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Castle Avenue

Remember Educoists to leave your mind at the door!

Please read the full pdf here:

Tony’s Letter for June 2015

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Wed, May 20, 2015 at 4:14 PM
Subject: Letter from Tony for June 2015
This letter is published under fair use and in the public interest. It has no commercial value and is being used to relieve people of money.
Dear Silly Season
Please see your letter from Tony attached.

Love, Mary.

VENUE & DATE for June Meeting:
Clontarf Castle, Castle Avenue, Dublin 3
June 7th 2015, from 12 noon sharp
to approximately 6 pm.

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19 May 2015.
From Tony Quinn
New Breakthroughs. New Possibilities.
The Main Reason I Am Going to the Meeting is That I Want This for You All
Let’s get together for a fun, fascinating and life-changing day. We will explore new, cutting-edge breakthroughs that are giving ever better success in real life.
From You to Super You
How the Educo Model Can Do It For You
I believe that many of you are missing out on even greater success at the business of living. A growing number of us can now say conclusively that the more we ‘know’ the model, the greater the success.
By ‘know’ it, I mean not just intellectually but to know it to the level that it does it for you – As in Unconscious Responses.
Do Not Miss Out
Do not let yours be a case of so near and yet so far. Knowing it intellectually is a good start. Now you must drive it home. Make it your strongest mindset. You will know you have succeeded when (and this is the yardstick) you start having almost effortless success.

Page 2 of 2
I want to help you understand the part the model plays in:
– Instant Success
– Achieving Your Goals
– Using More of Your Mind
In particular…
You have heard me speak about the new person in the new world and living in the perfect mental climate. (See New World Educo Business Model below). When you learn how readily possible this next dimension of living now is, through applying the Model, I doubt you will settle for anything less.
While it may only apply to a few of you I nevertheless want to tell you about my new advanced seminar. This will offer unique material in the true sense of the word. This is material that I may have referred to but never got to fully present. I believe that some of you are ready for it at this time. Nevertheless you may be interested in hearing a brief outline of the scope of it.
* * * Introducing The New World Educo Business Model * * *
Create and do business in the New Dimension. Truly a Virgin Field.
Not only is this possible now but it is already happening. Outdates almost everything you know about business. This will form part of the new advanced seminar.
Every time we meet I want to present you with unmissable material. This certainly is it.
With Love,
P.S. Please bring your notepad.

7 Responses

  1. It is time something was done about rogue therapists/gurus who use hypnosis to gain wealth. I notice governments are now seeking out company tax evaders. Will they include people like Tony Quinn who deliberately set up offshore accounts to avoid paying tax?

    We hear a lot of talk about the mental health problems of the young men and women in this country of ours. Will the government seek out citizens to speak to them about the mental, physical and spiritual abuse, not forgetting financial, caused by rogue practitioners of therapy and so called religious/spiritual/success cults that are set up in such a way as to deliberately avoid paying taxes? Is it too much to ask that they tighten the laws surrounding mental health practitioners particularly those who are not registered as such?



  2. It is taking longer to apply the mind control. It is now 7 PM and they are now leaving… Protest at the roundabout outside the hotel and most of the disciples smiled like naughty children. One man with a suntan remained staring for 15 minutes. Walking away nearly all had obeyed the command to bring a notebook.


  3. Anonymous Dialogue Ireland is a Trust and therefore does not have directors. As I told go to the CRA web site where all our details are available.
    Could you clarify what you mean by “In Revenue the documents you submitted in 2008 from Tubercurry.”
    I did not submit any documents from Tubbercurry, what are you on about?


  4. As I have noticed you like to ask questions and I also feel the same.
    I would like the following information ( maybe Sean , you can help) on the following.
    1) As Sean stated, how many people have you help since your beginning in Tubercury in 2008?
    2) what exact roles did you seek charitable status for?
    3) who is on the board of directors?
    4) how do you measure success per annum?
    5)How does a blog in WordPress promote same mentioned above
    6) if you truly want to be taken serious, why do you have a WordPress site with adds for flying meet and cats with strange names? Surly you want to be taken serious


  5. Who is on this Board of directors? Can you please give details or I can via CRO for a small fee of €3:50 , if you have nothing to hide it would be best practice and fully transparent if you did it.

    In Revenue the documents you submitted in 2008 from Tubercurry state a sole individual. If so why the “we” and if not who is on the board?


  6. Can you please inform the following
    1) if you are a charity why are you selling adds?

    We are not selling any adds and we do not take out adds.
    I think what you mean to say is that we have adds, but are not selling them. As part of us using WordPress they put up adds we DO not.


  7. I agree Dialogue, there is absolutely nothing new about what he does. Quinn’s invitation to a ‘free’ hypnosis session is a sales pitch for his seminars. His “effortless success” will depend on how many ‘switch’ into the hypnotic programme.

    The ‘foolies’ who have recruited for him are full of “Unconscious Responses” and we get familiar with the fairytales as they speak. There is usually no problem getting this material as It’s impossible to stop them regurgitating once they get in ‘free flow’.


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