Quinn’s secret meeting at Clontarf Castle… Anything new yes lovely new seating in reception

TQ Clontarf sign

TQ Clontarf atrium

TQ Clontarf reception


It is took longer to apply the mind control than in other years. Unlike normal events where the audience socialises afterwards the TQ folks are really fragmented individuals who have brought their own water and refreshments in bags and then dash off. It is 7 PM before they begin to leave…

Tony Quinn recycling the old tapes in Clontarf Castle. He usually exits from the kitchen. Will he come our the front door today? Tony Quinn recycling the old tapes in Clontarf Castle. He usually exits from the kitchen. Will he come our the front door today?

Protest at the roundabout outside the hotel and most of the disciples smiled like naughty children. One man with a suntan remained staring for 15 minutes. I saw everyone connected to the seminar had obeyed the command to bring a notebook. Most of the cars are like mine a banger. The life of luxury is a distant memory. These people get this freebee twice a year. Some have memories of paying for seminars and naturally even though they know they are worse off than before they went the do not realise he is implanting more controls and this year it took him longer. So they smile at me as they have justify years of expense without much to show for it. We would welcome news about the oil shares. No sign this years of the Educo heavy hitters like Josh or Susan Morrice. Perhaps they all went out the with Tony Quinn through the kitchen. Perhaps we should get Tony to do one of the cookery programmes. I noted a lot of Cork registrations. Martin Forde is the only one of the oldies I recognised.


One Response

  1. The Good Life Club , What so good about it ?????
    It sure is good for the snake oil salesman.
    But not so sure for his victims.
    Hopefully they will wake up some day and smell they coffee and see the wood from the trees.


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