Tom Holland delivers the ‘Christopher Hitchens Lecture’ from Hay Festival 2015.

Tom Holland ‘De-Radicalising Muhammad’.

After terrible atrocities are you amazed when you hear leaders like Cameron, Obama and Hollande state Islam is a religion of peace? Or after some major event that it was unislamic.
Also secular atheists and fundamentalists rejecting Islam actually agree with Isis about the nature of Islam. Tom Holland tries to develop a different narrative..

2 Responses

  1. Voltaire said that those that can me made believe in absurdities can me made commit atrocities.


  2. In the Shadow of the Sword I remember Tom suggesting that like the way Constantine reconstructed Christianity from a religion of enemy love to a crusader cult, so political Islam used the Muhammad myth to create a religion of conquest. Must later analyse his view of the Reformation and I will make a comparison between Mormonism and Islam in our understanding of the evolution of doctrine.


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