The undue influence behind MMS –The change in Paddy Merlehan from normal citizen to Copyright Freeman ©


Last week I met a very welcoming person and though I could see he was troubled was looking forward to a dialogue with him about his use of MMS. I told him when I had prepared a response to the Prime Time documentary I would submit my post to him before publishing. I had only watched the post in a most surface manner and also I needed to take advice on the scientific aspects of the therapy.

Unfortunately, I could not access the Prime Time documentary till Wednesday of this week so decided to write up in a low key manner a report on my visit to him. He took immediate exception to this course of action and demanded I take down my post. He then morphed into a person threatening me with copyright infringement of his name.

I could see how he had been brought into the conspiratorial mindset of the MMS group as he now saw everyone through the lens of conspiracy. Everyone was out to get him, and he is not too far wrong in that assessment as he is part of a very dangerous group of people who are breaching medical ethics and endangering vulnerable persons. Also it is clear that this involves large sums of money. So the paranoia and anti authority framework allow the Religion construct to imbed the influence which takes away critical judgement.
We also see that he has drunk at the well of the Freeman Movement and does not recognise the state or the organs of the state empowered to protect vulnerable people.
Here is a valuable judgement from Canada which address this phenomenon.

Rooke J judgment freemen sovereign

I told him to go ahead with this copyright mullarkey and that I had fried bigger fishes in regard to this when dealing with a Marian movement called the Magnificat Meal Movement who threatened me in the same way over 10 years ago.
I told him it was my intention to publish this conversation. His reply as you will see when reading this material was to claim I was blackmailing him. I thought I had to pay €10k a day for using his name? I was blackmailing him?
Here is this correspondence for all to read.
Paddy Merlehan

Anyway I told him I saw no need to reply to him on MMS as I found the documentary devastating in its taking apart of their position.

Furthermore you could see how the doctor in the report was so under the influence he undermined his scientific training by trying to get Prime Time to go to Mexico to experience that the therapy was ok. In other words he was rejecting peer reviewed work on the substance before giving it to a child. He clearly was not convinced as he then stopped prescribing it or at least he claims he has. Hopefully more people will come forward if this is not true.

It is interesting that at one stage he had a recycling company where a judge actually did support him. Hopefully he reconsiders his current course of action and gives the chlorite a miss. Last week he met Jim Humble in Amsterdam. Let us hope that before anyone dies and Interpol comes after him Paddy begins to recycle his medicines.

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