Quinn tells disciples his seminar at Clontarf Castle on Sunday June 7th will be about new material.

Every time Tony Quinn comes to town he tells his people that he is going to give them a new insight.

What we get is a rehash and yet the programming is so strong that they actually come and sit through a very boring message which is exactly what he told them last year.


Here is the same old repetitive material which if read will lead to a big yawn.


Will DI be there to study the interesting mix of people who come to worship the Messiah?

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  1. Old Report: Mind guru Tony Quinn back in Ireland Posted on December 31, 2014 by dialogueireland

    “In his letter, Quinn says he and Morrice and her nephew Josh Stewart have together come up with the concept of ‘The Answer’.”

    Quinn writes his ‘foolies’ that he and two ‘business’ colleagues, who are caught in the trap of financing his fantasy lifestyle, “have together come up with the concept of ‘The Answer’.”? There is nothing spiritual about Educo so I would presume Quinn’s ‘answer’ was, and still is to increase profits which involves attending ‘foolies’ using their money for seminars, investing more money in Quinn’s businesses and recruiting for potential ‘foolie’ investors. No one knows how much Quinn and Morrice have stashed in the ‘treasure chest’.

    Ah yes, I remember the ‘good’ old days when ‘quinnites’ joined him on his shopping sprees, keeping up with the impatient ‘messiah’. Today, some look at his antics with amusement and others with a strong sense of betrayal. His sorcery easily recognised and made ineffectual, the fairytale is meaningless and he fails to control them.


  2. Yes, I see a lot of stuff being posted to perhaps bury the genuine posts from people who, like me are owed a lot money from a particular person …..no names mentioned…..at this time…. but later perhaps. A person who pushed others to go on these seminars and I am told arranged finance for people to go on seminars through his connections with the right people in banking……when someone who proposes to live a spiritual life but in fact does the exact opposite and in the name of Educo… you would think Tony Quinn might question that. So….Clontarf Castle…..


  3. Anonymous first of all I have explained to you we are hosted by WordPress. We pay a minimum amount and as a result they put adds on our site. You are spamming and using multiple posts which have no connection to your questions.
    Also you are free to leave comments anonymously but if you want further information you must identify yourself in person by calling us in confidence. We do not share such information with anonymous people. As a registered charity go to the Charities Regulatory Authority where we have all our information publically displayed.


  4. So why do you have Adds on your site. Are you hosting for free?


  5. 2) have you paid tax on income generated from adds?

    We do not make income from adds so therefore do not pay tax on them

    Please post most recent audited accounts FOI.

    We are a registered charity so please go to the register where you will find our accounts for 2014.
    Our accounts are not audited as they are under €100K


  6. Can you please inform the following
    1) if you are a charity why are you selling adds? I believe you covered this in an article you did on Brian Hade and his selling tickets to see Jedward and coffee selling.
    2) have you paid tax on income generated from adds? Please post most recent audited accounts FOI.


  7. ….and then there’s one man who went on Educo seminars…different levels of them…pushed others to go on them…strongly involved in the Educo world for a very long time…and yet…claims to be so broke that he can’t pay what he owes…that’s strange isn’t it…considering he claims to have invested so well in the oil world of Tony Quinn and Susan Morrice. Destitute, he claims. ????


  8. DI, the comments from past protests are very interesting. I was particularly struck by comments of people who were eating at the hotel and not involved in the seminar. They witnessed the educoists trance state of mind and were so taken aback they informed the protesters. Their observations lead me to question why psychiatric and therapeutic professionals have not come forward and played a stronger role in bringing this information to the authorities. They should be concerned about anyone who is trained by Tony Quinn and, like Margaret Forde, advertise courses in psychology. They should be extremely concerned about hypnosis, without consent, being part of client treatment.


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