to a focus on the House of Prayer. First Fr McGinnity in the past has stated that if he is called out he has plenty of ammunition to respond with. However, the maudlin and Gnostic spirituality which has moved from the centrality of the person of Jesus Christ is used as an anesthetic to bring vulnerable Catholics under a totally different God. It is a capricious God who has to be appeased by the buying of paintings and other gimmicks. It has led to family break down and loss of feeling and the ability for normal familial relationships to develop which leads to stunted lives and in some cases premature death. It is a gospel of works and not a gospel which is centred on grace. The result is fear and the need to visit a location rather than being in a location of peace regardless of geography. This is a Manichean doctrine and there are vultures ready to pick off the remains of the dead.

We will be reporting soon on the plans DI has to address this issue. We are currently in confidential talks about it but you can be sure whatever the outcome we cannot and I repeat we cannot allow the abuse of especially vulnerable adults to continue.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

Catholic World News – June 09, 2015

Pope Francis encouraged the faithful to be on guard against “visionaries” – in a remark that seemed to aimed at the ‘seers’ of Medjugorje–during his homily at Mass on June 9.

In a comment about Christians who search constantly for some special new insight, some novelty in the faith, the Pope said: “Where are the visionaries who can tell us exactly what message Our Lady will be sending at four in the morning?”

Although the Pope did not identify any particular “visionaries,” his comment came just a few days after he had been asked to make a public statement on the alleged apparitions at Medjugorje. Several of the people who claim to have experienced visions of the Virgin Mary still report regular daily apparitions, and even announce in advance when those visions will occur.

In his homily Pope Francis was arguing against the “modern Gnostics” who practice a “slightly ethereal spirituality” and search for a special mystical vision, and base their faith on private revelations.

“This identity is not Christian,” the Holy Father said. The Gnostic approach, he argued, is as wrong-headed as that of those who seek to avoid the scandal of the Cross. He reminded his congregation: “God’s final Word is Jesus, and nothing else.”

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  1. Jim this was a news report and as I was in Medjugorje in 2005 have no doubt that the Catholic Church will never give a judgement there. Why, because you can’t until the visions cease. A nice number? Could you provide the evidence that Francis invited Ivan? Give us the evidence,

    to save yourself any further embarrassment.
    Mike Garde


  2. You don’t know what your talking about in relation to Medjugorje.
    Your just guessing.
    Just before Pope Francis became pope , he invited the visionary Ivan to his church.
    Check out the facts , to save yourself any further embarrassment.
    Jim Browne


  3. End of story regarding the Catholic Church giving approval to the house of prayer.
    End of story regarding any house of prayer supporter who thinks that the house of prayer is a Catholic place.


  4. Jerry does the Malahide House and the City West House enjoy the support of we the people? Jesus was crucified between thiefs. Christina buys houses to avoid being stalked by Jim Gallagher. Yes that is what they say on their web site! If Christina was a true visionary she would live a moderate lifestyle. One does not need to evaluate the visions of a visionary if two issues are present.
    1. They are living a life of luxury.
    2. They refuse to accept the authority of their bishop. It is clear Christina is already condemned by these criteria.


  5. The Catholic Church has made it’s judgement the house of prayer.
    The Archbishop of Tuam’s statements on the house of prayer clearly stated that the house of prayer has no backing whatever from the Catholic Church and the work that goes on there does not enjoy the confidence of the diocesan authorities. End of story.


  6. Victim soul my arse!

    More irony completely and utterly lost on them…


  7. Yes it is and that is why this Eoin stuff is a joke.

    Christina Gallagher having waited for the upturn in the economy and added further houses to her portfolio is about to sell a house that no one knows who the owner is? Is it the former supporter John Rooney from Steubenville, Ohio in the USA? There had been a House of Prayer there. Is it in the name of of the House of Prayer, Achill? Or is in the name of Jim Lynn from Greystones? Well it started out under Conville Enterprises in 2003, then when it was purchased for Christina in 2006 it was in the name of John Rooney-Folio number 157911 F. Now here’s the problem, John who was involved with the House of Prayer in Ohio has now departed the scene. Question is how did the HofP manage to get John to sign over the title to James Lynn on March 14, 2014?

    As of a month ago the house was still not sold.


  8. Anne and DI,
    lying comes very natural to these searing hypocrites. They wouldn’t feel comfortable in themselves if they let the actual real truth slip about themselves. Being a ‘True Believer’, in their twisted mind sets, gives them an extra license to do more or less as they please morally, they therefore feel justified. It laughable then when we get a lecture. Goat vomit indeed…
    Irony is completely lost on them.
    So that is why they were carefully selected by Christina Gallagher to do her dirty work. It gives them a false sense of power and Dutch courage.

    They have no real insight or discernment when it comes to their own integrity. Nor does it interest them to do so.


  9. DialogueIreland, is it true that Jim Lynn is named on the land registry details as ‘owner’ of Chrisina Gallagher’s infamous Malahide house which she is trying to sell and paid 4 million euros for?

    Jim Lynn/Eoin you have a lot of explaining to do to the house of prayer members and ex members who donated money to Christina, lavish opulence will dirty your soul just as it has done to Christina’s, she is a liar and you are a disgrace! why is your name on the details of this house?


  10. I will not bring any remarks or threats from you to the person you have named.

    Are Jim and Eoin the same person? You may have forgotten we have caught you out before using sockpuppetry. This is the same IP address as Jim Lynn has used. It my firm conviction you are one and the same person.
    I expressed myself in a combative way and you fell for it and reproduced earlier views word for word. You are no more Eoin than the man in the moon. You are definitely aware of the Gardai as you have received a visit in the last year about your activities. You did not go to the Gardai but we have it here what you threatened to do. Namely to shoot anyone coming to your door. I exercised my democratic right to park outside your house yesterday but had no intention of violating your home. I could have done was to approach your door and ask to speak to you and if you asked me to leave I would have done so. You need to tell the Irish people how come you are the person named as the owner of Christina’s house in Malahide. Can you explain what you are doing in protecting a fake scam artist who is adding property to property. The latest is a disgrace. I repeat this has nothing to do with Catholicism but the worship of mammon.
    Eoin if you have not communicated with us as suggested we will relocate all this material as it has no relevance to this thread Pope’s warning against ‘seers’ seems aimed at Medjugorje. I will be moving the other material from others there as well. You are suggesting that we in Dialogue Ireland are placing material here on behalf of others. If you do not wish to comment here it is your right. However, you asked to know who was responsible for commenting here. I informed you and still you have not communicated.
    So if I have not heard from you by 2 PM tomorrow we intend to move this to our special thread for about Jim Lynn. I require your name and address and for you to phone me and then I will meet you personally to discuss the issues you are raising on your behalf and your fellow member Jim Lynn. That information will be regarded as confidential. We can arrange for you to meet an exorcist in regard to confessing your role in this major breach of Catholic morals and handing yourself over to the dark side.


  11. This note is to Mr Garde who has informed me that he is Dialogueireland…..
    It has come as no surprise to see your reaction when your comments come under scrutiny…..and in this short space of time I am convinced that you are posting….or dictating posts for others to put forward as christina’s minion and then wilson’s socks….since only you would know the detail and repeat so word for word remarks you have made several times….but it doesnt matter really……

    I had intended to send you a questionnaire, but will delay that and respond to your latest note……
    I will not bring any remarks or threats from you to the person you have named. I think those remarks are just more bluff and hatred from yourself towards that person….but so convinced am I about the ridiculous words you choose…I would independently challenge you to produce evidence of this extreme behaviour etc…knowing that you cannot.
    I would remind you that I have also verified the times you lied when you reported the following….

    !. That this person verbally abused a trustee of The Blue Ivory Trust at a meeting in Knock. He was not there and did not even know that such a meeting was taking place.

    2.You published several times that this person was involved in fundraising trips to USA with delegations from HoP….which is total lies…and when challenged…again you could prove nothing.

    3. You have repeatedly named this person as fanatical…..and once called him “the evil fuhrer behind a marian scam”…..and all this only out of hate.

    4. You did threaten on this site to stalk his home etc…and he has, with Gardai advice formally requested you never to trespass on his property nor to invade the privacy of his home.

    So You went another route to repeatedly highlight the area where he lives and so try to build hatred and intimidation towards him in his locality and in his parish.

    This person, Mr Garde is convinced that either you are a serial liar….or you have been without question reporting lies and defamation towards him by a person with a sick mind….whom you have been using to gain background details about people who support The House of Prayer.

    At this point…its enough to make a billy-goat vomit…..and I will not even bother to highlight anything else in your commentary


  12. Dear “gduebeni….(Anne) I respect your opinion and no-one is ever reqd to believe in apparitions etc. My note was only to draw a comparison between 2 sites which report on similar topics…..one based on respect and the other where disrespect, mockery and a lack of values seem to prevail.
    But I wonder why……you “would never visit Spiritdaily” but you seem to be quite familiar with the detail in this site…..so you obviously must get some spiritual fulfillment from reading articles which are only aimed at vilification…and including vilification of Priests….thats a bit difficult to reconcile with ” the words and spirit of Mass”…..but so is life….everyone needs their little moment of feeling better than the others.


  13. And I got a lovely photo of Wilson’s socks :

    But he wasn’t available for comment.


  14. Mr Wilson am I to take it you are not serious about contacting us?
    By the way can you tell Mr Jim Lynn of Greystones the person in whose name the Malahide House is lodged that the Director is following up extremely serious issues related to extreme behaviour on his part. More on that anon. Took photographic evidence in Greystones today. However, taking the advice of Justice Hogan we d not believe in approaching the private dwelling of anyone.


  15. sorry just to be clear, the last message was posted by me, Anne


  16. Dear Eoin, I would never visit the website ‘spiritdaily’ that you mention where they ‘report and comments on religious matters and is a site which shows respect and discernment to all matters concerning apparitions, warnings, mystics, seers and messages for humanity….across ALL faiths’ because I am not in search of some mystical wisdom, I am happy with listening to the words and spirit of mass in my local church. I have grave doubts about the authenticity of mystics/seers (particularly Christina Gallagher) along with the Pope who said “Where are the visionaries who can tell us exactly what message Our Lady will be sending at four in the morning?” I think the statements by the Pope and some interpretation and perspective was published in a Catholic magazine recently.
    If I remember correctly, Pat Colemen responded to a TV crew visiting Knockbridge Church in an aggressive manner.


  17. I don’t understand the mindset of these types. They are completely impervious to evidence and proof, for example, as presented by ex followers to Jim Gallagher who wrote about it in his book, The Immaculate Deception. Which is now viewed a classic on cults and cultish behaviour. They proved to the world it was all true when all their 100 objections to everything Jim Gallagher ever said, were thrown out. It backfired and blew up in their faces. And they couldn’t see that their objections was doomed to failure, they were so completely blinded in their devotion to Christina Gallagher’s nutter BS. But fortunately, thanks to Jim’s exposé, he not only helped some see the light, and get out, and also prevented, by alerted countless more from being sucked in.
    Jim Gallagher himself his experienced firsthand what it’s like to be at the receiving end by one of the named unmentionable undesirable unmentionables. And does anyone recall Thurles? Conveniently forgotten? Let’s try to remember to forget that one too, shall we?
    But it was all witnessed, and testified, and then some(Tapes). Don’t let facts get in the way of facts. Yes, there are other stories also starting to emerge, which are consistent with what’s already known. But, it’s no secret, really, and never was. I’d say it’s time Jim Gallagher updated his book to include all these new facts on Christina Gallagher and her successor(s). We don’t need to wait a 100 years for the facts to be known, as laughably suggested by a fanatical follower here, it’s been published, and made bona fide, all by themselves. You simply couldn’t make it up.

    Remember these are people who continue to roar and shout that they are Catholics, by virtue of their very deep association with House of Prayer Ltd, even when the Catholic Church themselves have said their was/is nothing supernatural occurring regarding Christina Gallagher’s claims or at the House of Prayer Ltd, in the place it’s self, twice.
    In fact, mention of any of the above involved, is embarrassing for them.
    And more so, it’s even more deeply embarrassing and traumatic for all the many many ex followers involved in Christina Gallagher’s cult.


  18. Currently the Director, Mike Garde is the only person who comments on this blog. Eoin Wilson if you wish to engage I suggest you phone me to prove your bone fides.
    You have a tendency to claim that anyone who disagrees with you is Dialogue Ireland. We have no control over what people say here. Opinion is given free reign but we also take the view that people have a complete right to respond.
    DI Moderation


  19. Yes and I have been busy in meantime and have uncovered some quite disturbing facts….so may I please ask Dialogueireland to identify for me the name of the person who is the editor of all commets places as “Dialogueireland”?
    I am asking this because otherwise it would seem to me to be like communicating with a nameless face……or is this done to avoid responsibility being able to be focussed?
    Initially I was worried about specific allegations been made by commentor “Christina’s minion”, but what I think I have been shown in the intermin raises questions and as I have spent many hours in interim with both the people named by that commentor and been shown a dossier going back over five years….I think It was easy to identify which person from that duo was targeted…..but there is so much more…and against a litany of similar articles and allegations….so I have several very focussed questions for the specific person who commesnts as DIALOGUEIRELAND….and when you please identify formally for me that person I will resume and place all my questions formally before him/her . With kind regards
    Eoin Wilson


  20. Do send us your contact details and we will meet you to discuss your concerns.

    Dear Anne of Dialogueireland

    Eoin could you please focus on your own comments and I know who you are so please do not mess with other commenters. Anne has nothing to do with our work. She is a totally independent person as is Christina’s minion. Please do not link them with us. We are quite capable of replying ourselves


  21. Did you mix up Jim with the Looney Tunes?


  22. Sorry, ‘Eoin’, that was a typo, Micheal Looney, should read, Jim Lynn, instead.


  23. Dear “Christina’s minion, and Dear Anne of Dialogueireland…this latest post is for me perhaps the saddest piece of judjement that I have ever had to read over the past years…..and somewhere behind all the written comment from you there must be awful hurt or rejection of everything that Jesus TRIED to address during His lifetime…….I am very worried and very sorry IF my remarks have provoked your anger…because I never meant any of this.
    You talk in a dreadful judgemental way of people” burning in hell”…and quoting …on what basis “a proven long history of violence”…which I would totally contradict…and ask you to formally, through this site which publishes your remarks.( I do know the people you name, and thes are persons of deep faith and goodness..(.WHY do you take away their good name and reputation? Which is not only a grave sin in the Law of God, but is contrary to the Constitution of this Island..)
    take responsibility.And I would ask you to please consider this….IF you are a member of the Catholic Church, you should know that only God may judge, ONLY HE may make that final judgement of souls….ALL living beings here on earth are sinners to some lesser or greater degree….ALL of us have great weaknesses and are victims of many things that are happening around us…BUT we must never allow hatred, ignorance, bigotry, or misled zeal, ego or pride over-rule what the clear words of Jesus were….we must every day of our lives pray that we live that day for the glory of God.

    So……why are your remarks so hateful towards people that you may never have met in your lifetime?

    Which brings me to the REAL and only reason why I came to write this note…..I had only for many years read a website…www.spiritdaily.com
    where there have been reports and comments on religious matters and is a site which shows respect and discernment to all matters concerning apparitions, warnings, mystics, seers and messages for humanity….across ALL faiths….and…DESPITE being a strong othordox Roman Catholic Site in USA…it’s author Michael Brown, has the
    utmost respect for all denominations, creeds and beliefs. His website presents what is given, advises only discernment, and highlights all those aspects given through seers, mystics and prophets in these times as given….WITHOUT scorn, ridicule, etc….And there is also a VERY severe side to all of us poor egoistic individuals who would scorn and pour ridicule upon individuals trying to lead humanity back into the arms, the love, the mercy, and the forgiveness of God….Why do YOU hate and ridicule them? What do YOU know wether they are real or false? Why do you judge them…because that is so dangerous….WHO may judge the soul of another? Would YOU ever condemn ANY soul to hell for eternit? And IF you would….WHY…Please ask yourself why…why…

    And onwards to my REAL intention for this note
    before I read the diatribe of hatred….It was my humble intention to ask ANNE of Dialogueireland to consider how there might be great goodness and help through that site for all people of all faiths…IF this site could reflect the values, wisdom and integrity of SPIRITDAILY, and come away from a site of mockery, false judgement, reporting and embellishing only lies, sensation and gossip as is the material of the gutter press and the media of satan…….to reject this…and to become truely a site where all sincere people of all faiths can ….without mockery and rejection…bring their views, questions and testimonies forward and in an atmosphere where there will be gentleness , respect and hope..
    I think …Dear Anne of Dialogueireland that your site can be that ….and it is maybe time to lay aside all the old hurts, insults and egos…..BECAUSE,…society in Ireland and Europe HAS Changed. We do not need any more condemnation and judjement. We do not need the repeated mantras of the “damaged Catholic Church” and we do not need any more articles only bringing hatred, fear, condemnation , intimidation, and incitement to hatred, invasion of privacy, defamation etc….towards those who MAY….or may not be modern day prophets and little instruments chosen by God to give direction to this sick, misguided, sinful humanity…..

    So I leave it there….and I will gladly meet any of you anywhere to discuss these matters….


  24. ‘What is also very clear through the ages is that virtually every prophet, seer, mystic, apparition etc has been rejected, mocked and vilified and the individuals concerned persecuted in every manner possible. Such is the case still today.’

    ‘Eoin’, where have you been since all the revelations made of Christina Gallagher by her ex-followers as portrayed in Jim Gallagher’s book, The Immaculate Deception?

    Why don’t you identify yourself, and give testimony? You actually and factually should have nothing to fear, assuming you have your €250 House of Prayer endorsed/arbitrary picture?
    Otherwise you’re not a True Believer, now are you?

    She has far more ex-followers, who know they were duped, than duped followers. It is those who saw her in action firsthand who are to be believed. ie. her ex-followers, there is no conspiracy, global or otherwise, against Christina Gallagher, despite Pat Coleman’s and Jim Lynn’s claims that they work for the Devil and will burn in hell. Two men, who have no credibility, one of whom has a proven long history of violence, intimidation and manipulation, both of whom are trusted fanatics of Christina Gallagher.
    It should say it all, for anyone unsure, that Christina Gallagher has to scrape the bottom of the barrel by trusting and associating with such characters as the above mentioned, unmentionables. You cannot reason with unreasonable people.

    Already, when poor Archbishop Eamon Martin is quoted Christina Gallagher’s generalised, non-specific, ramblings of doom, claiming that they came from the Virgin Mary and Jesus, he roles his eyes. That isn’t about to change.

    The supernatural claims made by The House of Prayer Ltd have been investigated, twice, by the Catholic Church and they found, precisely, nothing. Nada. Zip.
    Yet they all, dishonestly, keep harping on and on about Kathleen O’Sullivan from Listowel, to Joe Duffy, on their Facebook page, their website etc, etc.
    Kathleen O’Sullivan is now and has been for a long time a true non-believer, and sees through Christina Gallagher.


  25. In summary Eoin you are sounding a bit defensive. I remember hearing that
    Medjugorje was going to get a judgement from JP2, but this report shows the direction of this Pope and it is looking like your days are ended. But as you say let us wait a bit. But be sure the HofP is now being checked out. do you remember Fr McGinnity saying that if they came after him he was going to spill the beans on a number of bishops. It looks like from a report in the Irish Times that a few bishops will be up in front of a tribunal due their failure around children.

    I think they will then move onto the people who have extracted cash from the elderly like McGinnity. The evidence is the Morrissey family from Waterford and then the cheque made out to M. This evidence is published and not denied just decried.


  26. Dear Anne, what “statementby Pope Francis” are you referring to? All that I have seen published are fragmented bits of information by different media and most contradicting each other and speculating on translation differences.
    I would also question wether you yourself understand the comment you make about Fr McGinnity and your credentials to make any comment on such matters which the Catholic Church sometimes decades, and even centuries to decide upon!
    What is also very clear through the ages is that virtually every prophet, seer, mystic, apparition etc has been rejected, mocked and vilified and the individuals concerned persecuted in every manner possible. Such is the case still today.
    It has only been because of the Wisdom, Grace and Holiness of Popes, Bishops and Priests that the truth was finally triumphant….and so it will be with Medjugorjie and Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the course of time and in the wisdom of the Catholic Church.
    So I would advise you to perhaps not hold your breath awaiting condemnation which will not materialise.
    It is also true that it is only those who oppose, do not understand and have a personal vendetta against these matters who are squealing for a pronouncement from the Vatican.
    Our Pope Francis’ remarks are becoming increasingly misrepresented and the least likely site where there might be proper debate or representation is this site.


  27. In his statement Pope Francis is clear that these ‘visionaries’ and the modern Gnostic belief is empty, in the wrong direction of Christianity and to be wary. Its clear Fr McGinnity holds these views which are known to the leaders of the Catholic church in Ireland. Are they going to continue to support this priest when the Pope clearly says this is wrong-headed?


  28. It is about catching your mind so to enabled them take your money.
    Vulnerable victims led into a trap for the unwary or unwise.
    Who are unable to see the wood from the trees.Trapped in a web.
    The Church has a duty of care just like the good Shepard to seek out the lost members of their flock bringing them back to safety.


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