Director of Dialogue Ireland meets Bishop Patrick Merlehan of the Genesis2Church near Moone Co Kildare

I was visiting the Bolton Abbey near Moone, Co Kildare with some American friends and as they had some business to attend to I decided to meet their next door neighbour Paddy Merlehan.

I had the watched the Prime Time documentary about the use of Sodium Chorite for medicinal purposes and wanted to get a sense of what was going on.Naturally I had no expertise in regard to the science and RTE had done some very definitive studies..

It was the Bank Holiday Monday so I set off more in hope than expecting anyone to be available.


I phoned the number on the gate and Paddy invited me in to discuss the the issues surrounding the Genesis2Church and the MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution which is at the heart of their views on Health and Healing. I was given a cup of tea and no none of the MMS material was offered.

There is a business called Ark which is involved with recycling and it can be seen in the distance. Patrick showed me me clear evidence that Jim had been in Scientology, but the impression Prime Time gave was that the Church was Scientology like. He showed me explicit references by Jim where he views people in Scientology as in slavery and have lost the ability to think clearly. They view society as being subject to a kind of group think, and I was wondering whether the people involved with Jim were also under undue influence?



I then entered his driveway and it was according to Paddy originally a hamlet which he is trying to reorganise as the Newton Hamlet.



Paddy explained that though he grew up in this Georgian House he had lived in the fast lane in London and when he decided to come home when he was around 60 he was persuaded to get his health checked out and to start on a course of cholesterol tablets which he still has and never used. Instead he rejected conventional medicine and has a book on so many subjects in different rooms all around his house. It would take a month to start them all.  He heard about Jim Humble and so he was convinced of what he was saying. One got the sense he is part of the general population who want to get big government off their shoulders. Everything from Irish water to the nanny state. One notes that the speaker who was in his house when the Prime Time team made the undercover visit was Mark Kishon Christopher. One sensed that Paddy was not totally on the same wavelength with him.Paddy claims he was not present that evening. I did not find out why not.

He was subject to a Garda raid last November and claims that they did not even give him time to put on his clothes before they smashed their way into his house.We can only assume it was because of concerns about the ‘bleach.’ He continues to use MMS and Dialogue Ireland formed the opinion that Patrick did not concede the substances RTE sent for analysis were genuine. It is likely that these issues will be addressed in another forum, and it would be good to for Jim Humble and for Paddy to actually submit their material to an independent source for peer reviewed research. In other words to an institution like TCD where the substance they supply can be checked out. I will remain in touch with Paddy……




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