Has John Boyle broken with Tony Quinn or is he getting better at PR?

John Boyle was interviewed by Richard Curran on RTÉ – The Business
1 hour show looking at business and enterprise in Ireland.
John Boyle
18 April 2015
John Boyle grew up in Camlough, Co. Armagh, and after an extended stint as a bread van driver found himself having to reassess his life at the tender age of 25. He opened a bookmaker’s shop in nearby Markethill that has now grown into the BoyleSports empire of 205 outlets, a thriving online business, and an annual turnover in excess of €1bn.

You can listen back here to the show:


This interview has elements of his own story but what is clearly missing is his fanatical support for Tony Quinn. Has he broken with him as this interview suggests or is this a tactical regrouping? We await further comments from staff who will tell us if this is window dressing.
Note in 2011 in an interview with Aine Coffey of the Sunday Times what John Boyle had to say:

Another wake-up call came in 2002, when he attended a two-week mind power
seminar given by Tony Quinn, the controversial ‘lifestyle guru’, that “lit my light”. As far as “mind technology” goes, he is both believer and evangelist. “All his philosophy made sense to me. I would say it is the best thing I have ever done. The key thing I took out of it is your thoughts create your reality and if you have control of your mind, you can achieve that goal. “I always had this understanding there was a power inside of me taking care of me and looking after me and I could ask it for anything.”


Then in 2012 Boylesports was at the centre of a claim by some staff that they were being forced to do courses based on Tony Quinn’s Educo philosophy.

He brought in consultants to try to get rid of the brainwashing tag and has rebranded what happens as the now publically acceptable mindfulness.
You can read about the evolution there.

15 Responses

  1. Anonymous you are suggesting there is a connection between this and Tony Quinn?


  2. This past 2 months wages have been late accounts dept needs to be sorted out asap. According to Bent it was a problem with the bank this month but a quick call to the bank confirmed this was a lie!


  3. Michael is over the finance dept. spineless creature a yes man for JB!


  4. Who is Michael Bent? I know a Leinster rugby player by that name?


  5. Have not heard anything about Leon leaving. Michael Bent is going there will be a good few happy to hear that.


  6. Is Leon Blanche still there?


  7. The courses seem to have gone quiet but I do know she interviews people applying for jobs. I don’t live in Dundalk so wouldnt be around the Tony Quinn shop.


  8. Thanks for the update. Is Georgina still running courses? Is John Boyle still seen around Tony Quinn’s shop in Dundalk?


  9. In the last 6/8 weeks 6 have handed in their notice half of which were senior staff. He can’t keep senior staff in the place as he is not willing to pay them. Seems like he wants his children and son in law to run the the place but they do not have the experience to do it. The turnover of staff is unheard of they must be a laughing stock in the industry .


  10. Anonymous could you be more specific? We have heard about rats for 3 years. How many rats and how many sheep are left? Has John gone quiet?


  11. Course it’s a PR stunt Georgia Dolan is still pulling strings. Senior staff are jumping like rats off a sinking ship!


  12. Some people might view recent comments as being too harsh. Boyle is a victim of the Educe cult so why comment on the unfortunate circumstances he is involved in.

    We need to understand the criminal orientation of Tony Quinn’s mind and what motivates him to continue what he does. To aid his desire for ‘success’ he involves people who, under hypnotic direction, serve and provide for him financially. The longer they stay in the cult the more control he exerts.

    I believe that he would have gone under financially if John Boyle and Susan Morrice had not appeared at his seminars. He fooled others into taking on Educogyms etc., using them to aid and abet his scamming sprees.

    Naturally, trust is a big issue for anyone who was scammed by Tony Quinn and ‘top brass’. To ‘succeed’ at reaching Quinn’s goals they need people working for them who accept and do whatever they are told/influenced to do. Personalities change due to cult influence. In such an environment, overreaction to opinion that does not fit in with the cult ‘philosophy’ highlights the nasty character traits of the core group.

    Naturally, there is a total loss of respect when ‘success’ is highly unlikely if they do not bleed people dry financially in order to reach Quinn’s goals (the truth of which very few are privy to). Quinn has plenty of evidence of mental, physical and spiritual damage he has caused and continues to cause yet he does not consider this reason to stop. Having no conscience, he would see it as a waste of years of experimentation on his ‘foolies’. The insinuated spiritual element of his ‘philosophy’ was a joke, a trick he played to appeal. The whole venture, from the very beginning, was to get rich, very rich and to hell with anyone who gets in his way.


  13. Questions about Tony Quinn seminars avoided and he’s not the only one in the cult to work on giving a false image. Another role to play in the game of pulling the wool over the eyes.

    “I’m not an abuser” could be unconscious worry about being seen as abusive leading to a Freudian slip. He can afford a fancy car yet cannot pay his workers a liveable wage and allows bullying in the work place. Was he always like that or is it since TQ interfered with his work ethic……..


  14. Would he, by any chance, be ‘investing’ in advertising Educogyms on UTV?


  15. It is a PR job and obviously tactical. John Boyle didn’t bring up the subject of the ‘AMAZING’ mindless mindfulness either which makes a change so it looks like he is playing safe. If it was his intention to sound ‘normal’ and clear of the hypnotic programming it did not work.

    Following a day out with his Da as a wee kid he wants us to believe that it was then he set his mind on becoming a millionaire, using the lingo of Educo, and it doesn’t ring true. He certainly would not have achieved it selling bread and without his father’s loan he would not be running betting shops. From information gathered elsewhere on this blog, the brainwashing began in earnest when he was persuaded by Imelda Farrell to attend a Tony Quinn seminar.

    Like many business people he did well during the boom period and his mistake was to attend seminars and then putting his success down to the Educo delusional hypnotically induced ‘mindset’.

    An active gambler he prefers not to think of it as a problem; so focused is he on making money he views the public as having “betting shops in their pocket” and subtly suggests that gamblers see it as “the opportunity to have an investment”, at the same time coyly admitting that he loses more than he makes on the dogs. Rather than spend his money or invest in other businesses he says he prefers “to invest in myself” and definitely tactical on his part to not mention the vast amount of money he ‘invested’ in Tony Quinn seminars. Towards the end of this seemingly Educo less interview he said “I’m not an abuser”. The reason for him saying this is very unclear yet Richard Curran did not pick up on it, did not question what he meant by it.

    Disturbingly, the Irish Betting Association of which he is a member, “give names of therapists” to workers in their shops if they decide to get help with their gambling problems. Who does he recommend I wonder? Substituting a life destroying gambling addiction for ‘success’ that supposedly ‘never fails’ is not helping anyone. The quick fix might feel good but it certainly is not the answer and may actually feed into the ‘I deserve everything I want’ illusion.

    He also forgot to mention that his failure to deal with staff who had been with him for many years led to his family being brought into the gambling business on the basis of being Educoised/brainwashed by Tony Quinn.

    For those who know the score it was a tame interview and I wonder why they bothered doing it at all!!! Please tell!


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